swaragini – pain behind the smile (short story) episode 3


Hello everyone….firstly thank you so much foe comment…really it encourage me to write…I’m sorry for late update so much going on this day even still so sorry in advance if today episode not that much good…

lets start the episode


” ok. cool down..have this water..” said misha to the girl

“what cool down ha….that idiot just ruined my mood for the day actually today is my bad day…i was just about to fall and that idiot didn’t even said sorry…moreover he was blaming me..like seriously” said the girl being frusteted and drink water in one gulps..

“ok… though he is at fault but he said the truth..” said misha trying to avoid eye contact with the girl….”don’t think I’m supporting him and i will not as he is best of that bandar i mean rahul his best friend but number one bandar in collage ” said misha cursing rahul in her mind

“wow…you are not supporting him being at fault but for hush best friend whom you don’t like at all…even after blaming me unnecessary” said the girl looking very angry at misha

” come on sho…you are my jaan but that bandar is my biggest enemy so” said misha putting puffy face to forgive her

“don’t give me that look…i got to know how much i am important for you” said the girl faking angry…

“hey guys…what’s up? ” said ria…she is mishas friend but she quickly got friendly with the girl even the girl of their got friendly with the girl in short time..

“someone is angry” said misha pointing her eyes at the girl

“oh but why” said ria curiously

misha said everything to ria what was happened

“what….the *******maheshwari….our collage hero that hot guy…omg you are so lucky ” said ria with excitement as soon she heard the name of that boy ( i said in 1st episode that i would reavel them in last episode till than keep guessing 😉 )

“what so lucky about it…i can’t find any reason” said the girl ashtoined with ria’s reaction

“come on you don’t know him…he is the son of durga prashad maheshwari and kaveri maheshwari….dp he is one of the biggest business man in here…. moreover he has much popularity n famous also here in collage…very girl dies to talk with him” said ria surprised with the girl answer

“correction….he is the son of durga prashad maheshwari and anuporna maheshwari “said misha looking at ria

“oh yeah…i forgot that kaveri maheshwari is his step-mother” said ria bits her taung a little for telling wrong information

“what happen to annuporna maheshwari? where is she? asked the girl curious to know what happen exactly

“actually she died in cancer when her son was just 4 year old and his dad married another woman to take care of that child and the other woman was kaveri maheshwari” said misha

“oh ” said the girl feeling bad for that boy who lost his mother in such a small age…thinking how much he was hurt that time looking his mother forever….she knows the feeling as she also lost her mom when she was 11…

now she feeling guilty for talking like that with the boy….but he is an idiot for sure the girl though in mind but again somewhat she was also at fault for behaving that way she again thought…than finally she decided to apologies for her behaviour…

after searching many places the girl finally found the boy in library…..he was finding some book in there….

“may i help you to search?” asked the girl hesitately

listening the sweet voice the boy turned his head to see person and find that beautiful girl who always come into his thought whom he got with little argument a while ago….

” am i dreaming? ” said the boy in low voice surprised to see the person infront of him..thinking is he got mad..he is imagining the girl in here

“what” said the girl confusingly as she didn’t heard what he said

“umm….nothing” said the boy coming from his thought after listening her voice..conforming that she was real…”what are you doing here?”

“umm….i was…actually” said the girl with struggle

”yeah…what” the boy

“i came here to say sorry to you” said the girl quickly

“what!!!!” said the boy ashtoined….the girl who argument with him telling those comment…now came here to apologise

“wow….you are actually came here to apologise..is it dream? said the boy mockingly

“lisen…i said what have to say..accept it or not its your matter..i didn’t come here to listen your nonsense” said the girl annoyed with the boy guesture

“ok..i will accept your apologise in one condition….you have to get friendship with me” said the boy smiling

“what…no” said the girl surprised with the boy condition

“fine than your apologise will not be accepted…come on it just a friendship nothing else” said the boy

“fine just friendship nothing else” said the girl…she dosent want to go on a argument with him so get to rid of that situation she said yes….what kind of person he is…i just went to apologise to him and he made me friendship with him the girl thought in mind

“great…see you later” said the boy quite satisfied with his efforts of getting friendship with the girl…now he would get to know more about the girl…mission knowing the new girl started

so here is the end of the episode

thanx for reading it….sorry for the grammatical mistakes and typing error…
take care and be happy

Credit to: niru

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