Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 101


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Recap:Sahil came into Maheshwari mansion and fell in love with Ragini…..

Many months have passed, Sahil has been successfull in manipulating Sanskaar and they had many fight till now.He continued to fell in love with Ragini but got jealous when he saw Laksh romancing with her.

Its night,Swara continues to teach music to Sahil.Its the last day.Sahil sees Swara coming and pretends to faint.Swara holds him being concerned and cares for him Sanskaar gets angry seeing that and shouts Swara.Swara turns and sees him leaving from there.She rushes behind him.Sahil smirks.He goes and secretly admires Ragini.He thinks I am loving u day by day and I will make sure u will be mine.He calls his goons and asks them to do a work.He ends call and smirks.

Swara reaches the door and gets sad seeing Sanskaar angry.She comes to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Swara:Sanskaar,What happened to u?U r fighting with me since many days for no reason….Everytime u just get angry on me….why? What mistake have I done? For many days u havent been talking nicely to me.U havent even saw my face and talked to me face to face.And i was bearing that but now u have to tell me what is wrong with u? Why r u being so rude to me?
She gets teary eyed and turns her face.Sanskaar holds her arm and asks do y really want to know whats wrong? Swara nods.He throws some pictures before her.She gets shocked seeing her and Sahil’s intimate pose(taken when Swara was teaching him something or holding him by mistake).She cries and looks at Sanskaar.
Swara:U doubt on me based on these photos?
Sanskaar shouts:Yes!!! Because it was u who brought Sahil to this house and…..
Swara:And u thought I have an affair with him?
Sanskaar turns to the other side, closes his eyes and says yes.
Swara cries being shocked and runs from there(she is in her yellow dress she wore when she met Kissan).Sanskaar cries and sees Kavya.
Ragini comes out and sees Swara running.She tries to stop him but in vain.She calls her but just then someone shuts her mouth and takes her in a car.They make her unconsious.They take her to some secluded area.Sahil comes there and smirks seeing Ragini.

Swara continues to run on road, crying and recalling Sanskaar’s words.She collides with cars and continues to run.She stops on the road and sits there crying.Rain starts.She misses Sanskaar and cries badly.Judai….song plays in the bg while Swasan miss each other.
Sanskaar:Maybe I spoke too much to her, I should apologize to her.I am sorry Swara I was wrong and believed these photos.He goes in seach of her.
Sahil reaches where Swara was sitting and smirks seeing Sanskaar coming.He pretends to see Swara and holds her shoulder to make her get up.Sanskaar again misunderstood that situation and goes from there angrily.Sahil comes to the house with Swara.He goes from there.
Ragini gains consiousness and gets shocked seeing herself tied to a chair.She sees some person and shouts to come infront of her.The person come and Ragini gets shocked seeing Sahil.
Ragini:Sahil! U kidnapped me? I knew it, u have ur sister’s blood in u! Tell me why u did it?
Sahil frees her.Ragini gets up and angrily looks at him.
Sahil:I love u and I will make u be mine no matter what!
Ragini is shell shocked and cries.She slaps him and asks him to be in his limit.
Ragini:I am married and have a baby and u want me to become mine! Before its too late, forget me and move on ok!
She tries to go but he grabs her hand and turns her.He twists her hand.
Sahil:be in ur limit also ok! I didnt ask ur permission, i just informed u that u will marry me!
She cries and shouts in pain.
He asks her to shout more as nobody will come to save her.He laughs.She pushes him.He gets angry and grabs her and pushes her angrily on the floor.She gets hurt and screams.He tries to rape her.She cries and pushes him.She runs out and comes on road.Laksh comes there in his car and gets shocked seeing Ragini asking for help.He sees a man about to attack Ragini and beats him with a rod without seeing his face.The rains continues to pour down and the car breaks down.Ragin hugs him being scared.She thinks that Laksh has seen Sahil’s face and doesnt tell him anything.Laksh decides not to ask Ragini anything as she is scared.They come to a stable nearby and sees no people around.
Laksh:This place is secluded and no people pass by this way.I think we have to stay here till the rain stops.She nods.She sees her dress wet and dries her pallu.She gets shy seeing Laksh and turns.Laksh smiles and goes to her.He holds her arm and kisses it.She closes her eyes.He removes her hair and kisses on her neck.He turns her and kisses her face and neck.He kisses her on the lips hardly.He removes her pallu and kisses her shoulder.She gets away and get drenched in the rain.He goes to her and hugs her from behind.Romantic music play……He lifts her and brings her into the stable.He makes her lie on dry grass and removes her pallu.She smiles and hugs him.He kisses her stomach and everywhere(hehe).She lies ontop of him and removes his coat and shirt.She kisses him.Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aya hain….plays…..He pushes her and makes love with her.

Its morning,Raglak are sleeping without clothes and are under Ragini’s pallu.She wakes up and smile seeing him.They wear their clothes and come out.They try to go home but just then Sahil come there and smirks seeing Ragini.Ragini goes behind Laksh.Laksh realizes that Sahil was the person.He recalls Swara’s words and gets angry.Sahil punches him and grabs Ragini.He shows knife and puts it near Ragini’s neck.She gets scared and cries and shouts Laksh.Laksh overpowers him and beats him.Ragini,unable to bear this shock(of trying to get raped and killed)faints.Laksh takes Ragini and goes from there.He reaches home and calls doctor.The doctor treats Ragini and says she got into many shocks and slipped into coma.They all get shocked.Swara tries to see Ragini but Laksh grabs her hand and drags her downstairs shocking everyone.
Laksh:Just stay away from her! Why dont u go away from our lives! Because of u only maa was in danger and today Ragini went into coma! Just because of ur foolishness! U brought Sahil only and u know what he did!?
He tells her everything.She gets shocked and cries.
Swara:Laksh I didnt know he would do this!?
Laksh:Really Swara….atleast use ur own senses sometimes and stop giving excuses that u didnt know, go away from our lives for god sake Swara!
Swara looks at Sanskaar hoping he would talk but he stays silent.She cries.Laksh shouts at her to go away and never come back and not to even see Ragini.Laksh make the family swear that they wouldnt stop him.Laksh throws Swara’s bags to her.She sits down and cries badly.She apologizes to all of them.They feel bad for her.She picks the suitcase and turns to go.She see Sanskaar and cries.She hears Kavya crying and tries to go but Laksh stops her.
Laksh:we r here to take care of her, no need to put ur bad eye on her.
Swara gets hurt by his words.She cries while Judai…..song plays in the bg.She runs to her car and cries badly.She drives and reaches a temple.She prays to god and asks for strength for whatever she is going to do.

Precap: 2 years leap.Swara is shown as a superstar.She is shown calling a girl as Kavya and a small baby girl is shown(approximately 2 years old).Ragini is shown pregnant once again.

Credit goes to:Heera

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    In sahil issue, everyone believed him..not only swara..if they oppose him to stay there, she too agree tat…but no one got doubt…
    Swara is d one who save ap from kaveri…it was d issue related to Dp..then how an earth does swara is responsible…sanskar beleived d photos..o my god..
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