Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 107 (Maha Episode)


Hey guys again thank u sooooo much for ur support and yes for that Ragini’s matter, I made a mistake.Instead of saying that she is shown taking care of a baby in the precap, I just wrote Ragini is shown pregnant.Sorry dears…..hope u dnt mind….and I am extremely sorry for the lateness in writing my ff….hope u understand…..

Recap:Raglak signed the divorce papers.

Its morning, Preparations are on full swing.Today its Ragini’s engagement.Swara is making her ready.She sees the Maheshwaris coming in the room and looks at Ragini.Ragini says I invited them.She walks to Annapurna.
Ragini:Though u were my mother in law but u will always be my maa…….
Annapurna kisses on her forehead and cries.Sujata also hugs her.Ragini asks about the kids.Parineeta tells her that they had to keep the kids at home with servants as they wouldnt understand all this happenings.She hugs Ragini and cries asking her to return.Ragini apologizes to her and turns.Maheshwaris go downstairs.Swara looks on and goes from there.She goes to her room and gets ready .Sanskaar comes there and gets mesmerized seeing her.He comes near her and romances with her.She smiles and goes with him outside.(she is wearing a pink lehenga which she wore when later she was accused of killing that maasi in the serial).Ragini comes.She is wearing a dark blue lehenga.She looks beautiful.She comes out, collides with a man carrying basket of flowers and they both slip but luckily Laksh holds Ragini and the flowers fall on them.Music plays as they have an eyelock….She gets teary eyed remembering her first marriage with Laksh.She gets up and goes from there.He looks on.

Sharad and his parents come there.Sharad smiles seeing Ragini.Laksh looks on.Swara brings Ragini there.Sharad takes the ring and puts it in Ragini’s hand.She then makes him wear the ring but keeps looking at Laksh.Everyone clap.Dadi brings a mic and talks.
Dadi:As u already know that we decided to keep engagment and sangeet on the same day, so now lets start with the sangeet.
Swara and Sanskaar come and dance romantically Sab tera song…….Next come parineeta and Adarsh and they dance on same song.Then Uttara and all the families members dance on Baby ko base passand hain…..plays…..They look at Ragini and get sad but pretend to be happy.The couples dance with mask on their faces.They then changes partner and Ragini goes to Laksh.They dance on sab tera…..song… Swasan look on.Ragini cries seeing him and stops dancing..She goes to Sharad.Laksh gets teary eyed and stands with Sanskaar.

Its night,Ragini removes her jewelleries goes to change.She comes back and takes care of Jhanvi.She sees her mehendi with S written on it and cries.She recalls L written was written when she was marrying Laksh.
Ragini:I dont know whom to trust baby! Everyone is using me as if I am a doll! Dadi wants me to marry to take revenge on Laksh and now Laksh, after insulting me, he wants to get me back, even I have a self esteem and even if I forgive him, I just cant forget those words which he said!
Swara stands at the door and cries happily hearing this.She goes to her room and hugs Sanskaar happily.Sanskaar is surprised.
Swara:There is a chance Sanskaar that Ragini return with Laksh.
She tells him everything.He too gets a ray of hope.They both hug.

Next morning, Ragini sees the landline phone ringing and picks it up.It is Sharad’s mum.
Mum:Ragini, We were thinking to keep the haldi today itself.
Ragini remembers that once Annapurna had called her to tell about the haldi function to be kept at their place.She ends the call and cries.

Its one week, Laksh is still trying to convince Ragini but she stays still.Its marriage day today.Ragini gets ready in her bridal dress and Swara makes her ready.Annapurna comes there and blesses her.
Annapurna:I am not blessing u as ur mother in law, but I am blessing u so that u can have a great future ahead and whatever decision u take in life, u will never regret it.
She gets teary eyed and gives her a shagun gold coin.Ragini too gets sad and looks at Swara.Swara gets ready and goes from there.Ragini is alone in the room.Someone comes there.She turns and its Laksh.He keeps her hand on her mouth and pins her to cupboard to stop her from screaming.They have an eyelock…..Music plays…..He removes his hand and she asks what r u doing here.
Laksh:I am here to rectify my mistake which I have done.In fact, it is a big sin, Such sin that even Lord will not forgive me.
Ragini:What sin?
Laksh:The sin of insulting my God and the person whom I pray.
Ragini cries and looks at him while music continues to play.
Laksh leans closer to her and cries.
Laksh:I am sorry Ragini, I know u ruined ur life and married me just not to dishearten me but I, I behaved so badly with u and even reproached u..Dont forgive me, never…..Because I am not worth it, but I just wanted to say that….ur my life and if u become someone else’s then I will die…..
Ragini shuts his mouth and says Laksh.They both cry.He again apologizes to her and goes.Ragini breaks down and cries.Swara comes and hugs her.Ragini says that she wants to return to Laksh.Dadi comes and gets shocked seeing her like this.She goes to her and asks what happened.She cups her face.
Ragini:Dadi maa, Mujhe Sharad se shaadi nahi karni hain!(Dadi maa, I dont want to marry Sharad).
Dadi is shocked and scolds her.
Dadi:Lado, do u want to ruin mine and ur dada’s respect.All the people is here and even the groom is here, and now u want to return to ur ex husband’s house.
Dadi:No Shona, no one will say anything today, u have my oath.
Swara is shocked and goes to bring Sumi.
Dadi keeps Ragini’s hand on her head and asks her to marry Sharad else she will see their dead faces.Ragini cries and looks at her shocked.Sumi also comes there and is shocked.Ragini says she will marry Sharad shocking everyone.Dadi asks her to even swear that she will keep up this marriage no matter what.Ragini repeats it.Dadi smiles and wipes Ragini’s tears and takes her from there.

Ragini comes to the mandap and cries seeing Laksh.Laksh also looks at her and remembers Swara telling him that she agreed to return to him and later had to oblige to Dadi’s wishes.They both are hurt.Sad music plays…..She asks Sharad to come with her as she has to talk.They go into a room.
Ragini:I am marry u just for Jhanvi but I have a condition.
Ragini:U will not put sindoor and mangalsutra to me till I dont accept this marriage fully.
Sharad is shocked but complies.
Laksh and Swara hears all this from inside.

They come back to the mandap.The pandit starts chanting the mantras.Ragini is teary eyed remembering Laksh.The pandit asks all of them to close their eyes and let the groom dorn the sindoor and mangalsutra to the bride as it is considered auspicious.They all comply and close their eyes except Swara and Laksh.Ragini puts them and cries.The Priest asks them to take pheras.They do so and take blessings from elders.Its Ragini’s bidaai.Swara cries and hugs Ragini.Laksh is hurt and looks on.Ragini notices him looking at her and looks away.She gets into the car with Sharad and asks for Jhanvi.Dadi asks her to let Jhanvi stay here for a week and asks her to adjust there first.Ragini complies unwillingly.The car goes.Sumi hugs Shekhar and they cry.

Ragini’s grahpravesh is done.She kicks the kalash and steps into the kumkum water.She gets dizzy and was about to fall just then Sharad holds her and takes her to room.Sharad’s mum gets shocked seeing Ragini’s footsteps backward and thinks it to be inauspicious.Sharad makes Ragini lie and was about to kiss her(she was not in senses) and stops seeing her with sindoor and mangalsutra.He goes from there.

Later, in the stormy night, Ragini wakes up and coughs badly?.She finds no one there and sees herself in bridal dress.She sees her phone and sees Laksh’s miscalls.She calls him and he answers.She doesnt speak and cries hearing his voice.She recalls Dadi’s words and ends the call.Laksh looks on.She turns and gets shocked seeing Sharad standing there, drunk and angry.
Ragini:Sharad u….
Sharad:Shut up!! Dont even try to come near me! Because of Ria I had become a drunkard and now u also want me to become one?
She is super shocked to know that.
Sharad:Ohhh U dont know me right? Ok Let me tell u my story!
He drags her hand and pushes her on the sofa.She looks on.
Sharad:Actually I loved Ria deeply but she only loved me for my money, then when she left me, I became a drunkard.Thats when my parents came to know through panditji that I am in danger and have to marry to remove this danger.I married u.I fell for u but u….U didnt even let me put sindoor in ur forehead.
He grabs her hair.She screams and cries.
Sharad:Dont worry, Once I have suhaagrat with u,u wil be my wifey!!!!
He laughs.She gets shocked seeing his changed behaviour.She recalls Dadi saying he is a nice guy.He grabs her hand tightly and pushes her on the bed.She gets hurt on her forehead.She gets angry and stands up.Jai maa kali….plays……
Ragini:Today I thank God that I didnt marry such an evil like u! I thought humanity is left in this world but I was so wrong about u, this sindoor and mangalsutra will always be on my husband Laksh Maheshwari’s name and not a drunkard like u!And its better for Jhanvi to be fatherless than to have a father who is such a devil!
She shows him finger.He gets shocked and angry seeing her boldness and twist her hand.
Sharad:U want to get free of this marriage? But how? U have already swear on ur Dadi”s head that u will marry and will keep up this marriage! Do u want ur Dadi dead? Or do u want people to reproach Jhanvi!? And first of all they will spit on ur family if they get to know that u have not married me and was staying here without marriage!
She recalls that swear and cries.He shouts do u want to go and drags her towards the room’s door.She stops him and begs him not to do this.She cries and falls on his feet.

Laksh rushes and goes to Sharad’s house.He goes inside and shouts where r u Ragini! Sharad’s parents stop him scolds him.His mother comes to Sharad’s room and knocks the door.He opens it.She sees Ragini crying on the floor and smirks.She goes to her and laughs.
Sudha(his mother):Hahahha I am so sad for u! But I had to do this to save my son! Now ur ex husband has come to save u!
She gets happy.
Sudha:Go and tell him that u r happy here! Or else….u know what would happen to ur Dadi, child and urself! Btw I forgot to tell u that my goons are staying in ur mansion and if u dare to go, just one phone call and ur family will be heard to have died in a bomb blast.She laughs and asks Sharad to make her ready.Ragini pushes her on te floor and shouts Never!! Sudha gets angry and holds Ragini’s hair and twists her hand.Ragini cries badly.He locks the room and steps closer to her.She gets up and steps backward.He grabs her and messes her hair, unpins her saree pallu and smears her lipstick.She gets shocked.He then applies lipstick on his body and drags her from there.He whispers to her to go and confront Laksh.

Ragini comes downstairs.Laksh is shocked seeing her like this and misunderstands that they were getting intimate.
Ragini:Why have u come here! This is my in laws! Just go away from our lives!
She shouts at him.He goes angrily.She cries and collapses on the floor.His parents smirk and leaves.Sharad drags her from there and brings her inside the room.He grabs a candle and let it melt on his hand.He then holds Ragini’s waist and tries to kiss her.Ragini screams and cries.She resists.He then tries to remove her saree.She slaps him.He gets angry and brings her outside .It is raining,they both get drenched.He holds her hand and tries to kiss her.She resists.He holds her close and tries to get intimate with her.She pushes him.He falls in the mud and gets angry.He grabs her hair and pushes her on the road.He asks her to stay there tonight and goes from there.She begs him to open the door and cries.She sits on the road and stays awake whole night!

Precap:Ragini does pooja.Maheshwari family and other guests are there.Sharad, infront of all tries to get romantic with Ragini and holds her waist.Ragini cries.

Credit goes to:Heera

I know I havent written for so long thats why I thought to write such a long episode!! Hope u liked…..Comment how it was…..Love u lots guys……Stay blessed and happy ☺

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