Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 23


Recap:Ragini says that she has to stay happy for Swara.

Ragini is in her bridal dress.She gets a letter.She reads it and is shocked.Its says i have got to know that u love Sanskaar,So i think i will not be able to spend my life with u…..sorry….
She cries being shocked.
She rushes out in her car and drives rashly.She cries and says
Ragini:Tumne hamaare saath aisa kyun kiya Laksh(Why u did this with me).
She sees Laksh infront of her and shout Laksh!!!!!!!
She wakes up and realizes she was dreaming.She sweats and is scared.
Ragini: Hume aise khayaal bhar bhar kyun aa rahe hain?(Why am i dreaming about such things often).What if something is gonna happen?
She cries and asks Lord to make everything.Not to make any hurdle in the marriage.She prays.She gets ready and goes down.She hears Swara singing Morning Aarti and join her.They both sing together.They end the pooja and give prassad to elders.They seek their blessing.Swara drags Ragini in the hall.
Swara:Ragini yeh admi expensive lehenga bechne aaya hain, Chalo kharidte hain.(Ragini this man is selling expensive lehenga.Come lets buy.)
Ragini nods and sees the lehenga.Ragini buys a dark red coloured lehenga.Swara buys a gold and Dark blue coloured lehenga.They then go to get ready.Swara wears her lehenga and opens her hair and straighten it.She wears blue coloured Jewellery.She looks beautiful.She smiles looking herself in the mirror.Ragini also wears her lehenga and wears red coloured jewellery.She smiles.Swara comes and teases her saying Laksh will gets mesmerized seeing her.Ragini gets shy and smiles.Swara takes a selfie with her.They laugh.

Sanskaar and Laksh come into Maheshwari Mansion alongwith their Family.The boys are wearing Sherwanis.They are looking Dashing handsome.Sanskaar and Laksh get mesmerized seeing Swara and Ragini.They smile.Laksh winks to Ragini.She gets shy and looks down.

Annapurna:Waise ladke wale tho nahi aate mehendi ke liye, sirf shagun mehendi leke aate hain.Par aap tho Sanskaar aur Laksh ko jaante hain na(Boys family dont come in mehendi.They just give shagun mehendi.But u know how Sanskaar and Laksh are.)
They all smile.

The Mehendi starts and The mehendi applier ask Swara and Ragini the names to be put in their hands.They remember The last Mehendi incident and smile.Swara says sanskaar while Ragini says Laksh.

After the mehendi is dried,Swara goes to kitchen to drink water.She drinks water and is about to go just then,Someone shuts her mouth and tries to kidnap her.(Omg!!!!).She tries to shout but he shuts her mouth.He holds her and put her into a car.She cries and asks him to let her go.He ties her hand starts the car.He is about to go but Sanskaar pulls him out of the car and beats him.Swara cries and looks at the the kidnapper.She gets shocked seeing its face.She says u?The kidnapper runs away.Sanskaar rushes to Swara and asks
Sanskaar:Tum theek tho ho na Swara?Waise wo kaun tha?(R u fine Swara?Who was he?)
Swara whispers
Swara: wo wapas aa gaya hain(He has returned)
Sanskaar asks who?
She cries and hugs him being scared.
Swara:Sameer wapas aa gaya hain.
He wipes her tears and bring her inside.He explains them everything.Everyone console Swara.Sanskaar drags Ragini inside and asks
Sanskaar: Swara bohat gabraai houi hain.Main unse yeh nahi pooch sakta par…yeh Sameer kaun hain aur Swara usse dekhke itni gabraai si kyun hain(Swara is very afraid so i couldnt ask her but…who is this Sameer? And why swara was scared seeing him?)
Ragini is shocked and says Sameer?
She tells him that 2 years ago,Swara and I ,We went camping in Shimla.There,Sameer and we became friends.We didnt know his intentions as his Sugar-coated talks trapped us.He wanted to gain one of us.Unfortunately, Swara became his prey.One day he took Swara to an isolated place in excuse of dinner and misbehaved with her.Swara slapped and beat him.She ran from there.Swara is very brave.She went to police station and got Sameer arrested.Sameer, while going to jail said that he will get Swara at any cost.
Sanksaar is shocked and looks on.Ragini cries and says
Ragini:Kaash main Swara ki jagaa hoti(I wish i was in Swara’s place)
Sanskaar holds her and asks not to blame herself for what happened.
Sanskaar:Main vaada karta houn Ragini.Main Swara ko uss janwaar se bachaa kar rahounga.(I promise that i will protect Swara from that Animal)
Ragini gets happy and says Swara is lucky to have u.Very lucky.Sanskaar smiles.

Swara and Ragini is sleeping.Sanskaar comes from window and wakes up Swara by throwing flowers on her.(So romantic!!!!).She wakes up and is shocked to see him.
Swara: Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?(What r u doing here)
Sanskaar:Kal hamari shaadi hain tho tumhe dekhne aaya houn(Tomorrow is our wedding,So i have come to see u)
Swara smiles.
Swara: Main jaanti houn Sanskaar, tum yeh dekhne aae ho ke main theek houn ya nahi.(I know Sanskaar, U came to see if i am fine or not).
She assures him and sends him.She smiles and goes to sleep.
Ragini hears some sound and wakes up.She asks Swara where is she going.She says to get water.She says ok and waits for her to come back.Just then someone come and shuts Ragini’s mouth.He laughs evilly and says”Ragini”.She is shocked to hear his voice.I have come back to back to take revenge from u and Swara.I will malign urs and Swara’s respect.She cries and pushes him away being angry.
Ragini: Meri behen ka naam apni zubaan sr laana bhi mat(Dont take my sister name with ur bad tongue).He runs away.Swara comes and asks wat happened? Ragini cries and hugs Swara.She tells her everything.Swara hugs and console her.
They both then sleep.Swara gets thinking.

Precap: Swara is getting ready.Sameer comes and holds her from behind.She shouts.

Credit goes to: Heera

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