Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 109


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Recap:Raglak reconciled.Ragini tried to make Sharad signs the divorce papers.

Its night,Ragini,dressed in a sensual black dress decorates the room.Sharad comes and gets surprised seeing this.Ragini makes him sit and closes the door.She dances sensously around him.Tu issaq mera plays…..She makes him drink while dancing.He gets drunk and tries to get closer to her.She pushes him and sweetly asks him to sign the papers.
Ragini:Suniye naa, please iss papers pe sign kijiye, phir hum aapke saath hamesha rahenge(Listen, please sign these papers then I will stay with u forever).
Sharad signs the papers and falls asleep.Ragini smiles and cries happily.She calls Laksh and informs him.Laksh,Swasan and Parineeta get happy.She messages Sumi that she got sharad’s sign on the divorce papers.Dadi sees Sumi’s phone and gets shocked reading the message.She replies asking her to meet her urgently at a place.
Dadi:Yeh lado kis signatures ki baat kare hain?(What signatures is Lado talking about?).
Ragini gets into her usual saree and wonders why Sumi wants to meet her at this time.She reaches the told place.Dadi comes there.Ragini gets shocked seeing her.
Ragini:Dadi maa aap?(Dadi u?)
Dadi:Yes me, what were u going to do? Huh? Were u going to divorce Sharad.
Ragini:Our divorce is done dadi maa.Now I want to return to Laksh.
Dadi gets shocked and raises hand to slap her but stops.Ragini gets teary eyed.
Ragini:Sharad is bad Dadi maa.
She tells her everything.
Dadi shakes her and shouts.
Dadi:Stop it! U have already married him and even if he does something to u, u have to keep quiet as he is ur husband!
Ragini:Even if he is wrong? No dadi maa I wont sit quiet.I know u r angry but later u will understand.
Dadi:Is ur decision final?
Dadi:Then from now u r dead for me!
Ragini is shocked and cries.She tries to stop her but Dadi goes.Ragini breaks down and shouts I cannot stay without u both.

She return to Sharad’s house and packs her bags.She looks at Sharad sleeping.
Ragini:I cant leave from here like a coward.
She puts water on Sharad and he wakes up.She shouts she is going.He is shocked to see her with bags.He follows her and grabs her hand.
Ragini:U cannot stop me as I am legally divorced now! Even though u havent married me, for people I was married to u.And about people,I dont give a damn what they think!
She pushes him and goes near the door.Sharad’s mum blocks her way.
Sudha:U will stay here!
Ragini scolds her and pushes her on the floor.Sharad and his parents are shocked.

Ragini reaches Maheshwari Mansion and cries happily seeing it.She tries to enter inside but stops seeing whole family outside.
Ragini:Aap sab……(U all).
Sujata:Wahi rook chori!Taare ko keh laga, ke tu hum sab ko chorke jaaegi tho hum sab taare ko maaf kar denge! Nahi! Taare ko sazaa milegi……(Stop there itself girl!What did u think? U will leave us and go and we will forgive u easily! No! U will get punishment…..)
Ragini cries and folds her hand.
Ragini:Chachiji, aap jo bhi sazaa denge, mujhe manzoor hain(Aunty, whatever punishment u give, I will accept)
Sujata:Ur punishment is that……U will never accept anyone reproaching u and if anyone does u will urself leave this house…..I dont want anyone to crush my Bahu’s respect(looking at Laksh)……
Everyone smile.Ragini cries happily and hugs Sujata and takes blessings from annapurna.
Annapurna:Ragini beta, we were never angry with u to give punishment but we are angry with someone who is responsible with all this….
She looks angrily at Laksh and goes inside.She comes out with aarti plate and hands it over to Swara asking her to do her sister in law’s grah pravesh.Swara smiles and does her graph pravesh.Swaragini plays as they both cry…..Ragini throws the rice and steps her feet in the kumkum water.She slips and Laksh holds her.She gets sprain in her leg.He helps her walk and they walk together inside the house.Annapurna notices that.She asks her to go and rest.Ragini gets happy seeing Anjali and cries hugging her.Swara asks where is Jhanvi.Ragini replies that Jhanvi will come later as she is with Sumi.Swara smiles and nods.Ragini looks at Laksh and goes to her room.

She enters her room and gets emotional seeing it.She remembers her fight with Laksh and cries.Laksh comes and hugs her from behind.
Laksh:Ragini I promise i will never reproach u…..I cant live without u….I will die.
She hugs him…..Sweet music plays……

Precap:Ragini goes to Gagodia Mansion and Dadi throws her out.Ragini is shocked.

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    Only giving importance to ragini…what about swara?? She is playing side roles in your ff now !

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    Please add some swasan scenes and swara and kavya scenes please ur ff is getting bored because of all raglak and ragini and her children scenes and there are no swara and kavya scenes sry if u feel bad it is just a suggestion it is ur ff and it is ur wish to implement it ir not

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