swaragini :their passion may cause their life… (part-1)

A girl is shown is doing skating with full speed on the busy road and a boy is following her 2 years elder then her with the same speed both were competing each other very effectively suddenly they saw a mother with her two little children in school uniform trying to stop any rickshaw or taxi but nobody is stopping and the mother is becoming more tense while watching her wrist watch it seems that both the children are getting late for school… both the girl and boy goes toward them and ask them what’s the problem..

Mother: my children wake up late today that’s why their school bus missed and my husband is also not there to drop them and there is no rickshaw and taxi also stopping said with a tensed and sad face..

Girl look at the children they are around 4 and 5 years old one is girl and the other one is boy.. girl said to her skating partner……. sanskar (yes the boy is sanksar) u took boy on your back and I took girl on my back and we drop them at school okay?

Sanky: okay swara madam (yes the girl is swara)

Swara smiles and ask the school address from mother and they both took children on their back and starts skating with full speed by grabbing them tightly and drop them at school safely both children kissed and hugged them and bid bye..

Sanky: swara janu if your today’s session is completed can we go to home we are doing skating from 5 am and now its 8 am and im very much tired and I’ve to go to office at 9 and u also have to go to NGO

Swara: said okay jaan let’s go I think today it’s enough for the training said with a wink tomorrow we will get up at 4 okay??

Sanky said in disbelief I don’t know what make me fell for u and married to u he signs as a most sad person and runs while doing skating again…

Swara: oooo jumbo jet wait I tell u why u fell for mee by saying this she also starts running after him while doing skating…..
to be continued…..

hello guys once again Rabia here do let me know about this SS and in the next episode which I’ll post in next 2 to 3 days I’ll give u the characters intro as well… till than thankuu for reading thiss byee Allah Hafiz…


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