Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 111

Hey guys,again I thank u for giving me suggestions and yes Shaurya Goenka u r not asking for much in fact I like when u all ask for something in the ff as then I know that u r loving it and reading it daily…..

Precap:Sumi brought Jhanvi to Maheshwari Mansion.Swaragini tried convincing Dadi.

Dadaji hugs Swaragini.Dadi looks on angrily.She angrily goes to the inhouse temple and tries to light the diya.Swara signs Ragini.Ragini goes to her and lights the diya for her.Dadi looks on and goes to her room angrily.Ragini cries.Swara consoles her and bring her back to MM.Ragini comes to room and sees Laksh with Jhanvi.
Laksh:Baby, u know when u were born, I was extemely happy thinking that now we will stay happily together.But Papa made a mistake and let Ur mumma go, I am very bad…..I didnt even think about u and I didnt even tried to stop u…..When Ragini was pregnant with u,Doctors said that u had complications.I prayed and kept mannat so that u can come in this world and call me Papa.And I let such a baby go away from me! I am sorry baby….I am sorry….
Ragini cries hearing it.Laksh cries and hugs Jhanvi.He pampers her and makes her sleep.Jhanvi cries.Ragini laughs seeing Laksh trying to handle Jhanvi.Swara pulls her to a side.
Ragini:Swara….Kya baat hain? Sab theek tho hain?(Swara…..What happened? Is everything fine?)
Swara:Nothin is fine Ragini, Kavya is insisting for a brother and Sanskaar is fooling her and now she is more adamant.
Ragini chuckles.She says in a teasing voice.
Ragini:Then what is the problem, give her a cute brother…
Swara beats her.They both laugh.Swaragini….plays….Swara suddeny gets dizzy and faints.Ragini shouts Swara and is shocked.She holds her and calls everyone.Sanskaar comes there and makes her lie on bed.Doctor checks her and asks them not to worry.Sanskaar asks if there is good news.Sujata beats him.Doctor smiles and says she had food poisoning.They all smile and tease Sanskaar.Swara wakes up and laughs seeing Sanskaar sad.She tickles him and cheer his mood up.

Ragini and Laksh comes to room.She stops Laksh by holding his hand.He turns and looks at her.They have an eyelock.Wind blows.She gets closer to him and puts his hand on her waist.She asks were u that sad that me and Jhanvi left from here? Do u love us so much?Laksh smiles and says more than that.Did u heard that a devotee can be happy without his God?Ragini gets touched by his words and gets emotional and hugs him tightly and cries.
Ragini:I am sorry Laksh, uss time mein,maine jaldi mein akhe,yeh faisla li bina aaapke aur Jhanvi ke baare mein nahi sochi! (I am sorry Laksh, that time,I took a decision in a hurrt and I….I didnt even think about u and Jhanvi!)
Laksh cups her face.
Laksh:No mera baccha(my child)….We were both at fault.
Ragini:But u were more.
He laughs and says yes.He makes her smile and they hug.He closes her eyes and gifts her a beautiful kamarban with Raglak engraved on it.She smiles and gets happy.He makes her wear it.They spend romantic times together.

Swara is standing near the window.Sanskaar comes to her.He sees her lost in thoughts.He asks her whats wrong.She says Sanskaar, If today I still stayed with Kavya abroad,neither u would have got her nor she would have got her father….It was me who seperated u both and I destroyed all ur happiness and this families’s.She beats him and says it was ur fault.She wipes her tears and says why did I seperate from u? Sanskaar replies and what about ur happiness?Were r not sad that u was away from ur love? Swara hugs him and says every moment I missed u and wished that u were here with us….He shushes her and asks her to forget the past things now.He gives her a chineese lantern.She gets happy seeing it and smiles.They both light it and flies it in the air.She happily cries and they side hug.

Precap:Sujata’s sister premila comes and shouts Parineeta is inauspicious for this family,get Adarsh remarried.Everyone is shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

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    1. Shaurya goenka

      And since u hav added the track of parineeta being inauspicious then sujata’s sister can blame pari for jhanvis incident and get the family thinking about her words and adarsh a remarriage

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      After that since uttara does not hav a child she probably wants to adopt kavya anjali or Jhanvi most likienly jhanvi cuz she still is a baby
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