Swaragini OS~I live my life for love


There is a girl shopping in the mall with her sister. She is very pretty any guy would fall for her. She is very traditional and she is wearing blue and white salwar kameez. Some guys tease her. A guy comes and slaps the guy and says no one can tease my Laado. They guys leave. Lado are you okay. Yes Im fine where did you come from laksh. (yes the boy is laksh and the girl is ragini ). I came to shop with bhai(sanskaar) ragini and laksh love each other. ragini kisses him on the cheeks and says bye, laksh goes. a week later raginis sisters wedding gets arragned. The cards come in and ragoini gets shocked seeing the names: Laksh Maheshwari weds Swara Bose. Ragini is heart broken. she tinks he cheated him. she goes to swara. she sees swara. she is crying. swara tells ragini that she loves sanskaar maheswar not laksh. laado tells swara about laksh.
Laksh and Laado gte married at the same day as Swasan
evreyone is happy

sorry guys this is my first try for ff and i know its very boring

Credit to: meena4

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  1. where is the story

    1. oh ms.shumi don’t u have any manners to keep quite if u dont like it.If u don’t like it so please leave reading the story and next time be ashamed for breaking some one heart

  2. This comment is deleted.

  3. hey shumi there is no need to bash people its really difficult to write a story atleast she tried so keep ur negative thoughts to urself and coming to the story its really nice dear but its a bit too short

  4. As uh said it is uhr first attempt it is very nice. But it was not so much good. But for first it is good. Keep writing n keep developing! 🙂

  5. shumi n kristle mind ur language if u dont like the story then why r u reading it dont read it its her first attempt instead of encouraging her u r giving her -ve comments if u know how to write a ff or os then post it……

    1. This comment is deleted.

      1. Wth… How can u insult ppl like that? You didn’t like it, tell her it wasn’t nice. Why on earth are you bashing the poor girl.
        And as for the mad n monkey comment,
        Very petty and cheap…

  6. Short but nice try dear..keep writing..and plz don’t worry about the other comments…keep trying…u will do a better job than this one…be happy..??

  7. For first attempt this is absolutely great cutie?Keep goin! ?

  8. It was short but very cute.don’t feel bad for others comments.keep it up.and plz write another’s one.just like it cute and sweet.☺

  9. Continue with ur creations dea n don’t give a heed to anyone trying to make u fall, think that u r on the top that’s y they r doing so.
    Spread positivity n keep smiling dea…

  10. You tried well
    May be you can write a better os next time
    Don’t scold her guys

  11. Not bad meena di don’t think about other comments I am also a writer in telly updates two ff love happens at last and I love you (swara/ragini) I also did get hate comments when I wrote my first ff lhat

    1. which ff do u write

  12. It’s very nyc but too short… Don’t get upset for others cmt n continue to write…:)

  13. Meena dont get disappointed coz of the hatefful comments. I would say it was a cute try. Short but cute. And this story also shows how misunderstanding can be cured before it eats up our lives. So a good try.i hope u will better oneslater on. And bashers please its okay if you dont like it. But atleast dont disgrace and belittle her. You dont have that right to belittle a person. Praise her try atlest. Even if you are criticising onher story, is this a way to criticise anyone? U call her stupid and all those! Not fair huh! Aand she did not waste anyone’s time. We only opened the post ourselves and read that! And why do you call a reader mad n monkey? What kind of demaneour is this?

  14. Oh my gosha guys!!!! I really don’t see the point in arguing if it was good or bad . I guess u should just respect others opinioms

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