Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 106

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Recap:Ragini came to stay in Gagodia Mansion.

Its morning,Ragini gets dressed in a beautiful simple lehenga type dress blue coloured.She wears her ornaments and is tearful eyes seeing the sindoor and mangalsutra.She sees Jhanvi.
Ragini:I am doing this just for u baby…..
Swara comes and claps.
Swara:Wow Ragini! When I stayed away, u encouraged me by saying that Kavya will understand when she grows up but no need to sacrifice urself and now u only are sacrificing urself for Jhanvi.Will Jhanvi be that stuborn?
Ragini:Yeah but people will say…..
Swara:What Ragini? U remember when we were child we used to name this mansion as baadi and when people used to laugh at us, I used to cry but u….u used to scold the people and calmed me by saying that we do not care what other people say…….and about money, u r a singer and we have enough money for Jhanvi to spend her life peacefully and who knows tomorrow u and Laksh….
Ragini:That will never happen shona! Never!
They both get teary eyes.
Ragini:I took this decision with great difficulty, dont weaken me!! Please.
She folds her hand and they cry.Swaragini plays…..Swara cries and runs from there.Ragini breaks down.
Ragini:Ur right shona, but I am taking this step just to forget Laksh…….

Swara runs and collides with Shekhar.She hugs him.She tells them everything.
Swara:Dadi, why r u doing this?
Dadi:Shona, u think I am a fool to ruin my lado’s life? I know what i am doing
They all look on.She says she will tell them later and goes.

Sanskaar comes to Laksh and scolds him.
Sanskaar:Ragini sacrificed her life for u by marrying u and now u r letting her ruin her life again? In fact She fell in love wiz u and luckily her life did not get ruined but now she is unwillingly marrying some stranger! Open ur eyes before its too late lucky!
He goes.Laksh realizes his mistake and cries.He rushes to Sanskaar.
Laksh:Bhai, please take me to Ragini…..
They hug.Everyone smile.

The groom’s family come.Dadi greets them.They sit.The groom Sharad(Naman shaw)’s parents ask for Ragini.
Dadi:Mishti, ask shona to bring Ragini.
Sumi nods and asks Swara to bring Ragini.Swara goes to Ragini and sees her.Ragini cries and goes with her.Ragini comes out.Sharad gets mesmerized by her beauty and falls in love with her.She gives them laddoos.Sharad’s family likes her instantly and approves of the relation.Ragini closes her eyes and tears fall off her eyes.Dadi also approves.Suddenly Jhanvi cries.A servant calls Ragini and says ur baby is crying.Ragini rushes to her.The family is shocked to know she has a daughter.They excuse themselves and go from there.Dadi looks on.Laksh comes there with Sanskar and Dadi gets angry seeing him.He apologizes to all of them and cries profusely.Dadi feeds him sweets and tell that her lado’s marriage is fixed.Laksh gets shocked.

Later, Dadi gets a call and she looks on.She cuts the call and looks at Ragini
Sumi:Whose call was it maa?
Dadi:It was the groom’s family…..and….they said that Ragini has to give her husband the baby to be able to marry with Sharad.
Ragini is shocked and looks at them with tearyful eyes.
Ragini:Dadi,I am doing this for Jhanvi and they…..
She goes in her car without noticing Laksh.Everyone look on.Swara follows her.

Ragini reaches where Sharad lives.A servant opens the door( a big mansion) and Sharad is surprised seeing her.He smiles happily and welcomes her.She stops him by her hand.
Ragini:I want to ask a wedding gift from u!
Ragini:I want ur permission to keep my baby with me.
The parents are shocked.Swara comes there and says Lado but Ragini stops her and cries.Sharad smiles and permits her.He then gets shocked to know what his parents asked for.He makes them realize their mistake and they apologize to her.Ragini smiles and turns to go.Sharad stops her.
Sharad:Now that u have ask for ur wedding gift can I ask mine?
Ragini nods.He asks her to sign on some papers.She looks at it and gets shocked seeing it’s divorce papers.Swara too is shocked.Ragini cries with smile on her face and takes the papers.She nods and signs it and takes it from there.Sharad looks on.

Ragini reaches home and gets shocked seeing Laksh.He stands up and looks at her.He tries to say something but she throws the divorce papers angrily on his face.He is shocked and looks at her.
Laksh:Do u really want this?
Ragini nods yes.Laksh cries and signs the papers and turns to go.He promises her he wont let her get married to Sharad as she will marry him only.He goes.Ragini runs to her room cryingly.Swara leaves with Sanskaar.
Ragini cries bitterly in her room.
Ragini:When I put a stone on my heart and agreed for this relation then why now u r making me weak God? Why? Now Laksh wants to get me back and is weakening me.But I will never forget those pains which he gave me.

Precap:Ragini gets engaged to Sharad.Laksh looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

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    1. ur ff is nice and all good….sorry to say heera in ur ff something is missing from when sahil came and mu between swasan and laksh scolding swar for rags condition after returning her he is not happy what he did with swara and sanskar nt even about ragini… something is nt good… sorry if hurt you… sorry..

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  5. It was awesome plz update the next part ASAP and yh make raglak hav a patch up soon can’t see them like that

    1. A bit confused before the leap in the precap u said that ragini was pregnant after 2 yrs then all of a sudden we saw in the epi that she already has a child

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  8. awesome this track is very good next part soon waiting for it

  9. it was nice and exciting 🙂

  10. Hi, i had been following ur ff. Must say really impressive and liked it a lot. But just suggestion, i dont like it when u post few episodes and then just disapprear. Eagerly waiting for next part

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