swaragini :their passion may cause their life… (part-4) last part

Part 3


past continues……

Swara enter the house in a very annoyed mood she and ragini gone to attend the marriage of ngo worker daughter which is out of the city… sumi is sitting in the hall she saw
swara’s angry face and behind her ragini is coming by eating candy floss which is in skate shape…

Sumi: swara what happened why r u soo much angry??

Swara: mom ask your this skater betii

Ragini: mai nay kiya kiya bhala?? Said exactly like lucky

Swara: don’t you dare to say it again I swear I will kill u give her a deathly glare.. mimicks her by saying mai nay kiya kiyaaa

Sumi: can both u you tell me what had happened??

Swara: I tell you..


Swara is wearing pink clr lenga for the marriage but she is not ble to find her matching shoes ragini who is seeing her said dii u go out attend the maariage I have a matching shoes I’ll take them to u swara said to her ok and she goes out and start talking with the guests.. when suddenly ragini shouts in excitement due to which everybody starts looking at her..

Ragini: dii look I bring matching shoes for u.. by saying this she shows her pink clr skates which she is hiding at her back..

Swara pats her forehead after seeing this while all the guests start laughing after seeing this..
Flashback ends..

Sumi starts laughing when they hear a laugh from the upstairs they all turn and saw sanky and lucky standing there and laughing

Swara: don’t u dare to laugh uffff

Sanky: shona don’t worry it is nothing in front of what lucky has done to me he told her all the morning incident swara starts laughing after listening this and said they both are impossible while lucky and ragini makes a cute pout…

Ragini and laksh equally loves each other and skating the loves skating to that extent that they even demands to have a skates sign on their engagement rings… ragini mostly wear t-shirts which were having skates sign on it.. lucky is having the skaters pictures in his room they many time skip their lunch, breakfast, dinner due to skating on which they both got scolding from their siblings and parents…


Ragini and laksh is doing practice in their skating academy then both are an amazing couple and also won many awards.. one day it is announced that there is a competition after 4 months in which the winning champion is awarded with opportunity of making an skating academy for children who cannot afford expensive academies raglak became very happy after listening this because it is their dream and they don’t want to use their parents many they want to do with their own struggle.. they were very excited for this competition they both goes to home and told the whole family… everyone knows about their dream so they also gets very happy even swasan appreciates them for this beautiful dream and said them that they will support them whole family is very happy but they don’t know that their this dream will cause their lives…. Competition is after 4 months and swasan marriage is after 3 months so everyone is exited for both the functions…..

The day of swasan marriage has come both raglak has enjoyed a lot they prepare a dance on their siblings sangeet in which they both dance on skates in a very beautiful way and by seeing this everyone appreciates them and gave them best wishes for their competition… swasan get married happily after the marriage raglak got seriously bzy in their competition… all the participants were doing their practice in the same academy.. in that academy there is a couple who is getting jealous day by day with raglak because they are very great in skating the couple name is ansh and sara they both are the winners of that competition from many time raglak were participating for the first time in this competition because whenever this competition held raglak have to go for another competition… ansh and sara starts hating raglak because after seeing their skating they came to know that they will won the competition.. soo they plan something dangerous for raglak… there is only 2 days left for the competition.. one day raglak were gone for practicing in the nearby ground of their house while returning some goons attack them but the got saved and reached home… but they didn’t told anything about the incident to family members because they thought they may got tensed… on the other side the goons sent by ansh he scolds them because of not doing the work properly… sara told him something on which both smirk evily…. Finally the day of competition camee…

Raglak in their skating using a slid type prop which is very dangerous but they were experts that’s why the authority gave them permission of using it..all the family members presented their for watching there are total 15 couples and raglak is on 6th number… ansh and sara is on 5th number.. saran (sara & ansh )gave them their performance after giving their performance they gave an evil smirk to raglak which is noticed by swasan because they came to wish them… now the time of raglak performance.. both start their skating everyone is hooting after seeing them they go to the slid in which lucky has to pick ragini on his shoulders but suddenly the slid breaks and both raglak fall down lucky is badly injured because he is carrying ragini lucky’s leg fractured and one hand also injured very badly ragini have got an injury on her back and both also got injury on their heads both fall unconscious due to excess pain… all the family members become shocked after seeing their raglak in this condition sanksar is the first one who runs towards them rescue team take them to the hospital…. After operating them for 3 hrs doctor came out and said that both got very severe injuries…. Everyone is in tears…. Doctor is their family doctor they also know about their skating passion..

Doctor: mr dp and mr. shekhar I know that both children love the skating I’m sorry to say that both will not be able to play skating atleast for 3 yrs… because lucky got hurt in his leg from 2 sides he may be able to walk properly after 9-10 moths but using skates is very risky it may disturb his leg bone functions… and ragini has got injury on her back she also get cure after 7-8 months but she has to use belt for her back at least for 1 yr…. excess walking,running or skating may dis balance her spinal cord… all become numb after listening this ap and sumi sat with a thud and said skating is their life what will we tell them about is they starts crying bitterly…. Sanky is going to say something but he got a call after listening this he said to all…
The competition committee cancel the competition because of this incident so there is no winner this year the competition again held next yr and the price will also give next yr… everyone become said because next yr also they both cannot participate they all know how much that competition price is important for raglak…

Dp: what happened in a few hrs our both child were very happy and excited for their victory but now they not able to walk properly even by saying this he starts crying…

Shekhar: they may be participate in the competitions after some year but their dream of academy will shattered he said with a teary eyes..

Noo their dream will not be shattered someone said from back and everyone turns toward the source and found that it is said by swara everyone gave her a confuse look except sanky because he got to know what she wants to say..

Sumi: what do u mean beta?? How is this possible u know their condition

Sanky: mom she is saying right their dream will not get shattered… by saying this he gave a smile to swara who also smiles back..

Shekhar: can u both tell us what r u talking about??

Swara: dad u r forgetting something??

Ap who is listening all this silently suddenly remember something and said u both want to say that u both take part in that competition on behalf of raglak?? She said with a shock??

Swasan nods yes and gave them a smile.. and said u all are forgetting that when they both demand for learning the skating u all snd us with them for learning skating also because they both were small at that time and u all don’t want to take any risk..

Dp: yaa I took that decision but beta this things happens many years before but u two hates skating and u both don’t do skating after finishing the training then how come u can participate?? Everyone gave them a question look..

Swasan look each other and starts laughing…

Ap: why u both r laughing???

Sanky: mom actually we both also doing practice of skating from many yrs but we hided this from all of you because we become irritated with the passion of raglak and their pranks that why we hided this thing and doing practice secretly… all the parents saw them with shocked expressions.

Swara: one more thing which we didn’t tell u all… is that the couple who won in many competition with masks on their faces was only uss…

Everyone shouts loudly whatttttttt????

Swasan close their ears on their shout and said slowlyyyyy

Sumi: what the hell why u both hided this thing?? Now I got that why u both vanish for one week after every 6 months by saying this that u r going for office work is this your office work??

Swasan nodes innocently and said we don’t want that anybody came to know our real identities that’s why we participated in that competition in which raglak will not participated…

Shekhar: now u both are going to participate in that competition and going to win the dream of raglak?? Woooowwwww he said with and excitement but swasan said ssshhhhhhhhh we are going to surprise so nobody is going to tell them.. everybody agreed…

After 4 months raglak came back home but they both lost their charm and they decided to shift to their house in Shimla family members first denies but agreed after seeing their condition and every week any of the family member goo to meet them both..

Flashback of past ended…..


Swasan is discussing all the things which happened in their lifes.. Their talks is listened by ap and dp.. both came in their room and sat beside them and said beta everything will be fine once you won the competition we get back our raglak by this..

Sanky: yes papa we will win their dream it’s our promise to them…

Swara: yes papa I want to return my raglak smile to them which they lost after the incident..

Next day sumi and shekhar came back and told them that they both are much better but they only showing fake smile nobody know what pain they are going through…

Swara: mom after the competition we will saw the real smile of them you don’t worry by saying this she hugs sumi…

Like this the day of competition has come swasan is going to participate as a mask couple because they want to give surprise to raglak… ansh and sara also participating swasan have a doubt on them they both get a permission of doing their practice alone becaue they are also a famous and very talented couple in skating world so the committee permit their this wish so nobody know about them and their practice ansh and sara is happy of because raglak is not their but they don’t know that what they are going to face… they both are in their green room and discussing how they broke the slide of raglak last yr by giving money to the prop team and how they snd goons for hurting them from which they escape this is all listened and recorded by swasan who were passing by their room they both become very angry after knowing their cheap trick and plans something to teach them a lesson…

On the other side family members bring raglak in the competition with great difficulty by saying that they have to face this by giving them their swear so they both came to see the competition with heavy heart… finally the competition start…swasan (mask couple as swasan) so nobody know their real name the use swasan for the competition is on the 2nd
last number and ansh sara is on last number total there are 18 couples… finally the swasan performance came as nobody knows what they are going to doo except the higher authorities soo they start their performance in the dim light which only focusing on them on surrounding is shown suddenly the lights turn on and raglak become more shocked and sad after seeing the same slide prop which they were used swasan is wearing masks that why raglak is not able to see their faces.. ansh and sara is also shocked after seeing the prop and fumes in anger… swasan use the slide just like the way raglak wanted to use with more stunts and more beautiful moves after seeing this raglak also start smiling family member becomes happy after seeing them both swasan is doing skating with full passion and in the end they both take off each other’s mask and raglak who is smiling after seeing the faces of their sibling freezed and become numb on their places and family members is surpassing their laughter on seeing their shocked expressions raglak looked at each other than after few minutes both shouts happily and excitedly and starts jumping madly and runs towards swasan in the hall everybody is seeing their antics and seeing them with shocked expressions whereas raglak is jumping and hugging swasan very tightly while both swasan trying to calm them after many struggle them both get calm and said sorry and goes toward their seats and settle down silently but they both were very happy after seeing their one of the favorite couple of skating world is their own siblings and they are very excited to know the whole story…

On the other side ansh and sara is seeing all this with shocked expression because they were really very shocked after seeing swasan performance and become more shocked after knowing that they are raglak siblings.. but they compose themselves and go to give their performance but in the middle of the performance they slips very badly and funnily due to which everybody starts laughing but this is not the end suddenly on the screen it starts showing their talks which they both discussed in the green room everybody freezed on their placed mostly ansh and sara they starts sweating badly.. they tried to elope but the gaurds caught them and bring them in the center of the hall sanky and swara came toward them a tight slap and also bring raglak they also gave them a tight slap

Lucky: after slapping ansh how could u do this?? Don’t u have trust on your own capability??? Due to which u both put our lives in danger?? U both our such a cheap people..

Ragini: u both didn’t though for a while that we may die in that accident chii…

Committee said that they both are not able to participate in any competition in their life again and also they punished the prop team who r involved in that accident and both team and ansh,sara were arrested by police…

Finally the competition ended and swasan won the completion and the dream of raglak ….raglak were dancing and jumping in excitement but dp and sumi scold them on their this behavior due to their injuries they both stop after doing many struggle but they both making faces because they are not able to celebrate the victory of their siblings and their dream…

Everybody reached home and raglak starts questioning to everybody about swasan skating sawan tells them about all the thing they both gets very happy and hugs them again….

After 4 yrs…

Everybody is again present in a competition obviously the skating competition… all the family members is sitting in the hall shekhar,sumi,ap,dp butt wait who is sitting with them??? 3 chidren is sitting 2 chidren is of 3.5 yrs old one is boy and the one is girl they both are the twins of swasan children khushi and kunal and the other child is of 2 yrs is krish son of raglak all children with their grandparents is sitting in the skating competition for seeing the skating of swasan and raglak… both couples came at a same time because it’s a team competition both done skating very passionately and beautifully and won the competition all the children starts dancing and jumping on the victory of their parents… they all clicked the group photo in which trophy is hold by khushi,kunal and krish

(raglak got married after 6 months of swasan competion and raglak also fulfilled their dream of academy and they are giving training to the children sometime swasan also came to help them and their passion of skating is also came in their children and they are also going to join skating academy very soon)

like this the story of their skating journey came to an end……….

Thanku guys for reading and please give your precious comments….


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    This one is fabulous
    Rabia,I guess you are the one who used to write “one month agreement” in facebook …plz complete it dear…I am waiting …you stopped writing leaving in a big suspence.

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