Swaragini OS – yeh hai ishq (hate to love)


hello everyone…
well I got my free time after exam so thought to write an OS..
this is ragsan-swalak os one story of 2 time…

***** ***** ****

A room is shown up there was a big photo frame on the wall next to bed and a girl around 20 is sleeping peacefully unless someone opened the curtains making sunrays fall on her which disturb her sleep.she slightly open her eyes and saw her grandma standing there..

Shomi:shona.wake up you have college today..

Yes,the girl is swara..she made her famous cute puppy face to convince her grandma to let her sleep more..but shomi gave her a warning look.she understood her trick wasn’t working though it usually does so she gave up and went to freshenup..

Shomi:see Ragini..your daughter swara how much she got big..she is almost 20 but still sometime act like child..I wish you were here to see her growing up..in behavior she is completely opposite to you but her heart is pure one like you also truthfulness abduction strong willed women just like you and her mischief behavior just like her father Shanskar..(she said looking at the photo on wall where ragsan and small swara was..a tear also come from her eyes she quickly wipe it saying swara to get ready quickly)..

So,swara Kapoor is Shanskar Kapoor and Ragini Kapoor only child.shomi and shekhar gadodia is swara grandparents..both ragsan died on an accident when swara was small from then she live with her grandparents shomi and shekhar..swara has friendly and cool dude type bond with her grandparents..

Swara:bye s*xy(shomi),bye handsome(shekhar)..she said quickly eating her breakfast..

Shomi:shona eat slowly and relax..

Swara:I can’t s*xy..I am getting late for college..ok bye my friends are waiting for me..

Shekhar:hey doll..remember today challenge so come home early today I will win for sure..

Swara:yeah handsome we will see..saying this she left..


A boy is coming in a bike.he remove his helmet showing his handsome face.all the girl were drooling over him abduction why not he is the famous boy of their college A player,bad boy also in football everything within him to be the famous hot boy of college laksh taneja aka lucky..everyone knows him as lucky except his best friend and swara know his real name..

Also he is happened to be swara biggest enemy..it start when they first meet both bumped into eachother falling on ground..none of then accpet their fault and start blaming eachother from then their fight start became eachother biggest enemy unless a college trip which bought a changed feeling on laksh or can say in that trip he fall for her after then he became little sweet toward her but being the player and bad boy he wouldn’t admit his feeling for her tried to keep inside him but by time it increase more almost near to admit his feeling …

Both swalak entered into class and glared eachother though swara is the first one laksh was just acting but in his heart he feel something seeing her but he can’t show it to her so..

Swara:ugh..why always I had to see his face in first place..well first I should take my sit before him…saying this she run to take the seat..

Laksh:wow even in angry face.she look cute I feel like go and kiss her soft skin..wait wait laksh what you are saying she is your enemy remember that but I can’t even ignore the feeling toward her..what the f**k man well forget all it and start to irritate her.oh yeah she is going to take her favorite sit well honey I am coming…(saying this he also run to take the sit)

But in the end swara got it so laksh sit beside her to irritate her..in all class he would do something stupid to irritate her and he success..all the time swara glared at him and he just smirk at her..

Swara:god he smirks a lot..(she said to herself feeling irritated)..


swara:yappi..I again won handsome..(she said jumping and feeling excited).

Shekhar made a fake angry face for lossing but he was happy to see his grandchild smiling face..

Shomi:ok now enough of you both..swara go to study and you Shekhar don’t disturb her..

Both of them nodded yes abduction saying bossy in low voice..shomi asked them if they said anything both said no and quickly left from their..

Swara was looking for some notes in her mother bookshelf and there she found a personal diary of her mother as her name was written in that but there was a key system on that..she loved whole bookshelf but didn’t find the key..

After dinner and talking for sometime with eachother everyone ready to go their room for sleeping when swara asked shomi if her mother Ragini used to write diary..

Shomi:in childhood no but in collage life I saw sometime writing in dairy even that has a key system..

Swara:do you know where is the key?

Shomi:well Ragini used keep her alkaline keys on her wardrobe in the first one..

Swara searched the whole wardrobe and finally found the key..she after much difficult finally succeed to open the diary.she was so excited to read it out.she quickly went to her bed with diary and start reading it…

Well,in diary it was all about Ragini teenage life sweet moment with her family and best friends kavita and kavya..swara knew her mother was little bit shy always within herself.she just opened up with her best friend also sweet nature lover and innocent in her personality now swara can find out that in the diary..also her strong will and pure heart swara always admire that and her grandparents also teach her that..then there was some gap in diary and a page start where was written that “my love journey” ..swara excitement was on high level..her mother love story..she calm down her excitement and start to read attentively ….


Ragini POV,

oh shit no way that can happen.he is in other college then how can be he here?no Ragini relax he is not here..I tried to calm down myself when my best were discussing about the new boy of our college Shanskar Kapoor my worst nightmare..I tried to make myself comfortable ignoring their dissensions when kavita said me to watch the new boy of our college..kavya said that he was so handsome and cute my god..I tried to ignore but couldn’t what if he is him so I turned to see the boy while praying and hoping that he is not the one I’m thinking then I saw him..

what the crap! it is him.same hair same eyes chocolatey brown color and the same smirk of his face..shit it is him defenitly I could never forget the smirk of his face.it is the significant prove of being him Shanskar Kapoor my worst nightmare…

I still remember when I first meet him.I was 7 then playing on a playground near my house but I was alone that day my friends didn’t come still then suddenly I saw some shadow around me,I looked up to see there were four boy age like me but more powerful than me seems like.all of were smirking seeing me I confusingly looked at them then me eyes caught one of the boy.he has chocolatey brown color eyes.I smiled at him,he does the same.my heart filled with happiness at that somehow I feel attractive to him I still don’t know why but his sweet smile soon turned into smirk again I was confused..

oh my god he just did that to me.taking out my ribbon from my hair making my braid opened..I love to keep my hair like that braid style with a lot of affection I did that and he just opened it..I was so emotional freak still now for which tears start breaming from my eyes..all other 3 boy start laughing at me saying crying baby and tears coming more listening all that..the boy who did all this he wasn’t laughing there were some unknown emotional feeling in his eyes seeing me like that which I didn’t understand still now.he tried to approach me but I run away from their cryingly not even once turned back to see..

next day I went to school I was so dull and gloomy after yesterday incident also I didn’t tell anything to my family that I was bullied.I was in my thought when suddenly my eyes fell on a boys back.he look similar I thought in mind.when the boy turned around and face me he smirk at me.I was shocked he was the same boy no wonder why he smirking at me.I got nervous I don’t know what to do so I just run away from there.

it was tiffin period then I just finished my tiffin just then I realise my hair braid was left opened I was shocked at that then I saw him with my ribbon on his hand smirking at me now I got angry..I asked what his problem with my hair braid..he said he doesn’t like it on me shrugging his sholder..I was like seriously he opened it because he blo*dy doesn’t like it on me..what he think himself everyone should do accordingly to him idiots from then I start to hate him not just because of this he bullied or threatened akash,romi,rohan and jay not to friendship with me.he has also problem with my friendship with other just wow..at first I had to tolerate him at school but then he started to come at my house.his dad was friend of my dad it was another wow thing for me.I always refused to play with him but my mom always forced me saying he is a good boy.no way he was but for my family he was as he was being good boy to them so I always had gave up and he smirk at me as a winner like always why can’t my family see the bad side of him maybe because he is good with but why he treat me different like I was his toy..
after someyears he was gone from our school after that I didn’t saw him until now but I would never forget him how could I he was my nightmare afterall..

I came back out my thought about him when kavita shake me out my thought and asked me what happened also if I liked the new boy pointing at him..I said them it is him..kavya asked who is him?I said that Shanskar Kapoor the new boy of our collage and my nightmare..they gasped at shocked saying no way its him and I nodded yes at them..I didn’t tell about him to anyone beside them as they were my best friend whom I shared everything so they knew everything about him our hate story..

kavya was screaming saying I knew it I told you.one day I will bumped at him again..I glared at her slightly hitting her hand but she was right again I meet with him even though I don’t want ever.in all class I wasn’t active like other days I was worring if he saw me then what will happene but it was long gap will he still remember me or recognise me if he does still oh god help me I was praying then the final class over I quickly keep my thing in my bag..my friend were gossiping about me I was sure but then I don’t have time for this I have to leave from here before he saw but my bad luck..in hurry I end up infront of him..he saw me mostly staring me looks like he tried to remember me.I was hell nervous at that so without thinking I run away from there then quickly hired a taxi and about to leave when I turned back,saw him smirking at me the same one he always gave to me…

shit shit shit what I did..now he defenitly recognised me after all it was my significant move run away from him wherever I saw him even he also told me that one in my house when I run away but he found me later..
oh god he smirks a lot. Ragini now what did you do..I shouldn’t have come today.its a bad day for me big one first meet with my nightmare also in my class then run away from him and gave him chance to recognise me wow moment for me.don’t know what will happene tomorrow even I left without saying anything to my best friends now they will not leave me also.such a bad day for me and its all because of Shanskar Kapoor my worst nightmare..

***** **** ****

swara:what!!! dad was mom worst nightmare but how they love eachother so much that’s what s*xy(shomi) said to me..so that’s mean their love story start with hate story wow Its unbelievable..
and dad god he smirk much I think just like Lucky always smirking at me..swara what wrong with you..you are finding similarity between your enemy and father seriously..she about to read diary again when she saw the time almost 2 am and toaday she has college so she closed the diary went to sleep a lot of question in mind…

in the morning as usually shomi with much difficult succeed to wake up swara

Swara had her breakfasts and enjoy with her handsome.shomi was smiling seeing their childish antics then swara left for college..

At college everything was going good for her even her enemy lucky wasn’t at class as he has a match today.so everyone were busy and exciting about it..even her friend sumo and karan..they are swara best friend also her mother best friend kavita and kavya child..both her friends talking about the match even they request her to come..she said them no and tried to make an excuse but today they weren’t listening obey her talks so she finally had to gave up.her friends smile at eachother as they won with her..

The match start..everyone cheering up their team then player came up..all the girl of college saying lucky lucky lucky loudly..swara got irritate at that.but then her eyes meet up with him lucky..when he saw her at first got surprised but after that he smile at her it was pure fearfully smile.swara ignore it but can’t stop thinking reason behind his smile it was not fake one she can say that..the smile was like he was happy to see her here but he shouldn’t well she was confused..

After the match winning by lucky team everyone went from there.when swara about to leave a little boy came to her gave her a letter and quickly left from there before she could said anything..she opened the card and there was written thank you so much for coming for which I won.I must say you are a lucky charm..
She was shocked reading that.who could be it then she remember lucky smiling at her maybe he is the person..no way lucky would never be a sweet boy to gave you a thanks card that defenitly not him swara said to herself but who is the person.anyway whoever was but its cute saying this she kept the card..lucky from far was seeing this.he got so happy when he saw she kept the card..then realised what he was doing..lucky you got literally mad he said to himself..swara never gonna accept you she thinks you as an enemy.his mind said to him..but I will win her heart and that’s my promises.he reply back.oh god I am sounding like a lover boy.swara what you have done to me..he again said to himself smiling..

After dinner then fun with her handsome,swara went to her room feeling tired then she remember about the diary.she quickly took it then start to read..


Everything was going good in my life or atlest I tried to specially in my college as he was their my nightmare.after the day when I meet with him..I tried my best to stay away from him didnt go to the place where he could be but it was all waste as he found me anyway..I was keeping my books on my locker then closed it when I saw him or his smirking face.I jumped with fear and about run as always but he caught me up..shit I was gone I thought what would he do to me.he then coming closer to me..my heart was pending so just I swear that anymoment it would come out then I feel kiss on my cheeks..I got numb my whole stop working at his stand..he just kissed me okay in cheeks but still he kissed me the 2 time.the first one happened at my school that day was my birthday..he said his gift for me kissing me in cheeks..though I hate him much but that moment I was blushing hard it affected me but it shouldn’t I don’t like him maybe it because as it was my first time to someone boy kissed me..oh no I am now blushing my cheeks got red like tomato I bet and he notice it cause he was smirking at me oh no.I felt so embrresed that moment..then he said that nice to meet you sweetheart..I got surprised sweetheart is he playing with me saying those word.sure he his..he love to tease me.I ignore his talk pushed him slightly then run away from there..while running I heard him sayin that run as much you want but I will find you.I ignore it and run more fastly oh god where I traped I thought…

*** *** *** ***

swara:ok so Mom would run away from dad always..off their love story is so exciting..and dad god he used to tease mom much just like that laksh always ready to irritate me.but these day he is becoming softer and today he smile at me..ok swara now stop thinking about him and read..saying this she sat to read again..


Oh no where is my diary..where I lost it..saying this I start to find my dairy which I lost in my college bad place..there are so many secrete of me mostly with my nightmare..what if he got it shit that can’t happened and I start to search again when someone from behind said me that if I was looking for that..I looked at the person..he is another famous boy in our college mostly for bullying student..then I saw my diary on his hand shit no..

Give my diary back,I said to him and tried to take but he take it behind his back saying not now before you have to do something I asked you to do..I said what..he said that I have to propose Shanskar Kapoor the new boy and if he said yes then has to date him for week..my jaw dropped at that..what just he said..I have to propose my nightmare..no way I am doing that I said to him..then he said that he will not give my diary back and also will read it out though it has key system but to open it in other way is not difficult for them..I got shocked at that no no even in diary I wrote about him my nightmare if they read it then what will be worst if they said all that to him..I can’t take that chance..so I had agree with there condition proposinghim..why on earth it has to be him the one I have to propose..he is defenitly not gonna say yes but teasing me..so in tiffin period you will do it the boy said to me and then I will have my diary back..I nodded reluctantly..

So it’s break time for us but worst time for me ..I have to propose him..so with a lot of courage I went to search him then I saw him with his friends..then they were gone for some work and he was alone..now that perfect time for me..I went to him..he looked at me..I smile at him and with much courage I said to him that I like him in hurry..he first was confused when he realised what I just said he got surprised..I was expecting that..he stared at me for sometime..I was plying with my finger nervously then he was gone without any reply..I wasn’t surprised at that but I was expecting some answer atlest his smirking..now what Will he think about me..shit I feel to embrresed at that..most importantly how will I face him after that crap..

**** **** **** ****

Swara:omg ..mom is the first one to propose..I can’t believe mom..I didn’t know their story were this much interesting but why didn’t dad said anything..well he is boy he shouldn’t be confused well oh shit again I am late for sleep..I have my college..saying this swara went to sleep closing the diary…

After college swara was about to go when a small same one give her a letter abduction quickly left from there..

She read the letter..there was written an address and also said that if she wanted to know who is he then come to the place..swara really wanted to know the person so she decided to go there..
She reached the place exactly written in letter..it was a beach site..then there were some marks indicating her the path..she start to follow it then she saw the beach was decorated beautifully with lighting and flower in a limited place..she got overwhelmed to see that..in fact she loved it the decorating then flower fall over her making her happy also romantic song playing on background..then she a boy to come over their..she didn’t saw his face clearly but can say that he was looking so handsome and hot then her eyes got bigger with surprised when she saw his face laksh her enemy..are you f**king playing with me? Is the first thing came on her mind..of course she was surprised to know that its him..laksh understood that..

Laksh:don’t worry..I am not playing with you but trust me swara I love you more than myself..so will you be my girlfriend..

Swara was in uttered shocked first he was the person then his confusion of loving him..she would just laughing at him but his eyes held the truth of his talks..she don’t know what came to her mind that she just yes..shocking laksh even her

swara was in her room thinking about the today incident laksh confession,she saying yes and their passiatnet yet sweet kissing..oh god she can’t believe herself they kissed and laksh love her they always fight with eachother.she wonder for what reason laksh love her..remember all this her face got redden blushing then her eyes fall on diary..she quickly take it and start to read…


oh god I can’t still believe what was just happened..I never thought that I would be date with Shanskar Kapoor my nightmare but I did..

It was the night after confessing him that I like him..I was studying but my mind was somewhere else on today incident..I can’t take it out of my mind then I heard some sound which came from balcony..I got little scare at that..I took a bat and start walking toward balcony,I saw a shadow now feared increase more..I was about to hit it but it stopped by a hand then I saw the person face Shanskar…what are you doing here?was the first thing I said..and he said to me that is the way I treated the person I like..I was like what feeling like whole world is spinning and I almost got heartattack when he also confused that he liked me..I think I was almost got unconscious at that..keeping away my amusement aside I asked him why he didn’t say it today when I confused him..I really want to know that..he said that he was surprised at my confession and never thought that I would say it also and about to say something but stopped saying leave it..I said him that I wanted to know stubbornly..he agreed but in one condition I has to go with him at some place also said to trust him..he wouldn’t do anything wrong…i don’t why but I believed him so agreed to go with him…

We both were laying down in grass watching the the start in sky..it was such a beautiful place I always love natural think even Shanskar also that’s what she said to me..I was surprised to see his this soft side and his other confession which I never thought he would..he said to me that he liked me from childhood,first time he saw me playing with my friends..I was his first crush also..I couldn’t say anything what day it is shocked after shocked..then I asked him why he bullied ne than he liked me..he said oh that was his way to gain my attention which was stupid but he thought it would work at that time and he was little succed at that I still remember him..and the hair thing he still didn’t like it on my hair which cause me to laugh a little and he got jealousl also when some boy tried to friendship with me but they also liked me like him so he couldn’t stand that and threatened them not to friendship with me..then I realise what was my friends were trying to say me that it was never bully type thing..he wanted to gain my attention though its stupid way but he was boys after all and all the person who tried to friendship with me who Shanskar threatened were boy so that a thing to notice but I never listened their talks and now I understood..I was such a fool not to see the real thing the real of him.abduction I can strongly said that I was falling for him at his each and every word…

Things were going good between us..we almost see eachother evrynight..he came to my house then we study or watch movie together..our intimacy also increasing day by day but we were at limit atlest I made him to stay limit even me because he was like addiction the more of him I want so everything was suprab fine between us until the day when Shanskar got to know about the dare I done proposing him..the boy who made me done this he said all the dare thing between us to Shanskar abduction he thought I was playing with him for the revenge when he used to bullied me which actually never was..after then he ignored me neither talk with..I tried to explain him that I agreed to the dare but its true that I love him after that I was confused guilty but then I realised it was love and I didn’t mistakes as the dare thing bring us together but he never gave me the chance to explain..I got depressed at that all the time I used to cry even my family friends were worring about me but I didn’t tell them anything..I waited for the day he would give the chance to explain but that day wasn’t coming and my hope was destroying each day….

**** **** ***** ****

Swara was crying reading the last part..she could fell the pain of her mother in that diary then she remember something which made her face looks like guilty..she was in deep thought about that when a call disturb her..she saw it was laksh..they talked for sometime..laksh was also succeed to bring a smile on her face then they sleep while talking in phone…
Even their love life was going smooth..in these day swara couldn’t also read the diary as she was busy in exam,study or talking and roaming with laksh…but everythinges doesn’t go fine all the time destiny play something always abduction that also happened with swalak..

Laksh broke up with swara when he got to know that she was playing with him for revenge not for her but other person veer..veer was laksh enemy they both didn’t go together from childhood..when veer got to know that laksh love swara than he thought some evil plan to break laksh heart and swara got easily trap in that he made her believe that laksh was evil and destroyed her sister life forced her to suicide which exactly he want to do with her..swara believed his false talks and joined with him to expose laksh but she doesn’t know laksh really loved her and it was all veer evil plan to separate them and broke him inside..she got know it when laksh said everything to her their rivalry and prove of his innocence and exposed veer real face to her but then it was too layer for her..laksh already left her and she got nothing but also broke the trust of her love..yes she realised that she loved from the day he proposed him but never admitted at as she thought hw was playing with her also but never wasn’t..

Swara was cryingly vigorously at her stupidity not to believe her love but some fraud who tried to separate her love from her..she was so helpless at that time that she didn’t what to do..she misses her mother very much at that time then remember about the diary..she start to read it maybe she would find some way in there…


I tried my best to keep to my hope but looks like it even ended thats it now enough..I can’t wait fir him to give me chance to speak..I will talk to him no matter what even god can’t stop me today..I was determined today to talk with Shanskar..I went his house..his parents weren’t there so we were alone..he tried to ignore me but I was so stubborn to talk with him..I said I won’t leave without talking with him..that’s it he just break all the things of his house showing how much he was hurt and angry..I couldn’t see him like that..I went to but he pushed me saying leave him..he didn’t want his heart to break another time..he loved me from childhood he never expect from me to accpet him..he waited whole year for me to accpet him on my own but he never thought that I would deceive him like that..I said stop loudly and angrily..and start shouting at him..ok I majesty mistakes just didn’t tell him that I said all this on dare because it never was at first I confused him at dare but my feeling for him were true and I realised that being with him when he confused his feeling for me..I could have said him no but I didn’t because I love him so I didn’t tell him anything about the dare cause it would bring nothing but misunderstanding between us like now after knowing the dare thing he stopped believing me and expect me to say him truth..I was afraid to loss him saying the thruth that’s the reason I dint tell him anything but I didn’t just for it he would I deceive him playing with him for silky reason when I love him more than my life..I loved you Shanskar and only you..I never deceive you it just I hide a thruth from you which never was true because I really love you..I said breaking down crying vigorously..I spilt out all my heart to him wishing just to believe me one last time..I won’t never break your trust..he hold me by my shoulder then hugged me saying that he was sorry and he believe me..my happiness was beyond imaginations.he believed me and also said he would give another chance to our relation..yes I could do it I bring my lover back in my life..my love win in the end because we trust eachother much and I didny gave up..how could I it was about my life my love after all so my love win after much difficult..I made it…

******* ***** ****** *****

Swara was crying happily at her mother wins..her parents love win after all that and she is the prove of their love..and she learn another thing at this never to give up on your love if its true..now swara also determined herself to gain her love again..she make the mistakes she Will rectify it …thanks mom she said kissing the diary….

Then she start to write a letter for laksh just like he did..and she knew that he still love her so he would listened her explain and apologies atlest for once..she said she sorry for all her mistakes she also accpet her mistakes and told him how much she loved him though its take time her to realise but she did and she want another chance for their relation where they will start a new beginning with honesty just one chance she would never broke his trust never ever again….

Thank you thank you so much laksh for giving me another chance..trust me I would never break your trust again as I realised I love you so much more than my life…I love you too and I never intend to break up with you cause I can never live with out you..I just did all this so that you would realise your mistakes and your true feeling for me.sorry even I hurt you but what can I do I love you so much that I am afraid to loss you…swara got overwhelmed listening him he never leave her..he just give her the time to realise what is important for her abduction she is glad about that she got such a lovable partner who trust her..she was happy that she hugged him tightly..at last her love also win she can’t believe but its true and she thanked her mother in heart for staying with her even being far from her….

Laksh came with his parents to talk with his and swara marriage..both family agreed happily..even swalak they were so happy that they stay together this long and will be always..while going laksh winked at her causing her blush..
She was so happy for her future and thinking about it when she saw the diary…she realised she didn’t read one last page so she started to read..


Now I am so happy with my family.yes I got married to Shanskar my love our family agreed happily even I have a daughter now swara..I don’t know I will be there with her when she grow up big but I will keep this for my daughter to read out it and have the support when she need even if I wasn’t with her just as mine I hope even my daughter also to got a prince who will love her endlessly and trust her and if there was some misunderstanding I hope she would learn it from my story not to give up or misunderstand anything without knowing the real thing..you always be happy and that’s my bless for my daughter…..


so here its the end..I was so confused about the couple whom to put in past and present then finally ragsan as past and swalak as present..its so long hopefully not boring or my hardwood all waste..

Anyway thnx for reading and do comment tell how is it..
Mobile update so will be typing mistakes..
Take and be happy….

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    1. Sss

      Hey uma how are you darling πŸ˜€
      Nice to see your comment ..
      Thnx dr for your s
      weet word..
      N yeah I made it similar with title.
      You too take care keep smiling and lots of love….

      1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        I am fine dear. How’s your exams??

      2. Sss

        Exam was good but more painful I really hate exam so you can understand how the xam went with me..
        Hey what class you are in?or uni ?

      3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        Same pinch dear, I also hate it. I am in 11th standard(collage) You are Muslim, right? What’s your real name?? Eid Mubarak(Eid-ul-azha) in advance.

      4. Sss

        Same pinch even I am in class 11 college and my real name samia also you are right I am Muslim and Eid Mubarak to even you advance..nice to know we have similar in certain thing

      5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        After all, darlings na??

      6. Sss

        Yeah yeah πŸ˜€

  14. Love love it dear it was fabulous can’t tell you how much I love it

    1. Sss

      Aww Thnx anjali..
      I am glad you liked it..

  15. sssoooooooooooo ggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    1. Sss

      Aww thank you thank you voodoo much pricny..

  16. Perfect love story of swalak and ragsan….your writing skill is mind-blowing…waiting for another os….

    1. Sss

      Well thank you so much tharu for you sweet comment..I am glad you find it perfect but trust me I am not good written as you said..I just write down things came into my mind but Thnx for complement..

      1. But when it comes to my writing I can’t write creatively.nice to meet u and I would like to be a friend of yours dear…

    2. Sss

      Oh I love to be your friend also nice to meet you..
      And I think evry writer has own creativity you just need to find it or keep going btw do you write any ff?I would love to read if you do.

      1. No dear..l am a reader only…
        And I am busy with my studies and l am from SL.

    3. Sss

      Oh reader even I was..
      And sl you mean srilanka I didn’t understand that but I am from Bangladesh..

      1. Yes dear..I thought you are an Indian..so you are from Bangladesh.

    4. Sss

      Oh srinalanka that’s great now I have a friend from there wow..
      N no dear not indiani but bangladeshi and that a similar between us both from other country

      1. Yes dear..I too pleased to have a friend from Bangladesh

  17. Nice os…..

    1. Sss

      Thnx shuhani Dr..

  18. Awesome

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      Thnx ammy..

  19. Akshata

    loved it

    1. Sss

      Thnx akshata..

  20. Amazing!!

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      Thnx alia..

  21. Richa19

    Superb!! Loved it dear!!!

    1. Sss

      Hey richu good to see your comment and Thnx yar I am happy you liked it..

      1. Richa19

        U r always welcome dear…… U hv written it.. It has to be nice and lovely….

        I really loved ragsan story…

    2. Sss

      No you said its good that’s why its happened to be nice os πŸ˜€
      Par makkhan wala tarif bahot acchi lagi πŸ˜‰

      1. Richa19


        Makkhan wala… As in?????

    3. Sss

      Well just teasing you as you my friend I can do that right πŸ˜‰

      1. Richa19

        Of course dear…. Friendship mein sab chalta hai… ???

  22. Outstanding

    1. Sss

      Thnx tani..

  23. Its really sweet dear

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      Thnx simin..

  24. Scooby


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      Thnx navi..

  25. Hahaha! Loved it dear srsly????

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      Thnx gulshara..
      Glad you liked it

  26. It’s amazing..

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      Thnx abhi..

  27. so nice and different….thnx for ragsan and swalak

    1. Sss

      Thnx sherin ..
      Anytime wlcm as they are also my fav couple

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