Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 104


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Recap:Swara and Kavya came to stay in Sanskaar’s room.

Its morning,Swara wakes up and gets surprised seeing herself in Sanskaar’s embrace.She wakes up and wears a red salwar kameez( which she wore on her first muh dikhaiy).She wears bangles, applies bindi and wears mangalsutra.She tries to apply Sindoor but stops seeing Sanskaar looking at her.She turns and looks at him.Music plays…..She goes from there and comes to the living room.She sings aarti and gives prasad to everyone.She puts the plate back in the temple and sits.Meanwhile Sanskaar comes there and rings the bells.He slips and his hand touches sindoor box and it falls, filing Swara’s maang.She touches her maang and gets shocked.She gets up and looks at Sanskaar.Om mangalam plays…..She sees Kavya and goes to her.She cries seeing her sindoor.
She takes blessings of elders and goes for her shoot.She reaches the set and prepares herself.Sanskaar passes by in his car and stops as the signal is red.He turns and gets shocked seeing fire arousing on the set.He gets out of car and shouts Swara!! They all get shocked seeing fire.Swara starts coughing and faints.Sanskaar picks a shawl and picks unconcsious Swara from there.He makes her lie in the car and brings her home.Everyone is shocked.Sanskaar cares for her and she wakes up.He holds her hand but then leaves it.Ragini smiles seeing their bonding still the same.

Later,Everyone see the set people coming in the mansion and ask Swara about it.Swara informs them that she will do her shoot here.They all get happy.Laksh fumes.Swara starts shooting and romances with the actor as per the script.She dances salsa with him but falls.Sanskaar comes and gets angry seeing this.Ragini smiles.Swara scolds the joker actor to dance well.He again pushes her and she falls.Sanskaar comes there and asks the actor to see how to dance.He grabs Swara and pulls her closer(she is wearing a backless pink gown).He dances salsa with her on pyaar ki yeh kahaani suno….plays…..They enjoy the dance.The dance end.Everyone clap for them.Swara gets teary eyed and looks at Sanskaar.Laksh goes from there.Ragini goes after him.

She comes to room and gets shocked seeing Laksh angrily throwing files.She sees a file about to hit Jhanvi and pushes the file.She angrily looks at Laksh.
Ragini:Laksh, whats wrong with u? Since Swara came, u r behaving like this and today u were going to hurt Jhanvi! What if she’d get hurt!?
Laksh shouts:U r rebuking me for that Swara! She is a big bad omen for us and this house, I dnt know what that Sanskaar saw in that Swara and fell in love with her!
Ragini:Laksh!!Dont u dare say anything against Swara!
Laksh:Of course u would take her side as even u r not less….
Ragini:What do u mean?
Laksh:U loved one brother and got married to another! With one, get one free….I feel pity for Swara!
Ragini slaps him angrily.She cries and looks at him.
Ragini:I never thought that u would rebuke me like this! Now that u r pitying me and Swara and u r regretting that u married me, so lets end this right itself! I will make Swara return into this house and then I will take my departure and even u will not be able to stop me this time.
She runs out and cries badly….Sanam teri kasam….plays…..

Sanskaar sees an old diary kept in the storeroom and wonders whose diary is it.He reads it and gets shocked.
Sanskaar:This is Sahil’ diary! And he had written that he has seperated us(he and Swara) and has avenged his revenge!
He cries happily and rushes to Swara.He shows her the diary.She reads it and looks at him.He holds her hand
Sanskaar:Swara, I am sorry……I know I am wrong and please punish me and if possible never forgive me but plzz return to me! Plzzz Swara.
She gets teary eyed and looks at him.She cries and shouts Enough.She frees her hand.
Swara:When I, ur wife, shouted that I was innocent and had nothing to do with Sahil, did u believe me? No!! And now when a stranger confessed that I was right then u immediately believed it? Our relation has no trust now and when there is no trust in a relation, the relation is meaningless! Do u even know how I lived these years?, how I cried and suffered? How I was hurt whenever I saw ur habits in Kavya? How I was sad whenever she used to ask me where is her father? Whenever she would cry for her father, I would feel the pain and today u r saying sorry! Will u be able to heal all that pain that I had to bear in all these years? Will u?
She breaks down and cries badly.Everyone cry seeing her.Ragini consoles her.Swara hugs her and cries badly.Swaragini….plays…..
Swara:Even I am sorry Sanskaar but I will not be able to make our relation same as before……She runs to her room while Sanskaar tries to stop her.He cries and goes out.Ragini tries to go behind Swara but Sujata asks her to see Sanskaar and she will go to Swara.Ragini nods and goes to Sanskaar.She sees him crying.
Sanskaar:Its ok Ragini! No need to say that she said all that in anger.She is right, she is absolutely right, today I am feeling broken, i failed as a husband ,as a father….I dont even deserve her forgiveness.But….I wont be able to live without her.All those years, even I have suffered soo much……
Ragini cries listening him.

Sujata comes to Swara and sees her crying vigorously.She wipes her tears seeing her coming.
Sujata:No need to hide ur tears from me, I know ur hurt and I am not here to explain u that return to Sanskaar.Pour ur heart out dear and remove all those tears that u kept in ur eyes only so that Kavya doesnt see them.
She hugs Sujata.They both cry.
Swara:I am sorry mom if I am being selfish but…..I wont be able to reconcile with Sanskaar, I cant forget all those pain that I had.And as far as for Kavya, if I could brought her up for so many years, I dont think that she will need a father in future!
Sujata cries and looks at her shocked.
Swara:I am leaving from here in two days mom as my contract is going to end.
Sujata:Then please stay here atleast as my daughter in law!?This is my command.
Swara:I am sorry mom but I cant accept this command of urs!
She goes from there.Sujata looks on.

Swara goes to Kavya and asks her to pack her bags.She sees Sanskaar there and goes.He looks on.Swara and Kavya prepare to leave and come out and see entire family looking at them.Swara touches Annapurna’s feet.She blesses her and cries She hugs Kavya.Swara takes blessings of elders and comes to Ragini.Ragini asks her not to leave her sister and go.She cries.Swara hugs her.Laksh comes there and looks on.Swara turns to go and gets shocked seeing Sanskaar fallen on the ground with his wrist cut.Swara calls doctor and rushes to him.She shouts and asks him to open his eyes.The doctor come and checks him.
Doctor:I have already bandaged his wound but…..
Doctor:Maybe he doesnt have any wish to stay alive and thats why he may…..
Swara:Doctor! If u r done then u can leave!
The doctor leaves.Swara looks at Sanskaar and cries.
Swara:Ur stuborn habit has not gone yet huh? Just because I am going u took this step? U could have tried a little more naa? U know I am stuborn and u gave up so early? If anything happen to u can u inagine how I would live ? What about Kavya? Huh? Answer me?
She beats him and cries asking him to open his eyes.He blinks his eyes and opens it.She gets happy and hugs him.They apologize to each other.They reconcile after a long nok jhok.Ijazat hain….plays…..Everyone smile and cry happily.Ragini smiles and hugs Swara.
Ragini:Now that u have come,we will have a lot of fun….
She stops and remembers her condition with Laksh.She cries and goes from there.Swara looks on.

Precap:Ragini leaves the house with Jhanvi and leaves Laksh refuses to give her Anjali..Ragini goes to baadi.Swara comes there and begs her to come home.She cries.

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