Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 21


Recap:Ragini confirms to Swara that she is happy with this relation and They have a light moment.

At Gagodia Mansion
Its morning.Swara and Ragini comes downstair for breakfast.They wish everyone good morning.Ragini is wearing a Blouse and a pant.Swara is wearing a blouse and a skirt.
Swara:Maa,Baba,Hume interview ke liye bhoolaya gaya hain, Tho hum chale?(Maa ,baba, we have been called for interview, so shall we go?)
Sumi: Theek hain chale Jaana par pehle nashta tho karlo(U can go but first have breakfast).
They smile and comply.
The elders bless them and they go into the car…..

At Maheswari Mansion
Sanskaar and Laksh have an office of their own.They come down for breakfast and elders bless them to have a good start.They have breakfast and leave.

Swara and Ragini are waiting for their turn to give interview.If they get selected they will sing in movies…….They are nervous.Just then,Sanskaar messages Swara all the best.She smiles and replies thanks….to u too…..
Laksh calls Ragini and she goes out to take the call.
Ragini:Han Laksh,bolo!(Yes laksh, speak)
Laksh:All the best Ragini
She shies and thanks him.
Ragini: All the best tumko bhi(all the best to u too).
She smiles and ends call.
Its their turn to sing.

Swara sings Han hansi ban gaye……..and Ragini sings teri meri…….
They both have melodious voice.
They judges get inpressed by them and select them to sing in movies.They get happy and hug each other happily.They get teary eyed.
Swara: Humara sapna school kholne ka sach hone jaa raha hain Ragini(Our school of opening an Singing Academy school is becoming true)
Ragini: Han swara….Han(Yes swara….yes)

Swara:Ragini mujhe kuch kaam hain..Tho main tumhe ghar mein milti houn(I have some work… I will meet u at home)

Ragini says even she has work so she will meet her at home.Swara complies and goes.

Swara arrives at Sanskaar’s office.She goes into his cabin and sees Sanskaar working.She smiles and greets him.
Swara:Good morning sir!(in a sacrastic voice)…..wow u have Ac in whole office.Wow
Sanskaar: Kyun tumhaare ghar mein nahi hain kya?(Why? U dont have in ur house?)
Swara: Oh mister! Poore ghar mein hain AC(Ohh mister! I have in whole house)
Sanskaar: Even i have ok
They laugh.
Swara tells him that she is selected as a singer.Sanskaar gets happy and hugs her.She reciprocates.She then composes herself and smiles.

Ragini also reaches the same office.She looks for Laksh’s cabin.She thinks why am i so impatient to reveal this news to Laksh.She goes into him Cabin and smiles seeing him working.She says that she is selected as a singer.He hugs her.She gets shy.She suddenly imagines Sanskaar infront of her instead of Laksh.She gets shocked! She says no! This cant happen!Laksh says wat cant happen buts she hears Sanskaar saying wat cant happen! She cries and runs out of the office.She runs on the road and reaches home.She runs into her room.She collapses on the floor and cries vigorously.
Ragini: Yeh humare saath kya ho raha hain?Hum sanskaar ko kyun nahi bholaa pa rahe hain? Kyun hume aaj Laksh ki bajae sanskaar nazar aae? Why?(Why is this happening with me?Why am i not able to forget Sanskaar?Why i saw Sanskaar today instead of Laksh? Why?).She cries.

Precap:Swaragini and Sanlak haldi is going on.Sanskaar pins Swara to a wall and Puts Haldi on her face softly by aproaching his face to hers.She closes her eyes and smiles.

Credit goes to: Heera

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