swaragini :their passion may cause their life… (part-2)

part 1


Durga Prasad mehashwari : father of sanskar and laksh a very humble and richest businessman of a country and also the business partner and childhood frnd of shekhar gadodia.. scolds swaragini and sanlak equally as well as loves them also equally..

Annupurna Mehashwari: mother of sanlak a sweet and caring women also owned an NGO with sharmistha gadodia… always saves swarag and sanlak from the scoldings of dp and sumi…

Shekhar gadodia: business like durga prasad equally rich husband of sharmistha and father of swaragini… caring and jolly father..he also saves all the four children from dp and sumi scoldings…

Sharmishtha gadodia: mother of swaragini runs an ngo with annupurna loves swaragini and sanlak equally and also scolds them equally…

Sanskar Mehaswari: also a successful businessman like his father and uncle age 27… loves his brother a lot but hates his passion for skating because he don’t like skating.. and also the husband of our cute bubbly swara

Swara Mehaswari: daughter of shekhar and sharmistha and wife of sanskar works in ngo with ap and sumi she also hates skating and passion of ragini for skating.. age 25
(you all are thinking if they both hates skating then why they are doing skating u all get to know after few episodes so don’t get confused)

Laksh mehaswari: age 23… a charming boy fiancé of ragini loves ragini and skating equally… latest joined business but only for passing time…

Ragini gadodia: age 23 a cute sweet girl who loves skating equally like laksh loves her family a lot she also goes to ngo but also for time pass…

So let’s start the story:

Swasan enters in the house while grabbing the skates in their hands and laughing on their silly talks suddenly ap calls them from the hall and said to fresh up and come for the breakfast… both nodes and goes toward their room..

After half hr both came down and settle down on table.. dp came and said where were u both look at the time sanskar u have a meeting at 9:30… swasan looking at eachother with funny expressions..

Ap: kiya aap bhi bachay hain u know na they are practicing for skating phr bhi daant daitay hain chup kr k bethay aap..

Dp makes faces and said ok ok don’t shout btw where is sumi and shekhar?? (both families lives in one mansion)

Ap: both gone to meet them..

Dp nodes and start eating after finishing breakfast everybody goes toward their work..

Swara and ap goes together to NGO while going ap said to swara today also they both didn’t came only we all were going to meet them

Swara: mom don’t worry it takes time to heal the wounds of heart after all they lost the thing which they loves the most but we know that after 3 months both will come back and lives a happy and wonderful life with us..

At night swara and sanskar talking to each other in their room..

Sanky: swara I didn’t know that the thing which I hate the most is also becomes my passion but this only for them..

Swara: ya sanky u r right I also hates skating but from last 1 yr it becomes passion for both of us only to get them back in our lives I don’t know what will happened after 3 months but I just hope that we will succeed..

Sanky: ya just hope for the best only the result will give us all our happiness once again.. u know na both always irritate us by doing skating around us..

Swara laughs after remembering the old days..

They start discussing and remembering the past….

To be continued..

The next few episodes is only about the past..
sorry for the short update actually i’m suffering from backache which increases when i sit or stand for a longer period of time so i will try for a big update in the next episode next .. thankuu


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