Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 113


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Recap:Jhanvi got lost.Ragini scolded Parineeta a lot.Jhanvi was later found.

They all return home.Rahul and Uttara take leave from there and go to their house.They all wait for Parineeta to come.She comes.They all look angrily at her.She is teary eyed.She gets a call from her mother who asks if she should send the children.She shouts not now and ends the call.She comes to Annapurna and tries to talk and says Mummy ji but Annapurna stops her showing her hand.Everyone look on.They both cry.
Annapurna:Why Parineeta? Why? Why u forced us to get angry on u? Why u let urself fall in our eyes? U didnt even think once about what people will say that we dont know to take care of children?
Parineeta:Mummyji mera yakin kijiye!(mummyji believe me!) I didnt do all this itentionally.I apologize for this mistake.
She folds her hand.Annapurna turns her face.She rushes to Adarsh and begs for a chance.Premila grabs her and starts her drama.She shouts how can we give u a chance! What if u do something like this again! Parineeta shouts why r u dragging this matter so much? Sujata comes and scolds her.Swara cries and looks on.Parineeta asks them to punish her but forgive her.Ragini replies u will get punishment bhabhi and ur punishment is….Premila stops her and says I will give her punishment.Annapurna permits her.Premila shouts she will have to bear a sautan! Everyone is shell shocked and look at her.Swara shouts maasi! U dont have right to interfere in our family matters and being a woman Cant u understand what she will go through.Annapurna stops Swara and says she is right shocking everyone.Swara looks at Ragini with hope but Ragini turns her face.Swara cries and runs from there being unable to see all this.Sanskaar goes behind her.Adarsh is angry and says he will not marry.
Sujata:Do u want Muskaan to lead a life without a mother?
Parineeta:But Chachiji I am here naa….
Sujata:Stop! I am not talking to u.And Adarsh the child needs a selfless mother who will take care of her unlike Parineeta.
She taunts Parineeta and convinces Adarsh.He looks at Parineeta teary eyed and decides not to marry.Parineeta smiles.He says she was not at fault but I am fault.Annapurna gets angry and makes her swear on her to marry.Adarsh is shocked and agrees unwillingly..Parineeta is shocked and stands still.

Swara comes to her room and cries badly.Sanskaar comes and asks her to open the door.Swara says I couldnt protect Parineeta’s house.I promised her that everything is gonna be fine but I…..Sanskaar consoles her.She opens the door and she hugs him.

Premila smirks and thinks my revenge is completed today(dont know what is she talking about).She says she has a good girl in hand and they will definitely like her.She calls someone and a girl comes(shweta tiwari).She is in a traditional dress.She greets everyone and introduces herself as Nandini.Parineeta looks at her.Premila says she is an Adarsh bahu for this house and asks Annapurna to agree.Annapurna looks on and nods cryingly.Dp tries to interfere but Annapurna signs him not to.Dp says that this is about this house’s daughter in law’s prestige and she cant keep quiet.Annapurna gives her swear and he gets angry and goes.Ramprassad follows him.Laksh looks at Ragini and tries to explain her but She goes to Nandini and calls her Bhabhi.Parineeta is hurt.Nandini smiles shyingly and hugs her.She looks at Adarsh.She gets shy.Annapurna blesses her and declares that they would marry today and right now.Parineeta cries and runs from there.Muskaan comes there.Parineeta sees her and hugs her and shouts why did they do this? Muskaan leaves her and goes to Nandini and call her mumma.Parineeta shouts no and her imagination ends.She realizes Muskaan is not there.She wipes her tears and goes angrily.Swasan come.Adarsh with other are in the temple.Premila brings Nandini there dressed in a red saree with bangles and pallu like a new bride.Annapurna brings the aarti plate and signs Adarsh to make her wear the mangalsutra.He makes her wear the mangalsutra angrily.Parineeta cries seeing this.Adarsh takes a pinch of sindoor and was about to put it in Nandini’s forehead but Parineeta comes inbetween and he puts sindoor to her.Jai kaali ma….plays…She throws the plate and takes a trishul.She points it to Nandini and shouts dare not to take her place.Nandini is shocked.Adarsh gets angry and throws the trishul.He shouts at Parineeta and says my eyes are opened now and says u were at fault.
Adarsh:Maa, bring another sindoor.
Parineeta:U cannot put married girl’s sindoor into her forehead and this sindoor is fallen and is now impure!
Sujata:Dont u worry tomorrow morning I will get sindoor from temple.Till then he has already accepted her as his wife.
Adarsh keeps hand on Nandini’s head and declares her as his wife.Nandini smiles.Shank plays……Parineeta is dazed.Sujata asks them to go to their room now.Parineeta asks and me? Sujata rudely asks her to go to guest room.Adarsh and Nandini go to the room.Parineeta is shattered and falls on the floor.Swara hugs her and they both cry.Ragini goes to her room

Its night, Nandini comes to room and smiles seeing herself in mirror.She smiles wickedly and thinks finally I got u Adarsh.She is shown to be a physco lover of Adarsh.Sujata calls her and gives her the milk and asks her to give everyone and then she will give one for Adarsh.She goes to Annapurna’s room and gives them the milk.Annapurna blesses her.She then goes to Swasan’s room but Swara behaves rude with her.Sanskaar takes the glass and thanks her.Nandini thinks she is hard to convince.She gives milk to Ragini and Laksh and then goes to Parineeta’s room.Parineeta throws the glass and stragulates her and pushes her towards the bed.Nandini slaps her so she falls on the bed.She gets up and shouts she is her sautan and should behave like one dont try to kill her.Parineeta says that Adarsh will never accept her.She asks her to come in 5 mins in their room and see.She goes angrily.Parineeta looks on.Sujata gives Nandini a milk for Adarsh and blesses her and goes.She sees the milk and smirks.She comes to room and mixes something in it.Adarsh comes out of washroom.She closes the curtain and let it a little open.
Nandini:Adarshji, here is milk for u and dont worry I will not ask u to accept me as ur wife!
He drinks the milk.He gets dizzy and comes closer to Nandini.She sees Parineeta peaking and acts asking Adarsh to give her time.He pulls her closer and says no.He turns her and open her lace in her blouse.He makes her lie on bed and kisses her forehead.She switches off the lights.Parineeta is shattered and goes into a sort of coma.

Precap:Nandini flaunts scratch in her neck infront of Parineeta and says Adarsh is too naughty.Later Nandini shouts in her room how dare Adarsh reject consummating his marriage with her.The scratch turns out to be her plan to make Parineeta jealous.

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  1. It’s Injustice to parineetha , please add more raglak scenes

  2. I was shocked yaar after reading this ep. Anyway it was very nice ??

  3. Nice epi loved it❤️

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    Plz end this drama sooon

  5. I think ragini knows premila aunty is doing something that’s why she is acting next part soon thanks for two part

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    Thank u soo much for this 2 part heera and I’m a bit confused I think the Begining part is missing cuz last epi ended on the family in the bus so how did Jhanvi get lost

    Plz clear my MU soon
    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Stay blessed

  7. ridiculous…. all people should suffer specially ragini,how can she do like dis with parineeta….how can a girl accept dis….parineeta should leave dis family alongwith muskaan….n she should not forgive each n every person easily…

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