swaragini – pain behind the smile (short story) episode 2

his guys….thanx all of you for comment…I’m happy that you like the story…
being honest, i just write this story for fun and experience do so i just write and post ir but all of your comment give a shock really i didn’t even expect one comment so that a lot for liking it and comment…seeing your comment i think i have to work more on this story….about suspense i don’t know if i will be on your expectationbut i will try…okk enough of my bak bak now let’s start the episode


two girls are coming in the collage…..
“come..i will show you the whole collage” one of them said


Rahul and the boy are sitting in a round table with their friends and talking about something…

” looks like there is a new girl in our collage” said Rahul in middle of their conversation

“she is beautiful man” said one of their friend…

the boy turned his head to look at the new girl about whom his friend talking about…the first he saw her smiling and he felt something in his heart..he was just stearing her in whole time..

” so do you like it? “asked misha

“what…oh the collage..yeah now i just like it but gradually will love it…it’s the people around you and their sweet memory makes you like the place not the well designed wall nice decorating surrounding you..it just a show of which you just like but its not necessary or the main thing…got it” said the girl looking at misha

“yeah…my mother” said misha with annoying tone

“I’m not your mother” said the girl and glared at misha

” i know but you act like that so” said misha with smile and two big eyes were looking at her like it will eat her right now..

“don’t look at me like that..come on we have to even attend the class” said misha and star walking toward class

it was math class…sir was teaching some math solution..everyone were busy on that

but the boy he was continuously thinking about the new girl..her smile,curly hairs and her soft rosy lip which look more beautiful while smiling…

“wait…what” the boy in mind full of surpise with his thought toward that new girl…he never felt like this for anyone…yes,he was a player but this feeling it’s new to him which he was feeling for that new girl..

now days are going like this….coming to collage,attend class fun with the friends and secretly admireing the new girl… she was in his class but he didn’t notice her first time as he was thinking about her deeply but something about the girl bother the boy that was her smile…it’s look like fake smile to him which are well known to him as he had been doing the same thing hide everything behind smile…even her eye they were beautiful but painful…her eyes were like has dark secrate which he can see for a moment it was like he can see the real her which has painful past ,memory or something like that…..

one day the boy and Rahul were going to library….the boy saw the girl coming from opposite directinon with a bundle of books…the boy thought something and smirks…the boy intentionally bump into her which makes the books fall on ground

” what the hell.. are you blind? can’t you see while walking ” said the girl being frusteted

“well in that case…..you can also see than why are you asking me” said the boy surprise with the girl’s talks…how can a sweet girl like her behaving this way…

“what happen…why your books on the ground?” said a confused misha

“because of some blind person who walks without seeing anything…in fact blind person are better” said the girl looking at the boy

the boy understood that she was talking about him…..”well,if some person walk imbalencly with a bundle of books than obviously the books will be found on ground…it dosen’t matter whether the other person can see or not whom she bump into” said the boy looking at misha than the girl

“whatever…come let’s go..i don’t want to argue with some stupid idiot person” said the girl , grab misha’s hand and start walking..

“what!!!! arrogant girl….she just said those things to me and walk away…how can i let this happen.. why didn’t i say anything” the boy murmurs though he didn’t like her arrogant nature but somewhere in his heart say she isn’t an arrogant girl saying him that she try to hide her real with his arrogant nature…she wasn’t her which everyone is seeing or believing….the boy dosent know what to believe mind or heart…so he determined himself to knowing the real her…he dosen’t know why but he wants

“what are you doing with that jangli billis friend?” asked Rahul raising his one eyebrow

“well, her friend isn’t less than jangli billi “said the boy thinking about what happened a while ago

“really….she is not your type than why are you after her or she is worst option as she has a jangli billi friend” said Rahul looking at the girls

“i’ m not after her” said the boy looking at Rahul

“i had seen you bumping into her intentionally” said Rahul smirking

“yes…. i did that intentionally but i just want to friendship with her to know her…moreover,i know she is not my type than why i will be after her” said the boy looking at the outside

“okk..” said Rahul doesn’t know what to say else…it’s the first time that his friend cums brother wants to friendship with a girl ,to know that girl not for flirting or something like that…….was it the start of new journey of his friend which always he wants but his friend ignored it……if its than its good…he will be happy if his friend get all the happiness which he deserve….


so here it is the end of this episode

precape: starting of new friendship or some hidden feeling in that friendship….

thanks a lot for reading this and sorry for the grammatical mistakes and typing error.
i know many of you will be angry for not revealing the pair I’m sorry but i did that for my writing style as i want to write like that…

thanx a lot akshay,megha,S,rosy,pp,bresh,sanchami,ruhani,amna and shreya for commenting…..

lets see how many shock i will get this time.plz give your honest comment how was it good or bad..i won’t mind…..i will try my best to workout more in next episode….till than tc nd be happy..

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