swaragini :their passion may cause their life… (part-3)


Guys now onward the story begins from the starting means before the incident which takes place in their lives all about the past…

Dp and shekhar are childhood frnds both shares the same interests but shekhar is more fun loving and dp is little bit strict both get the wives which is opposite to each other sumi is strict like dp so both share a brother sister bond and ap is fun loving like shekhar soo they both also shares a brother sister bond….dp and shekhar both get married with the gap of 2 months but swara born after 3 yrs of shekhar sumi marriage while sanskar after 1 yr of dp and ap marriage… and laksh is 4 yrs younger than sanksar and ragini is 2 yrs younger than swara but laksh and ragini born on the same date that’s why both are were the best frnd and also got engaged when they are in 10th class.. swasan also shares a great frndship but didn’t love each other they only like each other when their parents decided to get them both engaged they agreed on seeing their families happiness but they also in somewhere of their hearts love each other…

Laksh n ragini were 5 yrs old when they start requesting that they want to join skating classes so their parents decide something which u got u know later… finally they both start going to skating classes and like this mang yrs have passes and they became a trained skaters but swasan were very annoyed with their skating because they always trouble them…

One day laksh is sleeping but wakes up with a jerk and fall down from bed first he didn’t understand what happened but later he runs down where sanskar and all family members is present except swarag shekhar and ap is surpassing their smiles whereas dp and sumi glaring laksh angrily and sanskar is looking like that he can blast any time.. before anyone starts sanskar how dare you laksh…

Laksh bows his head down but he is controlling his laugh..

Dp: laksh I told u many time not to disturb other but u always do these type of things

Sumi: laksh I luv u more than ragini but u are getting more naughty day by day..

Shekar and ap: while controlling their laugh but burst out in laughing and said plz dp and sumi stop scolding our son he only wants to make his brother realize his mistake by saying this they start laughing again but this time lucky is also starts laughing with them dp and sumi who are glaring them they also start’s laughing while sanky who is in a very bad mood said nobody loves me said with a pout but he also starts laughing while remembering the laksh deed…


One night before sanky is in very much hurry he is pacing here and there in the hall while checking file and saying that he needs to wake up early as he has a very imp meeting lucky who is listening all this silently said bhai why don’t u put skates on your feet?

Sanky: what the hell lucky??

Lucky: bhai in this way u can do all your work early see na u r roaming here n there if u pur skates u can move more faster he said with a most innocent lool

Sanky who is listening all his rubbish beats him with the file and said to hell with u and your blo*dy skates and to hell with your stupid idea useless creature by saying this he storms out while lucky shrugged and said mai nay kiya kiyaa 😀

In the same night when everyone is sleeping laksha goes toward sanky’s room when he sees that he is sleeping he silently goes toward him and put skates on his feet and runs toward his room 😀

Next morning when sanky wake up he didn’t notice skates he got up by rubbing his eyes but fall down due to skates he scolds lucky but this not the end when he got ready and goes towards his car he fumes in anger by seeing the view… 😀

There is no car of sanky infact there is laying a big skate board with a tag “bhai use this skate board because I’ve heard that today there is a strike on the roads and by using this board u can easily passes the roads and reach for your meeting from your’s truly munnaa lucky :P” sanky shouts with full pitch lucckkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… and this is the reason due to which lucky fall down from the bed

Flashback end….

guys sorry for the short update but i want to give clear view about all the scenes and thanks alot for the commentss sorry for not replying…


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