Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 100

Heyyyyy!!!! Thank u sooooo much for being happy that I am back, and yes welcome to the GOLDEN JUBILEEEE OF SWARAGINI A PASSIONATE LOVE STORY!!!!!! Congrats and thanks to all the fans who supported this and made it reach till 100 episodes!!!!!!Thank u soooo much……

Recap:Uttara refused to give Muskaan baby to Parineeta.

Uttara comes there and shouts she will never give the child.Sujata scolds her and asks her to understand.
Sujata:I know whatever happened with u was wrong, but wat was Parineeta’s fault in it?
Uttara:It is all her fault maa!!! She intentionally pushed me.
Sujata slaps her and says u cant punish this child just because u lost ur own! Remember Uttara! God will never forgive u for this sin of urs and not even me!!
Uttara gets angry and cries.Sujata forcefully takes the baby and gives it to Parineeta.Parineeta hugs the baby and cries happily.Uttara takes a knife and tries to cut her wrist when her husband comes and pushes the knife.He mistakenly slaps her.She gets shocked and looks at him.She scolds Parineeta that because of her, her husband slapped her.She takes a knife and goes near Parineeta.Swaragini stand before her.Swaragini…..plays…..Swara snatches the knife from her hand and throws it angrily on the floor.
Swara:U want to kill Parineeta? Maybe the child was not in ur destiny!Why dont u understand! U always used to say that Parineeta bhabhi is ur best friend and u know her more than anyone else! Then today why r u blaming this person only!?
Ragini:That person who supported u the most and took a stand for u when ur marriage broke and shared ur happiness when u were happy! And today u accused that person for killing ur baby!??Come to senses Uttara and realize the reality around u!
She shakes Uttara and makes her understand.Uttara cries realizing her mistake.She looks at Parineeta and Muskaan.She goes to her and sits on her feet.She cries badly and apologizes to her.Parineeta gives the baby to Ragini and hugs Uttara.She forgives her.Uttara still cries and apologizes repeatedly to everyone.Everyone is happy and forgive her.Swaragini hug her.Swaragini…..plays…..
Even Adarsh realizes his mistake and bends down and cries and apologizes.Parineeta forgives him and they all smile.Uttara and her husband leave from there.

Its night,Swara comes to room and smiles seeing the room decorated.She gets a note and reads it.
“Dear wifey, thank u soo much for coming in my life and for sorting out all the problems, I dont know what I would do without u, thank u so much and I love u!……..from ur patidev…
She smiles and hugs the note.Sanskaar comes and blindfolds her.She asks about Kavya.Sanskaar shushes her and says Kavyanjali are with Sujata.He shows her all her fav street foods.She gets happy and hugs him.They feed other.Ijazat hain……plays……

Ragini gets surprised seeing her room decorated and Laksh on his knees in a heart shaped big candle.She enters into it.Laksh thanks her for all the things she has done till now and kisses her hand.Ragini gets shy.He goes closer to her and dances with her in the candle on Ijazat hain….plays….She falls in his arms.They have an eyelock.

Its morning, Swaragini do pooja in the morning and distribute prasad.Swara informs Ragini that she is going to the market and asks her to take care.She drives her car and reaches Market.Someone is seen keeping an eye on her.She buys some stuff and collides with the same man.He is shown.He is Sahil(same in the serial).
Sahil:Hi, I am Kavita’s brother.
Swara is shocked and looks at him.
Sahil:Look,I apologize to u from kavita’s behalf and believe me I am not gonna do anything.I know u r a great singer.I just want to learn song from u so that I can sing in competitions.plzzz give me one chance.Please.
Swara looks at him.

Sanskaar comes to hall and asks about Swara.
Sanskaar:Ragini have u seen Swara?
Ragini:She has gone to the market she will be back soon.
Sanskaar turns and smiles seeing Swara coming but gets shocked when he sees Sahil.He angrily asks Swara what is he doing here.
Swara:Look Sanskaar! He isnt here to conspire against us, he just wants to learn song and go ahead in his career.
Sanskaar looks on and apologizes to Sahil for misunderstanding him.Sahil smiles.He smirks thinking this is what I wanted.I want to take revenge on u and Swara for ruining my Sister’s life.He pretends to mingle with the family.Ragini comes out of kitchen
(In her new style saree)and he gets mesmerized by her beauty.She slips and he holds her.She apologizes to him.He smiles and gets smitten by her beauty.He excuses himself and goes to sleep.

He comes to room and smiles seeing one earring of Ragini in his hand.He realizes he is in love with Ragini.He then remembers he had attacked Sanskaar twice.He laughs saying now I will ruin these lives.He laughs evilly.

Its night, Sahil goes to Swara and learns music from her.He sees Sanskaar coming and intentionally puts his hand on Swara’s hand as she plays the guitar.Sanskaar looks on and goes.He smirks.He smiles seeing Ragini playing with Anjali.He then gets jealous seeing Laksh trying to romance with Ragini.He pushes a plate and Laksh slips on it.Ragini cares for him.He gets more angry seeing that and goes to his room hurriedly.Swara looks on.

Precap:Sanskaar argues with Swara.Swara cries.Later, Laksh blames Swara for the happenings with Ragini and shouts at her to get out from their lives.Swara cries badly.

Credit goes to Heera

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