swaragini – pain behind the smile (short story) episode 1


I’m new here..this is my first time to write a short story on swaragini..
I’m not a writer just randomly a story going on my mind thought to share it with all of you…if it’s not upto your expectation or boring than I’m really sorry

plz spare my grammatical mistake…you will find it too much here so warning about it and I’m little weak in English so have to bare me…but i won’t torture you for long as its a short story..

let’s start the story

A girl is sleeping sun rays fell on her for which her angelic face glowing more but suddenly she get up from bed.she is sweating seems like she saw a worst nightmare of her life…
she is standing right in the window closing her eyes and remembering her past how much change has happen in her life in a dramatic way and present its like she is living a fake identity life just than phone started to ring which intruped her thought.
it was her friend misha’s call..

” be ready in 15 minute. I’m going to pic you up and we will go together..Remember, today is your first day at collage. so don’t be late” said misha quickly

“okay. don’t worry. I’ll be ready on time” said the girl. then she rushed to the washroom for freshen up. she got ready by the limited time. she is wearing blue color long skirt and a red top with chocolate color skirf…


A boy is coming to collage with full attitude..he is very famous in collage…he had a bad reputation but still everyone in collage like him…he is belong to a rock band of collage…he is the most handsome,hot and cute boy in the collage..he is guitarist too…allover he is dreamboy of every girl in collage and of course biggest player in the collage

the boy was walking seeing his phone and bump into a girl…the girl about to fall but he hold her in right time..

” come on rina..watch out while walking” said the boy being frusteted

” what happen baby” said rina with little amusement with his talk

“first, don’t call me baby and second stop following me” said the boy little loudly
” look we had a deal for one night..we had what we want so it’s over between us..its better if you understand that” the boy said

“when you gonna stop this” said rahul resting his had on the boy shoulder

Rahul is best friend of that boy..they more like brother to eachother…

“what” said the boy faking innocent

” you know what…stop being player and change yourself” said rahul

“why r you after my happiness.. by the way I’m not gonna change ” said the boy with little push to the change word

“you will someday when you will find your true love” said rahul looking at the boy

” true love really…..the maheshwari never falls in love” said the boy before going on some thought

“yeah will see…but seriously i want you to be happy. it will happen when you will have someone in life” said rahul

“what makes you thing that I’m not happy.can’t you see the big smile on my face” said the boy trying to put a smile on his his face

“don’t try to hide the pain behind your smile.. what you do think i don’t know about it” said rahul seriously and walking away leaving the boy in deeply thought

“yes,i hide my pain behind my smile because there is no point to show it to the world moreover it became our weakness which i don’t want..i will not let anyone to know who really i am…i will not show the real me not now not even n future…now this is my life and it will go like this even if I’m not happy about it” the boy thought in mind

precape : the boy and the girl meet eachother..

so here it is end of episode

this short story is based on one couple
and i will reveal the couple in last episode..plz don’t bash me for that…
all of you enjoy it imagine your favorite couple till the last episode….
plz give Your valuable comment..i want to know how was it…thanks for reading it and sorry for the mistakes…..

Credit to: niru

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  1. hey niru good job . keep up. ur suspense is tempting me

  2. Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Suspense is killing me really
    Very much interesting
    Waiting for the next one………

  3. Oh the story is intresting. I will not say u to chng ur writing stype but l will be personally disappointed if that girl would be swara as l am big teju fan.

  4. Nice but hope it’s swasan rest is up
    To u

  5. Awesome

  6. Very nyc loved it hope it’s raglak fingers crossed! !

  7. Superb dr do continue

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