Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 108

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Recap:Ragini came to know about Sharad’s truth.

Its still night, Ragini is still crying and remembering Laksh sitting in the rain.
Ragini(thinks):No, I cant compromise like this! I was not this kind of gurl! Its ok if Jhanvi doesnt have a father! And about Dadi, nothing will happen to her……
She wipes her tears and goes from there.She reaches a telephone booth and borrows a coin from a person.She calls Swara and asks her to meet her near Baadi Mansion.Swara wakes up Sanskaar and informs him.They both leave and Laksh follows them.

Swasan reaches baadi.Ragini drags them behind the house.
Swara:Ragini, why r u soo wet and….what happened to u? Why r u in a bad state? Speak something…..
Ragini:Swara, Sharad….
Sanskaar:Did Sharad do something?
She tells them everything and cries.
Laksh hears this and gets angry.He goes to Ragini and confronts her.
Laksh:U pushed me out of house on his sayings? I dont know u! Because the Ragini whom I loved was a free minded gurl and wouldnt bear injustice at any cost! When I reproached u, u couldnt bear the insult and left but when he did all that with u, u stayed there!? Unbelievable!
Swara:Ragini, Why didnt u left from there? Why? Why u stayed quiet?
Ragini shouts because his men are staying near Baadi and would plant bomb if I reveal anything or left that house!
They are shocked.
Ragini:i am still that Ragini!I beared all that so that he believes me! But now, I will teach him a lesson in his own way…..I will ask him to divorce me and he will refuse and then only my plan will start.They all join hands.Ragini turns to go and Laksh holds her hand.Swasan look on.
Laksh:After that, what have u decided?
Ragini turns and looks at him.She hugs him and they both cry.Swasan smile.Ragini smiles and says she will return to Laksh.She smiles and goes from there.

Swara reaches her room and goes to change.She comes back and sees Kavya has slept.She goes to sleep.Sanskaar comes and holds her.He holds her romantically and kisses her shoulder.She closes her eyes.He kisses her and they get intimate.Music plays……

Ragini reaches Sharad’s house and rings the doorbell repeatedly.Sharad opens the door and scolds her.She ignores him and goes to her room.She gets into a nighty and sleeps on the sofa.He tries to get close to her but she shows him a knife and he backs off.He too sleeps on the bed after blabbering a lot!

Its morning,Ragini gets dressed in a beautiful saree(which she wears in the serial).She goes to the temple and does aarti.She turns and gets surprised seeing people coming there.She gets happy seeing Gagodia family but gets shocked seeing Maheshwari family.Sudha informs her that they came for muh dikhay.
Ragini:Why did u had to invite maheshwari family?
Sudha:So that u fall weak infront of them.She laughs and goes.Ragini gets worried and looks at Laksh who asks her to calm down.Sharad comes and keeps his hand on her waist infront of all.Ragini stares him angrily.Laksh also gets angry but Swasan stop him.

The muh dikhay ends and Ragini drags Sharad to a corner.Sharad asks do u want to romance here and laughs.Ragini asks him to shut up and gives him divorce papers.He sees it and gets shocked.He gets angry and looks at her.He grabs her hand and shouts he will never divorce her! Ragini smiles and acts as shocked.Sharad tears the papers and goes pushing Ragini to the wall.Ragini thinks I knew u will do this and now…..Now I will show u what I can do to make u sign this divorce papers, even If I have to stoop to ur level I will do it…..

Its evening,Doorbell rings.Ragini comes downstairs in a hot and tight black dress which is sleeveless, short and backless.Her hair are open.She opens the door and smiles seeing Yash(a singer at Swaragini institute).She greets him in and asks him to come to room.Sharad and his parents get shocked seeing all this and shouts at Ragini.She also shouts and takes Yash to room.She closes the door and gives money to Yash.He smiles and takes it.Sharad knocks the door.Ragini applies lipstick on Yash’s collar and signs him to shout.He shouts Ragini stop it!! Ragini also pretends to be breathless!(hahahah smart Ragu!)Sharad gets angry and goes.Yash opens the door and goes from there.Sharad comes there and tries to hurt Ragini but she hurts his hand with knife.He scolds her but leaves without saying anything about divorce.
Ragini:Even after doing soo much he isnt divorcing me! Now I have to do something which I didnt want to!
She gets Laksh’s call and she tells him everthing.Laksh has put in on speaker and Swasan also plan.Parineeta hears all this and is shocked.She comes to them and they get shocked seeing her.
Parineeta:Ragini, u consider me sister but u all didnt even bother to tell me!
Ragini is shocked:Bhabhi, I didnt want u to be a part of this lie.
Parineeta:Punishing someone isnt a lie!
They all join hands with Parineeta and Ragini smiles.
Laksh:Ragini, what is ur next plan?
Ragini hesitates to say and tells her plan.
Laksh:No Ragini! U will not do anything like this!
Ragini:But Laksh, we have no other way!
Laksh:U will get hurt!
Ragini:No Laksh, please, I have to do this so that we can stay together forever.
Laksh gets emotional and he agrees.

Ragini cuts the call and places a camera in the dining table.Sudha calls her and she goes to kitchen.
Sudha:Dont think that u will stay here as a queen, u have to work.
Ragini looks at the camera and smiles.
Ragini:But maaji, why r u saying like this? I am ur daughter in law!
Sudha points finger at her and asks her not to act smart.Ragini acts like crying.Sudha gets angry and shows her knife and shouts to prepare food quietly.Ragini nods.Once Sudha goes, she switches off the camera and smiles.She prepares food and brings it on the table.She again switches the camera on.Sharad and his parents eat the food and like it.They praise the food.
Ragini(thinks):Whats this? My entire plan is going to fail! I have to do something.
Sudha:Ragini, bring more parathas and kheer from the kitchen.
Ragini nods and brings burnt parathas and salty kheer.They eat and spit it.Ragini smiles.
Ragini:Maaji, just now u praised my cooking skills and now just because I cooked it, u r throwing it!
Sudha gets angry and throws the food plate.She tries to slap her but Ragini backs off shouting maaji stop it!(drama queen!).
Ragini:Now I wont prepare any food, u make it urself.
Sharad:How dare u talk like that to my mother!
Ragini:she isnt any God that I will praise her!
Sharad gets angry and shows her knife.Ragini pretends to fall and injures her hand to show that Sharad harmed her.She gets up, goes to the camera and switches it off.She then laughs.Sharad and his parents are shocked.
Ragini:R u shocked that I came up with such a masterplan?
Sharad:What do u want?
Ragini:Ur sign on divorce papers! Or else I will show the police this video and u and ur poor parents will rot in jail!
She brings divorce papers and hands him the pen.He gets angry.He sees the camera near the paper and pretends to sign but make the camera fall.The camera breaks.Ragini gets shocked and shouts Sharad!Sharad laughs and asks her to keep her oversmartness to herself! They go.Ragini cries and looks at the broken camera.She gets Swara’s call and tells her everything.Laksh, Swasan and Parineeta get shocked and angry.
Laksh:Now what do u plan to do?
Ragini:Something more dangerous!
They all look on.Anjali comes there and says Mumma.Ragini gets emotional and says baby…..She cries and says she will be there soon

Sumi takes care of Jhanvi and misses Ragini.
Dadi:Sharmishta,take care of Jhanvi for another one week ok!
Sumi:But maa, Jhanvi is missing her mother and even Ragini must be missing her!
Dadi:Do as I said, let Ragini enjoy and adjust herself there first.
Sumi argues with her and goes with Jhanvi.Dadi looks on.

Precap:Ragini, in a sensual dress makes Sharad drunk and acts to make him sign the papers.He takes the pen.She looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

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