Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 112


Hey guys, I am back..and so sorry for writing so late actually I will not be able to write daily….hope u understand…Now enough of romance, now we will go into active mode with a new villain!!!And hey Shaurya Goenka I really appreciate ur ideas and will surely use them except for the one that Uttara will want to adopt Jhanvi as she had already tried to adopt Muskaan and it will be boring…..hope u dont mind but I will definitely use that other ideas of urs…..

Recap:Romantic times between the couples.

Its morning,Swara wakes up and dresses up in her beautiful salwar kameez.She gets dressed and wakes Sanskaar.Ragini,in her sari wakes Laksh.They both get ready and go downstairs.Swasan also joins them.Annapurna does aarti and they all follow.They take aarti and blessings of elders.
Sujata:Jiji,My cousin sister is coming to stay here with us….I hope u dont mind!
Annapurna:Sujata, along with being ur cousin sister,she is also Dp’s friend’s sister and he has always considered her his sister.They all smile.

Its lunch time,Swara is making parathas along with other ladies in kitchen.Some plumbers are working there.They stare her.Sanskaar comes there and is shocked.He scolds the workers and makes them leave.Swara signs what happened.He takes her to room and shows her zip open in her salwar kameez.She gets shy.He closes it but suddenly opens it.She looks at him surprised.She asks him not to be naughty.He smiles and closes it.She smiles.He tries to kiss her but Kavya,Muskaan and Anjali comes there and takes Swara with them.Sanskaar makes a cute face.

Everyone is starting to eat when someone shouts ahhhhhh!!!! They turn and are shocked to see Premila fallen and Parineeta looking shocked.They rush and make her get up(she is manorama in ipkknd).Premila angrily goes to Parineeta and slaps her.They all are shocked.She then pushes her and asks her to feel the pain.Parineeta starts crying and wipes her tears.
Sujata:Jiji,she didnt do it intentionally,please forgive her!
Swaragini make Parineeta get up.
Premila looks at her.
Premila:Who made her bahu of this house?she is inauspicious for this house,Since she came here I am sure some problems must have cropped up.
They all are shocked and so is Parineeta.
Premila:She will ruin Adarsh’s grah completely, push her out of the house.Get Adarsh remarried! They all are super shocked.
Parineeta runs from there crying.Ragini goes behind her.
Parineeta:Leave me alone for some time Ragini please…..
Ragini:Bhabhi, dont take her words in heart, she doesnt know u yet, once she knows u I am sure she will be ur fan.
Parineeta smiles and hugs her.

Premila angry takes her seat and munches lunch.She then goes to freshen up.Everyone look on.
Sujata:Dont know why she has come!
Sujata goes angrily.

Later,Premila is taking care of Jhanvi and talking to the kids.They all laugh.
Premila:Annapurna,I have got some voucher in paradise hotel in Chandigarh, we all will go there and stay.Annapurna says no and says because the hotel is built under a waterfall and is scared.They all laugh and make her relax.
Premila:Now enough of joking,come lets go and do evening aarti.
She handovers Jhanvi to Ragini and goes to temple.Parineeta was holding the aarti.She tries to give it to Premila but Muskaan clutches to her so the plate falls.Everyone is shocked and Premila is angry.She scolds her and is about to slap her but Ragini stops her.Premila goes inside angrily.
Sujata asks them why did they make her angry and scolds Parineeta angrily.Parineeta gets sad and hugs Muskaan.
Its morning,they all get ready to go to the hotel.Swaragini and Parineeta and Uttara come down dressed in hot and beautiful dresses with hats on their heads.The husbands are mesmerized to see their wife and the elders and childrens compliment them.Premila comes and says bus has come.Premila and Parineeta walk together and collide.Parineeta apologizes.Premila goes angrily.Swaragini take Parineeta with her.
Ragini:Maybe Laksh took Jhanvi with him as he was playing with her….but let me check.
She checks and doesnt see her.Jhanvi is seen on a sofa but is covered with cushions.They all come inside the bus and Ragini asks Laksh about Jhanvi.
Laks:I thought she is with u and I didnt even saw her.She informs the family.She rushes inside and hears Jhanvi crying.She removes the cushions and gets relieved.She hugs her.She returns and they all get relieved.Parineeta comes and asks what happened.Ragini tells her.Parineeta says that she had put cushions so that Jhanvi doesnt fall and forgot to tell her.Ragini smiles and says its ok.Premila scolds her and again asks family to get Adarsh remaried.Parineeta again gets sad and goes into the bus.They all board the bus and sing together…..

Precap:Ragini shouts Jhanvi.She breaks down and cries badly.Parineeta consoles her.She turns Parineeta abruptly and slaps her angrily.Everyone look on while Premila smirks.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys plzzz give me more suggestions…..Hope u liked it…….plzz comment how it was……

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