Swaragini os (my take on current scenario) part 2

Hey everyone,  thank u so much for all ur appreciation and support. Truely speaking when I posted the os ,I hadn’t thought of writing other parts. I just wanted to know that should I think of writing or just leave the idea of being a writer…..But all credit goes to you all people. …
So lets start the next part…..

Sanky shouts cryingly: swaraaaa…..
Meanwhile shekhar is coming towards hospital to see laksh. …
Shekhar see sanskar is sitting on the floor holding swara tightly in his embrace and crying….shekhar is shocked
Sanky: swara plz don’t leave me …swara I love you …I can’t live without you…plz swara m sorry. ….I believe you. …. Plz …
You want to take rest na I will keep u and make u sleep in my embrace. … Plz mujhe chhod kar mat jana swara plz mai mar jaunga….. Abhi to hum dono ko sath rehna hai ..hai na….
Swara …swara you…. you promised me that whatever happens u will always be with me ..you are mine na ….. Then how can you go leaving me …..
Shekhar comes running towards them
Shekhar:  sanskar …kya hua swara ko

Sanky: baba aap….. Shhhhh swara is sleeping
Shekhar : tum log yaha kya kar rhe ho …utho yaha se
(He sees swara’s hand bleeding )
Dekho uski halat ….kitna khoon….
Sanky: shhh baba maine kaha na she is taking rest let her sleep….
Shekhar tries to hold swara..sanky jerks his hand and holds swara more tightly not letting her go….
Shekhar goes inside hospital running. …

Meanwhile inside hospital. ….
Doctor comes out of OT….
Ragini and Dp Ap asks doctor that how is laksh …..
Dr:  he is fine …….he will gain conscious in sometime. ….then u all can meet him….
Ragini: thank u so much dr.

Shekhar comes towards them running
Ragini sees him and hugs him tightly and cries…
Shekhar:  ragini beta how is laksh
Ragini: laksh is fine papa. …he is alright

Shekhar comes to his senses and says swara ……
Shekhar asks dp to come with him
Shekhar: Dp ji jaldi chaliye mere sath…. Swara ki halat bahut kharab h ….bahut khoon bah raha h
Dp is shocked. ..
Dp : swara. ..khoon….kya hua use
Shekhar:  jaldi chaliye bahar

Outside the hospital
Sanky: swara are u sleeping. … Tum thik ho na …. Koi problem to ni hai na …..(she doesn’t respond)…. Achcha to tum mujhse gussa ho…. But princess mujhe bhi tumhe manana aata hai…. I will sing lulaaby for you…. (He kisses on her forehead,  cheeks) hugs her tightly

Dp and shekhar comes towards  them and tries to hold swara
Sanky : don’t touch her…..she is sleeping. …..
Dp : sanskar kya ho gya h tumhe ….
Sanskar:  badepapa use aaram karne dijiye (shouts) let her take rest
Dp and shekhar are shocked. …

So guys plz tell me how is it……
Thank u ….love u all☺☺☺☺

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  1. Rabia

    awesome dear 🙂

  2. Rabia0032

    Awesome yaar dont let her go away from him plzzz

    1. Vrishti

      Thank u so much rabia….
      Well lets see what happens next ???

  3. superb is it an ff or os

    1. Vrishti

      hey manvi thank u dear
      and even I don’t know how it will proceed…. I mean there is something in my mind so that I can continue it as ff….

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    1. Vrishti

      hey purvi don’t cry yaar…. I can’t see u crying dear…..smile plz???

  6. Shrinjal

    Soo short episode but nice:-)

  7. Kaynatk01

    plz dont seperate them

  8. Awsm
    Heart touching story

  9. Super Amazing

  10. Awesome

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  12. Nice one dear…. Loved it… ?????❤❤

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    Wow loved it

  15. Awesome

  16. Savanshi27

    Tis was awsm dear…. mind blowing…
    update next part soon…
    eagerly waiting for it…..
    love it????

  17. Radhika..

    awesome part dear and please don’t separate them and i think u wont separate them and sanky condition on seeing swara is going worse he is not believing that swara is unconcious he act like mad continue soon waiting for the next one loved it?

  18. KrsytleS


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