Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 114


Hey guys, I know some of u are shocked reading it and some of u are thinking that it is injustice done to Parineeta…..But dnt wry I have come with a damaakedar twist(as usual hehe ?)….so lets go!!!

Recap:Nandini married Adarsh.

Its morning,Parineeta is still crying in her room.Ragini passes there with Jhanvi and looks on.She sees Nandini coming there and hides behind a pillar.Nandini, in a new pink saree with silver blouse comes to Parineeta’s room.Parineeta gets up and angrily looks at her.Nandini closes the door and laughs.
Nandini:What did u think? That Adarsh will not accept me as wife? Do u want proof?
She removes her hair from one side and shows her marks on neck.Parineeta is shocked and looks on.She thinks how is this possible.Nandini laughs and says he is too naughty.She laughs again and goes.Ragini looks on.She comes to Parineeta and says Bhabhi.They both look at each other.Ragini closes the door and put Jhanvi on the bed.Parineeta and Ragini hug.They cry.
Ragini:I am sorry Bhabhi for putting u in so much trouble…..
Parineeta:No Ragini, In fact It was I who decided to execute this plan.
Fb shows Ragini telling the families that it is Premila’s plans to destroy us.Sujata asks but why.Ragini says because Sujata once insulted her infront of poeple.
Sujata:But she should have taken revenge from me naa….why from my children?
She starts crying.Annapurna consoles her and says we have to handle this matter sensibly.Swara says but how? Ragini tells them something which is muted.Swara and everyone hold hand and smile.Adarsh cups Parineeta’s face and apologises for the work he is going to do.Parineeta nods.Everyone smile.Fb ends.
Parineeta:Do u think this plan will work?
Ragini:Of course it will!
Parineeta:But Nandini said that they consummated their wedding!
Ragini:No, its not true, there must be something.
She asks her to take care of Jhanvi and goes from there.Parineeta looks on.Ragini tries to go to Nandini’s room but Swara stops her.
Swara:We will ask Adarsh Bhaiyya first ok….
They go to Adarsh.

Swara:Bhaiyya, last night did u and Nandini…..??
Adarsh:No swara, Ragini, what r u both saying?
Ragini:But she said to Parineeta….
Adarsh:I am sure she is lying.
He asks them to come with her and goes to all the family members.He tells them what happened last night.Fb shows Nandini giving milk to Adarsh.She turns.Adarsh pretends to drink but throws it outside and pretends to drank the milk.He behaves drunk and romances with her.He kisses her forehead and makes her lie on bed.He mumurs Parineeta.Nandini gets angry and pushes him on bed.He pretends to sleep.Fb ends.Parineeta crying says Adarsh and runs and hugs him.
Parineeta:I knew u would not do such a thing!
Swaragini wonder why did Nandini lie.They go her room and see her shouting why did Adarsh not consummated his marriage with her.Swara nods at Ragini and goes to Nandini.
Swara:Do u think that Adarsh bhaiyya will forget Parineeta bhabhi that easily? She may have done mistake but she is his first love….
Nandini acts innocent.
Nandini:Swaraji, I havent done anything,I myself asked Adarsh to take him time.
Swara scolds her and goes.Nandini smirks.Swaragini hide and look on.They come back to Adarsh and tells him that Nandini lied.Adarsh gets angry but controls himself.Premila comes and asks what r they talking about? Everyone turn and is shocked to see her.Sujata sees Nandini and says we were asking Parineeta not to interrupt Nandini today as its her first rasoi.She takes Nandini with her to the kitchen.They handle the matter.

Ragini is taking care of Jhanvi.Laksh comes and sees her crying.He comes to her and cups her face.He asks what happened to my baccha?(child).She cries and says Am I doing right? What if Parineeta bhabhi is hurt seeing all this? I had to slap her so that we can create this drama.She cries badly.He consoles her and says u did it coz of teaching Premila a lessn not because of ur own.She hugs him.He asks even Sanskaar is thinking for a brother for Kavya.So if Swara isnt agreeing, so shall we give her  a brother? Ragini says Laksh and runs behind him.They fall together.She laughs.He smiles seeing her and acts af is he died seeing her smile.She beats him and they hug.

Swara and Sanskaar are in the room.Sanskaar pulls her closer and she falls in his embrace.She feels peace in his embrace.He asks mischievously what have u thought about Kavya’s wish.
Swara;Which Wish?
Sanskaar:A brother!
Swara beats him with pillow.He grabs her in arm and they have an eyelock.They get close to kiss.Music plays….

Precap:Nandini serves kheer to everyone.Sujata tastes it and slaps Nandini.Nandini is shocked.Everyone look on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys plzzz comment how it was…I know I am late but plzz try to understand….Hope u liked it….love u lots…..

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