Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 105

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Recap:Swasan reconciled.Raglak big fight.

Swara comes to Ragini’s room and sees it closed.She knocks it and asks Ragini to open the door.
Swara:Ragini, I know something happened between u and Laksh, plzz open the door and tell me.
The door opens.Swara smiles but get shocked seeing Ragini with her suitcase and jhanvi in her lap.
Swara:What is this Ragini?
Ragini goes downstairs without replying her.Swara follows her.Everyone get shocked seeing Ragini leaving.
Annapurna:Ragini, what happened and r u going somewhere with Laksh?
Ragini:Maa, I am going to my house but not with Laksh.
Everyone is surprised.Ragini breaks down and tells them everything.They get angry on Laksh.Laksh comes there and looks on.
Annapurna:Laksh, Ragini….
Laksh:Let her go maa.
She is shocked and looks at him.She scolds him and asks him to stop Ragini.Ragini sees Anjali and goes to her.She asks her to come with her.Laksh stops her.
Laksh:R u not satisfied that u snatched Jhanvi from me? And now u want to take away Anjali also?Anjali will stay here.
Ragini cries and hugs Anjali.
Ragini nods and turns her face away.She looks at Swara who looks at her.She runs from there.Swara cries and looks at Laksh.
Swara:U had problem with me right? Then why did u drag Ragini in all this? Why did u punish her? If u wanted me to go from here I would have gone happily.Atleast I knew that my sister will stay happy here but Thank God she went from here herself as she would be living like in hell with u!.
She looks at Sanskaar who nods at her and goes from there(she is wearing her modern dress).Laksh looks on and goes to his room angrily.
Annapurna goes to temple and cries.
Annapurna:What has happened to our house Sujata?Neither Swaragini has lived happily together and nor this house has peace anymore.Did we seperate the sisters by getting them married? Did I forcefully got Ragini married to Laksh without knowing her feelings?
Parineeta:No Mummy ji, we didnt do any mistake.In fact we were blessed to have Ragini as this house’s daughter in law.And didnt u notice once Ragini fell in love with Laksh, how they were living happily together? Dont u worry, I will talk to Ragini ok?
Annapurna nods.Parineeta goes.Sujata hugs Annapurna and they cry together.Sanskaar looks on and goes.

Ragini reaches Gagodia Mansion and cries seeing it She knocks the door.Sumi opens the door and gets happy seeing Ragini but gets shocked seeing her with her suitcase and Jhanvi.
Sumi:Ragu!! What happened?
Ragini hugs her and cries.She enters inside and tells them everything.She asks them to promise not to do anything to Laksh.
Shekhar:First Shona asked me to swear that I wont take any action against Sanskaar and now u…..
Ragini:Baba please….
Sumi stops Shekhar.He goes angrily.Ragini hugs Sumi.

Swara comes there in her car and rushes inside.She cries and goes to Ragini.
Ragini stands up and says Shona.
Swara:Lado, when I was going away u said that dont leave ur sister alone and now u urself went away without thinking about me? I know what Laksh said was wrong but….
Ragini:But what Swara? U want me to forgive Laksh?
Parineeta comes and says no.
Parineeta:Dont forgive him but atleast u can stay there for Anjali?
Ragini:Everytime I would see Laksh I would remember all that things so its better if I dont return….
Sanskaar also comes there and says ur right Ragini! Dont return even if Anjali is yearning for her mother do what u want.
Ragini:Sanskaar please….dont try to use reverse physhology with me ok…..
She runs to her room while Swara cries and begs her to return.Swara breaks down.Sanskaar consoles her.Dadi also comes and hugs her.
Dadi:Go Shona, i will try to convince Ragini ok….
Swara nods and leaves with Sanskaar and Parineeta.Sumi looks on.

Its night,Laksh comes to room and starts missing Ragini.He looks at Anjali playing..Anjali cutely says Papa.He smiles and plays with her.He imagines Ragini there.
Ragini:Laksh go and changes ur clothes first.Dont sit on the bed like this!
Laksh goes near her and romances with her.He holds her waist.She asks him to stop as Anjali is watching them.She vanishes.He gets sad.

Ragini also cries in her room and remember Laksh’s taunt.Judai song….plays…Sumi knocks the door and asks her to open the door.Sumi brings duplicate keys and opens the door.
Sumi:Ragu, dont sit on floor like this! Go and take a shower till then I will bring food for u.Go!
She sends Ragini into the washroom and goes to bring food for her.Ragini comes out dressed in her yellow salwar kameez.Sumi tries to feed her food but she refuses.
She forefully makes her eat.Ragini cries and hugs her.Jhanvi cries.
Sumi:Look Ragini, even Jhanvi is missing her father.
Ragini:She has to understand maa, that her father is dead.
Sumi is shocked and looks on.

Laksh misses Jhanvi.He makes Anjali sleep and drinks.He gets drunk and goes to see Jhanvi.He enters Gagodia Mansion and goes to Ragini’s room.Ragini is seen sleeping with Baby Jhanvi.She wakes up and is startled to see Laksh there.He shuts her mouth and says he came here to see and take Jhanvi.She cries and looks at him as they have an eyelock.He takes jhanvi and tries to go.She shouts and everyone come there and get shocked seeing Laksh.Dadi takes Jhanvi and gives to Sumi.She slaps Laksh angrily.
Dadi:Till now I was convincing my lado to return to u! But now I will not do this mistake.When shona went away, I couldnt do anything but now I will not do the same thing with Ragini, tomorrow I will get her marriage fixed and will let her move on in her life!
Laksh is drunk and doesnt pay heed Dadi pushes him out and he goes.Ragini is shocked and says Dadi!
Dadi cups her face and asks her not worry as she will find a nice guy for her and without her approval she will not find anyone.She asks her does she approve? Ragini cries and looks at Jhanvi.She nods closing her eyes.Dadi smiles,blesses her and goes.Ragini is shattered.Sumi looks on.

Sumi calls Swara and tells her everything.Swara is shocked and asks how can Ragini accept to marry someone else.Sanskaar wakes up and is shocked to know that.Swara cuts the call and cries.
Swara:How can Ragini do this Sanskaar?
Sanskaar gets thinking.

Precap:Ragini greets the groom’s family and smiles unwillinlgy.The family like her.Jhanvi cries.Ragini rushes to her and pampers her.The groom and her family is shocked to know that she has a daughter.Later,Dadi tells everyone that the groom’s side is asking to give Jhanvi to her husband.Ragini cries shockingly and looks on angrily.

Credit goes to:Heera

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