swaragini – pain behind the smile (short story) episode 4

hii everyone….first sorry for being late actually was busy too much and i think you guys didn’t like the storyline so i think to end this ff moreover i also don’t have time to post regular….
big big thanx to who did comment in previous episode


some boys enjoying.g and relaxing together then they saw a girl coming…that boys group hold a bad reputation for doing some bad things….they thought of disturbing the girl

“hey beautiful, what’s your name?” one of them asked also the other boys coming toward her

“that’s none of your business” said the girl though she is little bit afraid but that she dint show on her face

“it is as we love to know the beautiful girls” said one boy of them..other also join him nodding yes

“leave her” said a voice from behind whom were seeing this scene

“we will not…what will you do huh?” said one of them

“are you mad? let’s go from here? you know na whose best friend he is ” said other one knowing the result what will happen if they got into fight..they all left from there soon..

“are you alright?” said rahul with concerne tone

“yeah I’m fine” said the girl..” thanks but i can handle the situation” said with confident

“you are stubborn..you know that” rahul said smiling “by the way I’m rahul”

“oh and I’m..” but before she was cut off by him ” i know who you are..” said rahul

“okay…I’m little surprise to know that” said the girl actually she was surprised with his reply

“there is nothing to be surprise…you are the new girl here moreover you are beautiful so i had to know the information” said rahul chuckling ” so friend” said forwarding his hand

” friend” said the girl handshaking with rahul and thought what so specially today that everyone want to friendship with her but he seems to be good guy..

” stop…why are you doing friendship with this bandar ” said misha eyeing rahul and apart their hands joint

” oh the jangli billi is here…she got bored being with you that’s why she is being friendly with me” said rahul for which the girl eyeing in amusement and thought when i said this…

“oh really…do you think I’m a fool…she is my friend i now her very well” said misha boiling in anger after rahul statement..

” no doubt in that you are fool ” said rahul smiling

” what…you are bandar..a foolish bandar” said misha eying with him

“and you are a psycho jangli billi” said rahul in anger and start arguing with her

i better leave from before this tom and jerry include me in there fight the girl thought in mind and left from there

the boy was going somewhere when he saw the girl coming and say here miss arrogant came and start going toward her

“hey new friend.. what’s up?” said the boy standing in front of her

the girl literally start cursing her luck for coming infront of him…” fine…now let me go” said the girl trying to ignore him

the boy blocked her way coming close to her….the girl steping behind and stop by a wall…

“are you trying to ignore me?” said the boy boy blocking her against the wall with his hand

“no” the girl looking at his his…there is a eyelock for a minute…bolna song played in background…


Chhuteya na chhute mose

Rang tera dholna

Ik tere baajo dooja

Mera koi mol na

Bolna mahi bolna

Bolna mahi bolna

Hmm… aa…

then the boy coming closer to girl…the girl heart was beating so fast due to their closeness that she close her eyes

the boy see this and he left her saying he will not let her do it even if she want and chuckled…the girl were left surprised

the screen freeze with the surprised face of the girl and smiling face of the boy

precape: looked in the storeroom

thanx for reading and bearing me…
sorry for the grammatical mistake and typos…take care and be happy…

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