Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 28


Recap:Sameer kidnaps Swara and Ragini and he tries to molest them.Luckily,Sanskaar and Laksh come and save the girls.

Its been days since Sameer has been arrested.Tomorrow is Diwali and everyone is preparing for it.Swara comes and looks for Sanskaar.She finds him sitting on his knees,Alighting diya.She goes and admires him.Sweet music plays……..
Sanskaar:Kya hua?Aaj tak aisa koi handsomr ladka dekha nahi kya?(Wat happened?Didnt u see such a handsome guy before?)
She laughs and he gets mesmerized seeing her.She calls him mad.She helps him in lighting the diya.She goes saying she has to get ready.He holds her hand and stops her.She turns and looks at him.He gives her a gold salwar kameez(Which he gifted her on diwali in the serial).She smiles and says
Swara:Kya har festival pe tum mujhe gift doge?(Will u give me gift on every festivals?)
He says as i want u to look so beautiful that even Moon will become a fan of urs.She smiles and they have an eyelock.She shies and goes.He smiles.

Ragini comes to her room and sees a red lehenga on the bed.Laksh comes and holds her waist from behind.She gets surprised and turns to look at him.She says
Ragini:Laksh! Koi aa jae ga(Laksh!Anyone will come)
He asks her to stop this filmy lines.She smiles
Ragini:Theek hain patidev!Waise yeh lehenga kiske liye?(Ok husband!by the way,For whom is this saree?)
Laksh:Meri girlfriend ke liye(Its for my girlfriend)
She gets serious at once.He laughs and hugs her.I am joking yaar.She asks him not to ever joke like this.He holds his ears and says never! She smiles and goes to get ready.He stops her and asks
Laksh:Main madat karoun?(Shall i help?)
She smiles and pushes him out of the room saying noooo.She laughs and goes.

Swara has wore the dress which Sanskaar gifted her.Her hair are loose.She is wearing gold coloured Bangles and earings.She is looking beautiful.She has gold coloured nail polish in her nails(Glittery).She is lighting the diyas all around the house.Sanskaar looks at her from far and signs ?.She smiles and goes.

Ragini and Swara makes beautiful Rangoli.Swara goes and Laksh comes to Ragini.He diverts her attention and puts Colours on her.She smiles and hugs him.

Swara was going out of house to add oils in the diya.Just then,She slips and someone holds her.Its Sameer’s brother Samar.He is Swara’s best friend but Swara doesnt know that he is Sameer’s brother.Samar gets mesmerized seeing Swara’s beauty though he has come to take revenge on Swara and Ragini for putting his Brother in jail.Swara shouts Samar!!And hugs him.She smiles and calls Ragini to come.Ragini comes and gets happy seeing Samar.
Samar:Wow!Tum dono tho singer ke saath saath Sargun sampan ban gaye!(Wow! U became wife alongwith Singer!)
They smile seeing him pronouncing wrongly.Swara corrects him.They take Samar and introduce him to other family members.Elders blesses him.Sanskaar and Laksh look a bit jealous seeing Swara and Ragini bonding well with Samar.(awwww! How cute!!!!).Samar keeps looking at Swara lovingly.Sanskaar notices that.Swara and Ragini goes and welcome oter guests.Sumi ,Shekhar,Dida,Dadi and Dada come.Swara and Ragini hugs them and are happy.All go to have Dinner.Ragini takes a plate of sweets and was about to slip but Samar holds the plate.She smiles and thanks him.Laksh looks on.

Precap:Swara shouting on Sanskaar how dare u to allege me.Laksh and Ragini fights and Swaragini decide to leave home.

Credit goes to:Heera

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