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2nd part..

a boy was walking on road, he heard some sound and turned around to see the source of it. he saw at a distance some boys mostly looking like goons disturbing a girl. he didn’t saw the girl face clearly..

“leave me plz” said the a girl being frightened. she was crying and begging some boys to leave her. she didn’t know what to at that time her brain wasn’t just working that time. al she could think beg them to leave her and then she heard a powerful punch. all the boys were shocked and angry.s he didn’t see his face at first

“leave all of you” said the boy in angered who punched then again he started beating them all black and blue. all the goons flee from there then the boy turned around to the girl..now bother can see eachother. the girl became shocked to see him..

“you” misha said in surprised seeing rahul then again said” if i knew it was you then i would never take help from you” faking angered but inside her she was glad that he helped her but saying thanks to him would be her lost against him as they are like tom and jerry to eachother..

“oh hello..i am not interested to help you even but my bad luck moreover I’m not ungrateful like you..i am a responsible man so i had to help you but not saying thanks to me, you are showing your ego to me” said rahul in disbelief with her act then again he noticed her position so he quickly land her his jacket forgetting the cat fight between them..

“come..i will walk with you till your house” rahul said calmly. misha at first didn’t want to but then she thought about recently happened so she agreed and start walking with rahul..

there were much peace and silence between them moreover the weather was romantic and surrounding so peaceful like music in nature. both are alone walking in this romantic beautiful weather and glancing at eachother feeling something new in their heart for eachother and smiling themselves unknowingly thinking about eachother…


the atmosphere in there was full of silence. both want say a lot thing but couldn’t just seeing eachother with those mysterious eyes but in all that the boy started to trust the girl unknowingly. he was feeling like he can trust her to say all the things in his heart as the girl was also in same situation like him. she could understand his pain as she also sufferd. he was feeling so guilty to see her like that crying and saying those harsh thing. even he became emotional like her and didn’t know that he was going to say all those things which he never told anyone and it because his unknown trust for her…

“life is so unexpected and strange that you will never know what will happen next everything will be change in am minute” said the boy breaking the silence and the look up at him with her curious eyes trying to find the meaning of his word

“my mother was life my life. she was everything for me. you know my mother used to pampered me a lot despite of my mischief. she never scold me infact she was my mother and father both as my father never cared for me that much always busy in his business..my mother was most selfless person in the world but she sufferd the most. she didn’t got right not even respect as a women but she never complained she was strong in heart but in the end she is human also. she also get hurt like us but cents express it. she loved me most and i was the reason for her live and she became mine. but my fate can’t see happy so it planned the bitter truth of my life being alone always” said the boy crying remembered all the past things..


“i was four then when my mother got some serious brain disease which is dangerous for her life.. i was small so i didn’t understand all that thing all i knew was to take care her most or not to take her any tension or stress. i did my best to take care her keep her stressfree but who can win over the fate that too like me most unfortunate person in the world. one day my mother got to know about my father’s affair with another women this shocked her most. she can not even think of his this betrays. she never wanted anything from him infact she tolerate him all her life never question or complained and in returned his husband gave this reward for her loyality. she was hurt inside deeply and for all that happening she got brain stroke which lead her to death and i was all left alone. i didn’t know what to do i feel like i became mad lossing her. she was life. she was the one i have or i cared most just gone always from me and will never break.
i just broke inside. i didn’t had any reason to live and my life just stuck in there.my father he never cared to see how i was. he was as usual busy in his work. i always question to my mom’s picture why she left me alone do i deserve that.my life was like a lifeless person unless another most important person of my life came into this world. my cousin brother. he was child of ram uncle and sujata aunt. they are family i have after mom’s death they took care of like own child even they thought me as their child then my life start becoming normal again. i start to live again and the reason was my brother. he was my everything at that time. actually i was much obssesed about have a sibling. i always said to my mom having a sibling and what are thing i will do with him/her excitedly and she listened to me very carefully but then i just have my brother not my mother but with time i accept the truth and start to live with the one i cared after my mother. everything was going good but again fate has planned other thing. my dad got married to a women who is presently my step-mother. after that the atmosphere of that house changed always fighting noise infact no peace. one day i overheard the conversation of my father and uncle which was mostly like fights. ram uncle was blaming that women for my mother death. i was shocked to know that what i heard. i was big enough to understand thing then i couldn’t believe it. my father got married to that women for whom my mother died moreover he was taking her side after all that then i understood actually he was the main culprit becouse of him i lost my mother mother and my hatred for him became more stronger.
atlast he crossed all the limit by saying ram uncle to get out of the house.he insulted him much saying he is nothing just poppet of his hand which he dosen’t need anymore this hurt uncle self respect so the decided to leave the house which shock me infact gave me a heart attack. i was dying the second time. i will lost another person whom i cared most. why it happen with me always. why everyone leaves me. i ill be left all alone again. after knowing all the thing i don’t have any hope to live. aunt tried to take me with them but y father didn’t let them afterall i was his poppet who will help him in business and maintaining reputation al he cared about his business and reputation in l this i sufferd most. i was ignored mostly living like a slave. my so called mother left no chance to make my life miserable and then i understood there is no point in being good to others you will be the sufferd most if you do.. so here i am the bad boy who dosent respect anyone dosent care anything being selfish all the bad reputation i gained myself t to destroy my fathers reputation now that’s all i care about revenge for all the injustice he has done with our life” said he boy in revengeful eyes..

***flashback ends***

the girl got surprised listening his past which is full of pain.even he sufferd most like her that’s why he was like that situation made him like this.now she is feeling guilty thinking wrong about him. she always had an unknown attraction toward him now she know why is that because of same pain in which both of them go through but what most surprised her is that he told all those things to her which he never shared with anyone that means he trust her the most in that level so she promised herself that she would make him smile again which actually she want from heart. both were in deeply thought but then the girl saw something and get shocked…

screen freze with shocked expression of the girl..

no precape

thanx for reading it and sorry for the mistakes..hope you will like it and will comment..
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