Writing an os of ragsan .Hope you like it.And yeah dont forget to ans me about my ragsan ff:sorry.

If the majority wants me to continue that ff then i will continue.Ok blabbered so much now time to write the story.

A girl’s pov:

Love is a beutiful and heavenly emotion.It can make or break one’s life.I know my love is far away from me.I can spend my life with him only after my death.That doesnt mean i will give up my life or lose hope on my life.He didnt tell me to do that.He only told me to love him unconditionally which i did,do and will do forever .
A gloomy night .She was waiting for her husband .Because this was going to be the best night of their life.Yeah they both had confessed their love for each other after many struggles .They wanted to be the one soul at that night.But little did she know that night was going to turn into a nightmare for her life.

She waited for him since 3 hours.But he didnt come .She called him a several times.
An unknown fear was started to gulp her mind.Is he alright?she thought.
Her heart says,yes he is .Nothing can happen to him.

But her mind says ,”if he is alright then where is he?He didnt ever take so much time to come.Moreover he is plainly aware about their special night.Then what happen??”

Suddenly a phone call came which made her heart beat raced in a wild way.

She is in hosptial waiting for him to open his eyes.She knows that doctor has announced him dead.But she couldnt believe them .How come he is dead.He told her only a few hours ago to love him unconditionally .He wanted to be one soul with her. Then how is he dead?It is not possible at all.

She was remembering their sweet moments.His way of showing love was very unique.Whenever she got angry with him,he only did one thing ,hugged her by wrapping his iron hand.

Today also she is angry with him.But alas!he didnt come.He didnt come to woo her by his cheesy lines which is only made for her.

She is waiting for his iron hold ,his sweet smile to make her quiet into his arm, his breath on her neck,his hand which always made her feel protective.

She is longing for him in a hope that the unexpressable love between them will bloom for sure.After death ,She will spend her life with her SANSKAAR and this time forever.



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  1. Mind blowing yaar…was awesome and yh continue ur ff

  2. What is yar.I didn’t expect this from u sara. There is nothing in it.i think I wasted my early mrng

  3. Nyc..nd plzz continue ur ff

  4. Sorry to waste your morning preethi.It came to my mind so i wrote it dear.I will try to not dissapoint you again.
    Sorry again♥♥♥

  5. Awesome

  6. It was really nice

  7. It was nice but sad.plz continue ur ragsan ff

  8. Ur ff sorry (ragsan) is amazing.plzz continue

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