swaragini – pain behind the smile (short story) episode 5


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here start the episode,

The girl POV…

” what happened to me that time.why didn’t i stop him.why his closeness bother me.why my heartbeat started beating fast when he was near me…his those eyes why i was feeling like lost into them when he was staring…what kind of feeling is it? i never feel this for anyone…how can i? no i can not i have to stop this or else it will grow more which i don’t want” she thought herself after what happened in collage she was lost in thought of that incident..

“great now because of that idiot i can’t even sleep..it not enough that he is my thought now he is after my sleep” she murmured herself thinking about the boy a smile oqure in her face

“but he is cute…and his antics always make me smile unknowingly” saying this she went to sleep

****POV ENDS ****


“hey,what’s up dude?” said the boy

“yeah fine..how about you? what’s going on MR Maheshwari?” said rahul little paused in the word Mr Maheshwari

“what happened dude? why are you calling me Mr Maheshwari?”said the boy in confusion

“Really what happened? you are the one whose giving attitude…not answering my call even didn’t wait for me yesterday..so you are showing your attitude.I’m just showing respect to it by calling you in your surname” said rahul in little anger…he was much worried about him as he didn’t met him or didint answer the call..

then the boy remember he didn’t show up to him yesterday as he was busy with that new girl thinking about it he remembered yesterday incident which brought a smile on his face unnoticed by rahul

“so angry with me?” said the boy in low tone and raising his one eyebrow.when reply didn’t comeback the boy could understand his best friend angerness and became little seriously

“my head was really paining yesterday so went to home early and in that forget about calling you also silented the phone as it was disturbing me” the boy lied

“why didn’t you tell me before? are you fine now? is it painting now?” said rahul showing concerne in his eyes

“yeah i’m fine now..the pain gone yesterday itself and sorry for bothering you.i know you are worried about me.” said the boy in apologies tone

“good..next time you better do tell me got it” said rahul

“hmm” said the boy in low voice

“i didn’t hear you..” said rahul bring his ear close to him

“yes” the boy said loudly knowing his friend stubbornness

The girl and misha both were walking and talking to eactother smiling then the girl saw something and said to mishathat she is coming if she is late then go home directly not to wait for her as misha has some work so she didn’t want to wait for her…

“kaka..give me the box..i will help you as the box is very heavy and you look tired too” said the girl taking the box from the peon of that collage

“thanks beta but no need to do it..i will take” said the peon but very much happy to see a caring girl like her

“no need to say thanks and i will help you for sure… you go home take rest just tell me where to keep it” said the girl showing her puffy face that she really want to help him…

“in the storeroom and thanks beta nowadays there are rare girls like you helping other unconditionally always be happy my blessing are with you” said the peon to the girl she just smile at him and make her way to the storeroom….

Here the boy seeing the girl goes to storeroom and thought himself what is she doing there?and start to follow her in storeroom

“i think kaka kept the box by this time..almost all student has gone.i should also leave…let me lock this storeroom” saying this locked the storeroom the other peon of that collage not knowing the presence of two person in the storeroom..the boy and the girl were locked in the storeroom without their knowledge…..

“i think shababzade will not come as he knows I’m going to library so he definitely went to home.i should leave also” said rahul on the other side misha also went to her home thinking about what her friend said that she will go back on her own if she is late not to wait for her…

in storeroom the girl kept the box and the boy was looking for her..they both were facing their back and get hit by themselves

“aowc ” they said in union and saw eactother in shocking expression

“tum” again said together


“what are you doing here?are you following me?” said the girl suspiciously

“well, as a friend its my duty to protect you if it mean also following even then..by the way you are intelligent caught me in a minute” said the boy mockingly

“now you are done with your duty so let me go” said the girl frusteded and start to make her way

“what the hell..the door is not opening” said the in fear

“how will it open with you soft soft hand ” saying this he start to open it and the girl eyed him angrily

“shit it”s lock from the outside” said the boy looking at the girl

“what..now what will we do? do you have phone with you?”said the girl with hope

“yes but its off as its bettry low” said the boy blowing his eyes when the girl eyes eyes him with disbelief

“why are you staring me like that…you have also phone with you..right? “said the boy raising his eyebrow

“i left it in home..if i knew that I’ll got traped with you then definitely i would bring it” said the girl not doing any eye contact with him and murmured something which decently not a good language

“even I’m not interest staying with you” said the boy and cursed himself for coming here..he was here to look for now fate made him got traped with her wow he thought himself…both were eyeing eactother with anger…

the screen freze with their angry face…

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Credit to: niru

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