Swaragini os (my take on current scenario)

Hello everyone. ….This is my very first os …..plz read it and give your views on it…….
It is continuation of swaragini’s episode from the time police came to arrest aadarsh.
Inspector:Β  Mr. Adarsh u r underarrest for keeping ur parents captive and also trying to kill them …
Adarsh : Do u know who I am? …I am Adarsh maheshwari….
Inspector: That u can tell in police lock up..

Meanwhile swaragini opens the ropes from Ap and Dp’s hands and give them water…
Parineeta is asking for forgiveness from Ap but swara is thinking about sanskar’s words and tear roll down her cheeks…… She stumbles upon her feet and is going to fall down but ragini supports her …..
Then swara calls sanskar ….here sanskar was going to hit laksh with rod ….he comes to his senses and throws it aside….. Laksh was tired of fighting and he falls unconscious. …..
Sanskar picks up the phone : Hello
Swara: sanskar are u alright? Where r u ? Tum thik ho na? Tum kuch bol kyu ni rhe ho? Speak up plz….
Sanskar couldn’t say anything coz he saw laksh lying in the road …he drops the phone and goes towards laksh…..
He picks him up and goes to hospital. ..
Blood was oozing from laksh nose and mouth( due to hard blow which sanskar give to him)

Here swara thought he doesn’t want to talk to him so she cries bitterly and pleads DP to come with her to bring laksh and sanskar back….
Plz badepapa chaliye ….I can’t live without him…I will die if something happens to him…
They both while going , saw sanskar in laksh’s car and decide to go behind them……
They were shocked to see sanskar carrying laksh in his arms and going inside hospital…
Swara calls ragini and told her to come to hospital. …..
Here laksh is inside OT and outside sanskar is lying lifelessly on floor. ….
Swara goes near him and touches his hands… He jerks it…
Tear rolled down from both eyes….. Sanskar goes out from there …
Outside the hospital , its raining heavily. ….
Swara calls sanskar from back and come towards him running…
Swara: sanskar……..
Why r u not talking to me…
Sanky:Β  ab kyu aai ho ….
What u waana say now…
Swara : (cryingly tries to touch his cheeks) sanskar…
He jerks her hand …. Dur raho mujhse….
Jab mai tumhare liye koi maayne hi nahi rakhta to kyu mere pas aai ho …chali jao yaha se…
I told you not to keep any relation with ragini laksh (etc etc)
But tumhare liye mujhse jyada meri jindagi se jyada if they mean more to you then go to them only…..
I am leaving from here…. Now no one needs me….so I am going far from everyone. ….. Aur plz don’t u dare to come behind me
Swara: Sanskar plz don’t go …. Plz don’t leave me….plz try to understand me for once plz….. I can’t live without u…I’ll die …plz…

Ignoring her Sanskar starts going…
Swara: I’ll not let u go without knowing the reason …..(she holds his hand tightly)
Tum janana chahte the na what u mean to me….. U r my whole world sanskar. .I can do anything for u… I went to Maheshwari mansion to prove u innocent. ….. I can’t bear ki koi tumhari insult kare… Koi tumhe galat samjhe….. Mai tumhe tumhari family se jodna chahti thi…..Family is a blessing sanskar and I wanted it for u only…. Tum hamesha mujhe galat samajhte ho ….my first priority is u only then comes the family…. Pehle b jab mai aai thi tumhare ghar tab bhi mai sirf tumhare liye aai thi but u misunderstood me ….. And what u said today ….ki anjaam chahe jo bhi ho tum hamara rishta tod doge. ….. Tell me one thing is it so easy for u to be without me to live without me ….ha say it will u be able to live without me …. Don’t u love me…
Mana ki maine ragini ka saath diya ……kyuki wo behen hai meri sanskar …. Mai uske bina adhuri hu…. Uski help mai nai karungi to aur kaun karega bolo…

Sanskar if you want we both will go from here …somewhere else … I only need u…hum yaha se sabse bahut dur chale jaenge……. I’ll do whatever u say but plz don’t leave me…
Sanskar doesnot reply anything….
Swara leaves his hand….
Swara : tum chahte ho na ki mai tumse dur chali jau ….meri shakl bhi nai dekhna chahte na tum ..to thik h
(She picks a piece of broken glass from the ground and slit her wrist)
Sanskar tries to hold her hand: swara….
She walks behind not letting him hold her hand..
Tum chahte the na ki mai tumse dur chali jau…. Ab meri parchaai bhi tumhare paas nahi aaegi sanskar…. Now u can live peacefully. ….. U know what I am not punishing u instead I am trying to punish myself for making u feel that “I am taking u for granted”
U have always been important to me sanskar par afsos mai tumhe ye bata nai paai…..
I ..love .u san..skar……..and she falls down unconscious. …sanskar comes and keep her head on his lap…and tries to wake her up
Sanky: swara plz open us eyes…plz….
Unconsciously swara says: I can’t live without u sanskar. … I am sorry …. I love….
And she becomes unconscious
Sanky shouts loudly : swaraaa………

Hey everyone plz let me know how was it plz plz plz……..


  1. Radhika..

    |Registered Member

    awesome part plz continue its amazing what will happen next? what will happen to laksh? swara will be fine? sanskar will forgive her? so much questions u arise. plz continue soon love the intro and its really amazing waiting for the next one. πŸ˜ƒ

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