Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 24


Dear fans, plzzz suggest me which actor can I put as Sameer……..


Its morning,Swara is getting ready.She wears a blue blouse and black skirt.She goes down and have breakfast quickly.
Ragini:Swara,Kya hua?Tum jaldi mein lag rahe ho..Kahi jaana hain kya?(What happened swara?U seems to be in a hurry..Do u have u go somewhere.)
Swara tells her that she has to sing for a new movie,Thats why going.
Sumi:Par beta,aaj tumhaari shaadi hain,Aur tum….(But dear, today is ur wedding and u….)
Swara:Maa, Main jaldi aajaoungi ok,Tum tension mat lo(Maa,I will return early,Dnt take tension)
Swara leaves hurriedly but Sumi looks on worried.Ragini sees her and console her.She explains her that nothing will happen to Swara.
Sumi:Pata nahi Ragini,Aisa lagta hain ke kuch galat hone wala hain.(I dont know Ragini,I feel that something bad is gonna happen)
Ragini assures her that nothing will happen as Our Swara is a tigress and nobody will dare to trouble her.U already know that everybody is afraid of Swara here,especially boys.They laugh and resume their work.

Swara comes out of house and gets into her car.She reaches the studio and feels someone is behind her.She turns but doesnt find anyone.She enters the studio and Sameer comes out.He says that today i will get u at any cost and then i will deal with Ragini.He laughs Evilly.

Swara enters the studio and sings……Jalte Diye……She finishes singing and comes out of the studio.
Swara:Are!Main Servant ko kehna hi bhool gayi ke market jaana hain aur sab shaadi ki tayaarion mein busy honge..Main khudi market jaake aati houn(Ohh!I forgot to tell servant to go market and now they must be busy preparing for wedding..I shall go myself.)
She asks driver to return home as she is going to market and will get late.Just before reaching the market.Sameer comes and kidnap her.She screams and bites his hand.She runs away and shouts for help.He finally holds her and shuts her mouth.She tries to push him but he overpowers her.He finally puts her in car and leaves.

Ragini is praying at the temple.She lights a diya in Swara’s name.The diya blows off.She gets worried and tells this to sumi.Sumi worriedly cries and prays to lord to protect Swara.

Sameer carries Swara to his house and ties her to bed.She shouts asking him to leave her.She cries.
Swara:Tum mere saath aisa kyun kar rahe ho Sameer?Main tumse pyaar nahi karti..Plzzz mujhe jaane do(Why r u doing this with me Sameer?I dont love u..Plzz let me go).
He shouts how can i let u go as i love u.She shouts u dont love me.U just want me.
He holds her closer and says first i will do suhaagrat with u and then i will put sindoor in ur mang and mangalsutra in ur neck and marry u.
She cries and says today is her wedding.He says so what can i do?Today u will marry me and tomorrow I will marry Ragini and will do the same thing which i am gonna do with u.(Bastard!!).She gets angry and pushes him.
Swara:Dont u dare take my sister’s name.He laughs.
Sameer:Aaj main sirf tumpe concentrate karoungi.Maine kitna intezaar kiya hain tumhe paane ke liye.(Today i will concentrate on u only.I have waited so much to get u).He looks at her in a bad way.
She cries and looks at him angrily.

Ragini tells sumi that Swara is not in the studio.Sumi sit and cries.Ragini consoles her.Sumi calls Sanskaar.
Sanskaar:Namaste Maa…kaise hain aap?(Hi ma,How r u?)
Sumi:Main theek houn beta.Sanskaar,Kya Swara wahan aayi hain kya(I am fine son,Sanskaar,Is swara there?)
Sanskaar tells that she is not here and asks what happened? Why u sound worried.Sumi tells him everything.He assures her that he will find Swara.Sumi heaves a sigh of relief and end the call.Ragini cries and hugs Sumi.

Sameer gets close to Swara and touches her face.She gets angry and cries.She asks him to let her go.She shouts but he shuts her mouth and says,Nobody will come to save u today.U will be mine today,only mine.He asks her to call her to be husband to save her.He laughs.He take sindoor and is about to put it in her maang.He shouts tell ur to be husband to save u.
A voice comes from behind:
Aapne hame yaad kiya aur hum haazir huye(U remembered me and i came)
They turn and find Sanskaar standing,Smiling to Swara.She cries happily and smiles at Sanskaar.Sanskaar pushes Sameer and tries to free Swara.Sameer punches him back.Swara shouts Sanskaar.They both fight and Sanskaar overpowers Sameer.He falls unconscious.He comes to Swara and frees her hand.He hugs her.Meri ashiqui ab tum hi ho…..plays……He brings her back home.Sumi and Everyone smile seeing Swara.Sumi and Dadi goes and hugs Swara.Sumi blesses Sanskaar and says u r truly a good son-in-law.He says wo tho main houn hi(That i am).They laugh.Ragini comes and shouts Swara!She runs and hugs Swara and cries.Swara assures her that she is fine.They both hug.Swaragini…
Plays…….All smile seeing their sisterly lovr.

Precap:Sumi asks Sanskaar to go and prepare for wedding.Sanskaar says Today this marriage wont happen.Everyone is shocked and looks at Sanskaar.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys…Plzzz suggest the actor for Sameer and plzzz suggest and comment ur ideas

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