Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 29


Recap:Sanskaar and Laksh getting jealous seeing Samar bonding with Swara and Ragini.

Its morning,Sanskaar wakes up and Thinks to prepare breakfast for Swara.He goes to kitchen and prepares it.He comes back and see Swara already woken,Freshen up and eating breakfast made by Samar.His smile vanishes seeing this.He gets sad and goes.Swara notices him going and says Sanskaar and tries to go but Samar stops her and asks her to finish her breakfast first.She unwillingly complies.He smirks and looks at Swara lovingly.

Laksh wakes up and sees Ragini trying her kamarban and putting sindoor and mangalsutra.He smiles and romances with her.She smiles and pushes him.She goes out and sees Samar outside her room with breakfast plate.
Ragini:Laksh!Yeh plate ke saath kya kar rahe ho?(Wat r u doing with this plate?)
Samar:Tumhe breakfast dene aa raha tha(I was coming to give u breakfast)
She smiles surprisingly.She takes it and eats the breakfast.She laughs with him and Laksh looks on jealously from window.He fumes and goes downstairs.He bangs with Sanskaar and they notice both r upset.They understand each other’s problem.

They go to garden and see Swara and Ragini laughing and falling in Samar’s arms.They get very angry and goes to their room.Samar excuses herself and goes to them.He instigates them against Swara and Ragini and says they are my childhood sweetheart.

Sanskaar asks servant to call Swara.Servant goes and informs Swara.She complies and goes to the room.
Swara:Kya hua sanskaar!(Wat happened Sanskaar?)
Sanskaar:Tum uss Samar ke saath aise kyun bond kar rahe ho?(Why r u bonding wo well with that Samar?)
She gets shocked seeing him so angry.She tries to explain but he scolds her a lot.She holds his hand but he pushes her (by mistake) on the bed.She gets teary eyed and says
Swara:Mujhe tumse yeh expect nahi thi Sanskaar!Mujhe lagta tha ke tum meri feelings ki kadar karoge….par mujhe nahi pata tha ke tumhaara pyaar itni kamzor hain ke ek choti si baat ke liye,tum mujhpe shak karne lage.(I did not expect this from u Sanskaar!I thought u would respect my feelings…But i did not know that ur love is so weak that for a small thing,u doubted me!)
She cries and runs out of the room.

Meanwhile,Ragini comes to Laksh
Ragini:Kuch chahiye that Laksh?(Did u wat something?)
Laksh:Tum uss Samar se nahi miloge.Mujhe acha nahi lagta.(u will not meet this samar.i dont like it.)
Ragini:Par kyun? Wo mera best friend hain.Main unse baat karoungi.(But why? He is my best friend.I will talk to him.)
He holds her and shouts no…..He scolds her a lot and she cries seeing his anger.
She pushes him.
Ragini:Aaj tak mujhe lagti thi ke tum tumhaara pyaar mere liye itni powerful hain ke tum mujhe par kabhi shak nahi karoge par……(Till today i thought that our love is so powerful that u will never doubt me but…..)
She cries and goes out of the room.

Swara bangs with Ragini.She hugs her and cries.They tell each other everything.
Ragini:Swara ,Hame lagta hain ke hume dono ko Ghar wapas jaana chahiye(I think that we must go back home)
Swara:nahi ragini, yeh humara bhi tho ghar hain.Hum yahan rehkar un dono ko unke galtiyon ka ehsaas karwaege.(No ragini,this is our house.We will make them realize their mistake by staying here itself.
Ragini:par Swara…(But Swara….)
She shuses and asks her to come along with her.

They both come to Annapurna’s room.Sujata is also there.
Swara:Badi maa,wo hamein kuch dinon ke liye guestroom chahiye thi(Mom, we wanted the guestroom for some days.)
Sujata:Kyun beta? Koi guets aa raha hain kya?(Why dear? Is some guests coming?)
Swara and Ragini look at each other and tell them everything.They say that they will talk to sanskaar and Laksh but Swara stops them and says that we will teach them a lesson in their way.They join hands and smile.

Precap:Swara flirts with Samar(as per the plan).Sankaar gets jealous seeing that.

Credit goes to:Heera

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  3. i think sanlak also need to mak swarag jealous

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  5. jealous is k… bt doubting her is not gud..
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