Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 102


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Recap:Ragini slipped into coma.

Its morning,Mumbai in shown.A superstar is shown getting out of her car and greeting her fans.She goes to promote her film and goes to a big mansion.She gets inside and changes her dress into a gown.She opens room door and hugs a little girl(apprximately 2 years).She calls her Kavya.The small girl is shown who calls her mumma.The girl is shown.She is Swara.Kavya shows her a doll house which has a doll wearing a similar saree like Ragini.She gets teary eyed and goes while asking the servant to serve the food.

Swara goes to the temple and cries.She asks Lord why is she falling weak.
Swara:Why r u making me fall weak? Why r u making me remember Ragini?Because of me only she was in trouble and I dont want to have any relation with her again……
She cries badly and misses Ragini.Swaragini….plays…..

Ragini is shown.She is still wearing her new style saree.She is shown pampered by everyone.They make her have food.
Ragini:Maa, Swara se kehna……
She then stops and gets teary eyed.She goes to the inhouse temple and cries.Everyone ask Laksh to leave her alone for sometime.Laksh angrily goes to the office.
Ragini:Why? Why u seperated Swaragini and Kavyanjali? Why u snatched my Swara from me? Atleast she could have come to meet me…….
She recalls in fb.An fb is shown.

After some days, Ragini gets out of coma.Laksh gets happy and calls everyone.She doesnt see Swara and asks Laksh about it.
Ragini:Laksh, Swara kahan hain?(where is Swara?)
Laksh:She has gone away from our lives and will never come back.
He tells her everything.She gets shocked and cries.
Ragini:But it was not her mistake naa….She didnt know that Sahil….
Laksh:She knew very well as she had an affair with Sahil!
Ragini slaps him.
Ragini:Laksh! Dont even dare to say anything against Swara!She looks at Sanskaar angrily who didnt say anything to defend Swara.
She rushes out of bed and reaches downstairs.She calls Swara but her phone is switched off.She hears some noise in Sanskaar’s room and feels as if Swara is there.Swara takes Kavya from there and goes.She tries to go but get dizzy and faints.Laksh and Sanskaar hurriedly take her to room.Doctor checks her and informs them that she is pregnant.All get happy except Sanskaar who missed Swara.Laksh hugs Ragini and asks her to atleast be happy for this child.She smiles hesitantly and hugs him.Later, they do not find Kavya in room and Sanskaar gets a note which is from swara which says that she is going away with Kavya.Fb ends.
Ragini cries badly.She hugs her baby daugter Jhanvi.Swaragini miss each other.Swaragini….plays…..

Swara feeds Kavya and they eat together.Her asisstant come and informs her that she has to go to Kolkata to shoot a film.She gets teary eyed remembering her family.She obliges and signs the contract without reading it.She goes to her room and cries why is this happening with her? Kavya comes and wipes her tears and asks her not to cry.Maybe this trip will bring something good for them.Swara hugs her.
Swara thinks:Kavya is just ur’s shadow Ragini.She talks just like u.

Anjali plays guitar and Ragini hugs her and says Anjali is just ur shadow Swara.

After some days,Swara and Kavya land in Kolkata.She goes in her car and passes by baadi.She stops there and goes inside with Kavya.She gets emotional seeing Sumi.
Sumi turns and gets glad seeing her.
She hugs her and they both cry emotionally.Kavya asks Swara who is this aunty.Swara replies she is her grandma.Kavya gets happy and hugs her.Sumi cries happily and says my grandaughter.Shekhar and Dadi also come and they cry emotionally.Swara opens her contract papers and gets shocked seeing that she has to stay at Maheshwari Mansion.She cries and tells Sumi.
Sumi:U wont go there, u will stay here…
Swara:No maa, I cant disobey the contract.I have to face my fear.

Ragini goes to Annapurna and show her the contract which says that a superstar is going to stay here.
Ragini:But maa, without knowing her…
Annapurna:Its ok beta, Mr dubey suggested us to let her stay here as she has come from Mumbai and has no one here .Ragini looks on.

Swara(in her new modern dress) comes to Maheshwari Mansion.She cries seeing it.Kavya looks on.
Kavya:Mumma where have we come?
Swara:This is ur father’s house.
Kavya gets happy.They enter inside the house.Ragini says Swara and turns.She gets happy and cries happily seeing Swara.She runs and hugs her.They both cry.Swaragini….plays….Kavya says maasi.
Ragini:Swara, is this Kavya?
Swara nods with tears in her eyes and smile on her face.Ragini smiles and hugs Kavya.Swara steps back seeing Laksh.Ragini looks at Laksh.

Precap:Laksh shouts this girl will not stay here.Swara shouts if u refuse to let me stay here, I will file a complaint against u Mr Laksh Maheshwari! She points finger at him.Everyone is happy seeing Swara’s boldness.Kavya says Chachu.Laksh says I am not ur chachu.Kavya says I like this name for u and will call u that only.Everyone look on.

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    It was nice but…. why u bring swara in MM….. n why laksh is it overreacting stupid…..

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