Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 103


Recap:Swara came to Maheshwari Mansion with Kavya.

Laksh comes and gets shocked seeing Swara.He gets angry and shouts Ragini.Ragini gets up(she was looking at Kavya) and looks at Laksh hoping he would understand her situation.Swara looks at Laksh angrily.He comes to her.
Laksh:Why have u come to our house again? What do u want to ruin now?
Swara:Excuse me! I am here as per the contract as I have to shoot a film here.
She shows him the contract papers.He looks at Ragini shockingly and shouts she will not stay here.Whole family come there and get happy seeing Swara and Kavya.
Swara:I am not asking for u permission to stay here and if u object, I can file a complaint against u so its better u mind ur own business.
She shows him finger.Whole family get happy seeing her boldness.
Sujata:Jiji, now that our tigress is back, i think that everything is gonna be fine.She is still the same.
Annapurna smiles and nods.
Kavya runs to Laksh and says Chachu.Laksh says I am not ur chachu.Kavya replies even though u r my maasi’s husband, I will call u chachu as I like it.Laksh gets emotional seeing her and bends on his knees.He hugs her.Ragini smiles.Anjali comes running and sees Kavya.Laksh introduces them.They get happy knowing they are sisters.Swaragini smile and Swaragini….plays….
Ragini:See Swara, just like we reunite everytime, even they reunited.
Swara smiles.She hears a baby crying and asks Ragini about it.Ragini brings Jhanvi and nods to Swara.Swara holds her and understands she is Ragini’s daughter.She gets happy and kisses the baby’s forehead.Sanskaar comes there and gets shocked seeing Swara.Swara feels his presence and return Jhanvi to Ragini.She turns and gets happy seeing Sanskaar.She tries to go to him but then stops remebering his allegations and gets teary eyes.Sanskaar cries happily seeing Kavya and hugs her and says I am ur papa.Kavya gets happy and says papa.Swara cries happily.Laksh angrily tells Sanskaar about the contract.
Sanskaar(looking at Swara):Its ok Lucky, assume that we are helping a person as she has no loved ones here.
Swara looks at him with tears in eyes.She takes blessings of everyone and meets Muskaan happily.Ragini take Swara and Kavya to room.She asks them to take rest and she will bring food and milk for them.

She goes to kitchen and talks to Parineeta.
Ragini:bhabhi, I am so happy today.After many years I am serving food to my sister and my niece.
Parineeta:Even I am happy seeing Swara and Kavya after many years.
They hug.Parineeta goes.Laksh comes to Ragini and gets angry on her.He scolds her and she replies him.He asks her to make Swara leave from this house.He goes.Ragini cries and sees Swara there.She wipes her tears and goes from there.Swara looks on.She tries to go to her room and accidently reaches Sanskaar’s room.She sees around and cries seeing everything same.She turns to go and slips.Sanskaar comes there and holds her.They have an eyelock…..Ijazat hain….plays…..She gets teary eyed and goes from there.He looks on.

Swara comes to her room and cries.She hugs Kavya.
Kavya:what happened maa!? Did u fight with Papa?
Swara nods no.
She takes her from there and takes her to Sanskaar’s room.She takes Swara’s hand and puts it into Sanskaar’s hand.Swara smiles with tears in eyes and looks at Sanskaar.They have an eyelock….Sad music play……

Its night,Ragini comes to her room and sees Laksh sleeping.She hugs his feet and cries.He gets up and looks at her.He makes her get up and hugs her.They both cry.Anjali comes and joins them.Music plays….

Swara and Kavya go to sleep.Kavya asks for milk.Swara goes to kitchen and takes milk.Sujata comes there and looks on.
Sujata:Swara, why r u staying in a seperate room? U r Sanskaar’s legal wife and u have right to stay there with Kavya.
Swara:No mom,After so many years, everthing has changed and it will look awkward to stay in his room.
Swara takes the milk and goes.Sujata looks on and goes to Swara’s room.Swara makes Kavya drink the milk while Sujata removes their suitcase and puts it in Sanskaar’s room.Swara and Kavya run behind her to stop.Sanskaar looks on.Sujata scolds Sanskaar and pushes Swara to Sanskaar.Swara falls and he holds her.Kavya insists to rest on the left side and asks Swara to sleep in the middle.Swara looks at Sanskaar and goes to sleep.In the night, Swara hugs Sanskaar and they both hug and sleep.Music plays…..

Precap:Swara shoots for a film.She romances with an actor and Sanskaar looks on feeling jealous.Ragini smiles.

Credit goes to:Heera

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