Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 22

Recap:Swaragini getting selected as a singer.Ragini imagines Sanskaar and cries.

At Gadodia Mansion
Its Swaragini haldi today.Swara comes into the room and wakes up Ragini.She is wearing a beautiful yellow lehenga.
Swara:Ragini utho! Hume Haldi ke liye tayaar hona hain.(Wake up! We have to get ready for Haldi)
Ragini:Aaj kiski gaddi ki Haldi hain jo mujhe utni paregi?(Which Donkey’S haldi is today that i have to get up?)
Swara lauhghs and says Ours!!!
Ragini wakes up shocked and says ohhh right!!!Tum jao, Main abhi tayaar hoke aati houn.(U go, I will jusy get ready and come)
Swara nods and goes out of the room.Ragini goes to freshen up.She comes out wearing a beautiful salwar kameez.She dresses up well and looks beautiful.She suddenly remembers yesterday’s incident.She thinks
Ragini: Aaj meri Haldi hain aur parson shaadi, Hume itni stress nahi leni chahiye.Jo hoga dekha jaaega.I just hope sab heek ho.(Today is my haldi and day after tomorrow is my wedding.I shouldnt take so much stress.We will see wat happens.)

She comes downstairs and gets glad seeing Laksh.Her smiles vanishes seeing Sanskaar.She gets a bit confused.She goes and stands with Swara who smiles at her.
Sumi: Swara, Ragini, Aaj tumhaare haldi ke saath saath, Sanskaar aur Laksh ki bhi Haldi hain.(Today with ur Haldi, There is Sanskaar and Laksh’s haldi also.Swara and Ragini gets shy and smiles shyingly.They make Ragini and Laksh sit together while Sanskaar sits with Swara.Just when Haldi is about to start, Sanskaar lies and goes from there.Some minutes later, a servant comes and informs Swara thats there’s call for her.She complies and goes.Sanskaar comes and drags her to a room.He closes the door and gets close to her.She asks
Swara: Sanskaar wahan sab log humara intezaar kar rahe hain aur tum yeh sab…..Chalo(Everyone is waiting for us there and u r….lets go).
She tries to go but he turns her towards him.sanskaar says that he wanted to apply Haldi on her first before anyone else apply.She smiles shyingly.She then notices the Haldi bowl kept on the table and put some on her hand and smears haldi on his face.She laughs
Swara: Main tumse bohat aage aur frank houn mr.Sanskaar Maheswari(I am very ahead of u mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari)
She runs and he runs behind her.He finally pins her to a wall.She closes her eyes as he forward his face nearer to her.He puts Haldi on her face by touching his cheek to hers.She smiles.Sumi calls them and they leave.

They come downstairs together and The elders see Haldi on both their Faces.They smile knowing wat must have happened.Haldi starts and Annapurna and Sumi puts Haldi on swara and Sanskaar first.Suddenly,Laksh smears some Haldi on ragini’s face without anyone noticing them She gets shy and smiles.She puts some on his face also.He holds her hand and smile.Music plays while Swasan and Raglak have an eyelock……..Kabhi jo badal barse.

Ragini and Laksh’turn arrive and everyone apply Haldi on them.

After Haldi ceremony,Sumi and Shekhar ask Maheshwari family to have lunch and go.They comply and they boys and girls go to change.

Ragini is wiping her face after washing it.Laksh come and take the towel from her.
Ragini: Laksh yeh tum..
(Laksh u….)
He shuses her and wipes her face lovingly.She looks at him overwhelmed.She smiles and runs away.He smiles.Ragini runs and clashes into Sanskaar.He holds her to stop her from falling.She looks into his eyes.
Sanskaar says that he will never be able to forget their friendship and her favours on him by asking Swara to give him a chance.He says I love Swara very much and cant live without her.She looks at him and gets a bit teary eyed.She excuses herself and goes.He looks at her going.

Swara and Ragini serve whole Family lunch.They all do lunch together and eat.Ragini sits besides Sanskaar while Swara sits beside Laksh.Laksh thinks it is Ragini and holds her hand.She looks at him angrily(hahhahahah!!!).
Swara slaps his hand.
Swara: Yeh mat samajhna ke maine tumhe maaf ki hain.Main sirf tumhe apni behen ke liye tolerate kar rahi houn warna…..(Dont think that i have forgiven u.I am tolerating u just for my sister else……)He gets afraid and leave her hand.(Its a funny scene….Dnt misunderstand it)
Sanskaar thinks Swara to be near her and Holds her hand thus, stopping her from eating.Sanskaar sees her and is shocked.
I am sorry, i thought u were Swara.
She gets sad and thinks
Ragini: Kaash yeh sab sach hoti, Kaash main Swara hoti, Kaash tum mujhse pyaar karte, Kash(I hope it was true, i wish i was Swara, i wish u would love me….I wish….)She gets teary eyed and excuses herself.She goes out of the house and Cries..She thinks that I have to remain happy so that Swara gets the happiness she deserves.I havd to stay happy so that lives dont get ruined.I have to stay happy so that I can atleast like Laksh.She cries and sits on the floor.

Precap: Ragini drives the car in her bridal dress.She cries vigourously holding a letterShe says….Tumne hamaare saath aisa kyun kiya laksh(Why did u do this with me laksh?)(OMG!!!!)??

Credit goes to: Heera

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