SwaRagini OS

SwaRagini OS

A college, Ragging is going on. A senior girl is asking girls to do many things. She comes across a girl.

“What is your name?” That senior girl asks.

That girl who was lookimg at her little scared.. “swara” says.

That girl places hand on her Swara’s shoulder. “Swara, you are looking beautiful. Come to my room tonight.” That girl winks eye at swara.. swara looks shocked.

From otherside a girl calls this senior girl, “Hey sneha, leave her yar.”

Sneha gives flying kiss to swara and leaves. All students keep leaving swara cries covering her mouth with hand.

Then, she feels a hand on her shoulder. It’s Ragini.

“Swara, why are you crying?”

“A senior girl has talked to me bad” swara says her what happened. Ragini who is also fresher like swara fumes in anger. She goes near sneha and slaps her in front of all.

“Behave yourself. Don’t try to mess up with my friend again.” Ragini warns sneha. Swara pulls Ragini away.

“Are you mad? How can you slap a senior?”

“If she is a lesbian, why she need to talk to you like that?? I can’t tolerate if someone says something to you swara.” Ragini says. Swara smiles.

Then swara sees, sneha is coming with a hockey bat to beat Ragini from back.

“Ragini” shouts swara and she pulls Ragini aside, sneha beats Swara thinking it’s Ragini. Swara lies down on pool of blood..

“Sneha, you blo*dy a*sh*le” Ragini yells on her.

Later, swara opens her eyes and Ragini was sitting in front of her with teary eyes.

“Are you mad swara? Why did you do so??” Ragini asks holding her hand.

“I can’t tolerate if something happens to my friend.” Swara says in smile. Ragini too smiles.


After some years,

Ragini is standing before a girl.

“Please sneha, don’t do this. Swara’s life will ruin if this video is leaked”

“You slapped me because i asked your friend to sleep with me. And because of you I was debarred from college. I won’t leave you that easily.” Sneha says.

“Sneha plz. Tell me what should I do” Ragini requests her.

Sneha smirks, “spend a night with me Ragini” Ragini shocks.

“Otherwise, this video will be out. Your friend life will be ruined”

Ragini gets tears and she bends her eyes. Sneha smirks and moves close to Ragini. She unbuttons 1st button of Ragini,

Then.. suddenly sneha is pulled by someone and got slapped. Ragini looks shocked. It’s swara.

“Stop doing same mistake again sneha..! I’m not scared about your video. My parents will trust me.” Swara fumes on her and takes Ragini away.

“Ragini, are you mad?? Why did you do like that??” Swara asks.

“I can’t tolerate if my friend suffers.” Ragini says.

“Then, do you think I can??” Swara says. Both hugs.


Swara and sanskar were sitting on a bench on a park.

“Don’t worry about that video swara. I managed to delete it from sneha.” Sanskar says.

Swara smiles.

“And, about the video..” sanskar says.. swara bends her head.

“I mean, we have drunk a chloroform mixed drink and we didn’t know it. We intimated unknowingly…” sanskar keeps saying. Swara turns her face aside. Sanskar keeps hand on her hand.

“If you are ok, I’m ready to marry you. Not taking pity, I love you swara. From the days of our college itself.” Sanskar says… swara nods her head. He smiles.

For a nice date, swasan marriage is fixed.

Ragini was setting sanskar’s shirt.

“Hmm, bhayya. You look cute.” Ragini says.

“Thank you my dear behan” sanskar says, she beats him in tummy.

“Thanks are not for siblings,” she says. Sanskar laughs.

The marriage busy starts here. Swasan sits on planks.. Ragini goes into room as her jhumka fell somewhere.

Swasan looks around, “where is Ragini??” They ask. “She will come, time is getting over. Finish marriage first”

Swasan are getting married..

Here, Ragini is in room no one are there, suddenly someone enters and closes the door. Ragini shocks,


Laksh soon gets close to Ragini and closes her mouth.

Ragini tries to free herself from Laksh, but Laksh throws her on bed and kisses her in neck.

“Laksh, stop it. We have to attend marriage first.” Ragini moans.

“No. i have seen my wife after a month. So I can’t control.” Laksh keeps kissing her. Ragini pushes Laksh and he falls aside her. Ragini comes over Laksh and kisses him tightly… Laksh closes his eyes and falls back. Ragini takes chance and escapes from room. Laksh runs behind Ragini and he stops looking at everyone.

“Ragini, where were you?? Come..!!” Swara shouts. Ragini hides her blush and sits beside her. Laksh is talking with everyone and looking at Ragini in middle.

Later after marriage, in swasan room.

Sanskar and swara were kissing and they both are lost in their own world. He unties the doories of her blouse and he slides it off her shoulders. Sanskar hugs Swara’s bare top into his bare chest. Slowly the lights goes off.

After two years…

Ragini gives birth to a baby girl and swara too gives birth too a baby girl.

The End.

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