swaragini os : ishq by Kaynat khan


Hello everyone kaynat is back have to tell you something this os is my last recreation promise i havent made most recreations bcoz i wanna write my stories too but guyz youll have lived my every os and hope you will love give this much love to my stories too and this os is sonething different i was actually confuse that whom to make pair which pair but i have made a conclusion to this too will not tell you but youll will get to know allright and thanks for previous comments and whoever havent read it here is the link


Intro of characters first
Sanskaar malhotra : a handsome fun loving guy who doesnt have anyone in the world he lives alone he is middle class boy bit only has one person in his life his freind cum bro laksh he loves him alot
Laksh maheshwari : another handsome but little shy type he is the son of rich bussiness man durgaprasad maheshwari he has only one person whom he can trust is sanskaar he loves him alot his dad doesnt like his friendship with him as sanskaar is middle class man but laksh doesnt listen to him
Durga prasad maheshwari : a rich bussiness man who feels that poor are nothing he hates it and thats the reason of his hatred towards sanskaar but laksh doesnt listen to him he wanted him to marry a rich girl
Ragini bose : a little shy little fun loving girl who has only his uncle in this world she is also middle class but only has a friend swara whom she has consider as her sister neither no one is there for her
Swara gadodia : a totally bubbly girl only one daughter to his rich dad she dont like her dad bcoz her dad too hates poor she mostly get involes in social works and loves only one person ragini and dont make her feel that she is middle class she treats like a sister to her
Shekhar gadodia : a person who only loves money nothing else he hates poor to the core of his heart he doesnt like ragini at all only for swara he accepts her
So the intro is finished lets start with the story durga prasad again sees laksh and sanskaar fooling on the road he takes them to his mansion
Durga prasad : i have told you hundred time laksh not to roam with this sanskaar but you dont listen
Laksh : dad stop it hee is my friend how can you tell him
Sanskaar : oh hello uncle if you think i aam doing friendship with laksh for money then you are wrong ok i dont want his money he is like a brother to me
Laksh : and dadd listen if you will again tell me to break this friendship i will surely leave this house come sanskaar lets go
Both sanlak goes from there leaving angry dp
Sanlak were in laksh car
Laksh : chal sanskaar dont spoil your mood
Sanskaar : are i am fine yr
Laksh : sanskaar i know you from childhood i know you so stop showing me that you are happy
Sanskaar : laksh seriously i dont know why uncle hates me so much i really dont have any intention of
Laksh : shut up yr sanskaar you are giving me explanation seriously i know you ok and dont dare to give me explanation i understand you more than you ok now come will go somewhere
Sanskaar : yup
There in shekhars mansion he was sitting when his small brother came with sweets
Shekher : are chote you anything special
Chote : actually bhaiya our nisha have got married today
Shekhar : what when how yo didnt even let me know
Chote : actually bhaiya they both love eachother so i made them marry but came here to take your blessings
Shekhar : acha leave that tell me what he does or he is richer than us
Chote : actually bhaiya he is just an employe but he is really kind hearted both love eachother so i cant deny them
Shekhar : what the hell are you speaking are you out of your mind i cant accept this and you have done a big mistake by doing this i will not give you a peny from my propoerty just get lost
He throws sweet on his face
Shekhar : you are low class man and your daughter is also cheap
Chote : bas bahot hogaya mr. Shekhar gadodia you dont have the right to shout on me you know why because you are also father of a dayghter and this lines doent suit you remember one day you will curse yourself
And he left leaving shekhar shocked he hurriedly goes to swara she was working in small area he goes there

Shekhar : swara what are doing come with me
Swara : dad you cant see i am doing work
Shekhar : i wanna talk about your marraige
Swara : dad this is the last time i am telling plz donf force me into annything plz
Swara and ragini leaves shekhar goes from there but his car got crashed with another car both gets out
Shekhar : you cant see or what
Dp : you (he realises its shekhar) are shekhar remember me durga
Shekhar : are how are you yr after so many days am seeing you
Actually both shekhar and dp are friends from childhood
They both talks about their children and decides to make them marry that is laksh with swara and they goes to lawyer and made a will if their children sign on it they have to marry eachother at any cost
Both were find8ng ways to tell their children one fine day laksh and sanskaar were driving to mall but when they parked they slightly crash ine car and it was none other than swaras car both swara and ragini too came out
Swara : you cant see and drive or what
Sanskaar : oh hello madam its not my fault it was done mistakenly wait keep this 100 rupees and repair your car ok chal laksh
Laksh was lost in ragini she was only looking at swara vut her gaze fall on him both were lost in eachothers eye
Swara : 1 minute mr.
Swara took a stone and throws it on his car headlights
Sanskaar : what the hell
Swara : take this 500 you need to repair you car and keep the change chal ragini stupid man
Both swaragini goes
Sanskaar : you i will not leave you
Laksh : are sanskaar jaane dena she is a girl
Sanskaar : are you dont know this girls they are devils
Laksh : acha baba but for what we have come we should do that
Sanskaar : ok chal
Both sanlak too went inside ragini was seeing clothes when laksh came to talk to her
Laksh : hello
Ragini : oh hii
Laksh : actually am sorry for my friend
Ragini : no no its fine swara was also too violent
Laksh : waise i am laksh laksh maheshwari
Ragini : i am ragini bose i am swaras friend
Laksh : friends
Ragini : sure

At that time swara was buying toothpaste she was about to grab it but sanskaar pick that
Swara : its mine leave it
Sanskaar : but now its mine
Swara : but i have seen it first
Sanskaar : but i have grabbed it first
Swara : whatever are bhaisaab plz give him another one
Shopkeeper : sorry mam but its over
Swara : i will take this
Sanskaar : no i will
Swara : i will
Sanskaar : ok take it waise bhi you needed ir more because your mouth stinks yukk
He makes faces and goes swara was so angry she opened toothpaste and pour it on her hand and goes to sanskaar make him turn and putted on his face ???
Swara : your mouth stinks you needed it dog
Swara left angrily sanskaar takes out his knife and shouts her to stop she stops and turns sanskaar came running to her she was so afraid he stab her she was about to cry but sees that it was toy knife and sanskaar made fun of her
Swara : you bloddy monkey
She grabs his hair
Both were fighting
Laksh : this is a small gift from your friend
He gifts her teddy
Ragini : but i cant
Laksh : plz for me plz
Ragini : ok
Suddenly they see swasan upstairs fighting they hurridly goes to them and laksh takes sanskaar and swara took ragini
Laksh : sanskaar chal
Sanskaar : laksh tu chod iss chapkali ki aaj dum khichta hu ruk tu
Swara : are jaa ayya bada monkey
Ragini : swara lets go
Swaragini goes
Laksh : what are you doing fighting with a girl and because of you i cant talk with ragini
Sanskaar : kaun ragini
Laksh : are that swaras friend
Sanskaar : kaun swara be
Laksh : idiot with whom you are fighting
Sanskaar : oh her name is swara but you have took full enquiry bhai love ka chakkar toh nahi
Laksh : are nothing chal wash your face we hace to go
Sanskaar : are haa
(Actually laksh was live at first sight situation and there ragini also think about him as no boy has ever came and talked her this much)
Days passed laksh was totally busy in thinking of ragini one day when they were in sanskaars house they were on his terrace
Sanskaar : are yr laksh you havent came out of that raginis thought kya
Laksh : i wanna talk with her
Sanskaar : abe yeh pyaar ke lafde me mat par chod zindagi me 3 cheezo ke peeche kabhi mat bhagna bus train aur girl 1 gayi dusri aati hai smjha
Laksh : you keep your formulas with you
Sanskaar then got busy in his dumbles and he was not noticing laksh. Laksh was irritated he then sees on other side he was surprised seeing ragini on the other side of terrace playing with children laksh was so lost in her he started moving towards ragini he then crossed his balcony and started walking on a pipe which was straight attached to raginis terrace he was so involved in it when someone shouts he comes into reality and he sees that he is standing on a very thin pipe at 5 or 6 floor distance he shouts and he slips but he holds the pipe with his hands and he was hanging on pipe there ragini and children heard the sound ragini was shocked tensed worried for laksh she was shouting for help
Laksh : sanskaar sanskaar plz help
Sanskaar listens it and was double shocked to see laksh
Sanskaar : abe how you got there
Laksh : are yr continue your enquiries later first save me
Sanskaar : accha hua kabse bol raha tha ki insab ke pecche mat pad ab latak gaya na
Laksh : are yr pehle bacha fir chilla samjha
Sanskaar : haa ha aara hu
Sanskaar sees the height and gets afraid
There ragini was praying for him
Sanskaar walks two miles and he sees down and again moves behind he again does the same but again backoffs
Laksh : are yr aana
Sanskaar : abe chup aaj yeh meri jaan lekar hi rahega chalo ab jo ho dekha jayega
He closes his eyes and walked a few more but when he opens his eyes he was shocked to see down he goes behind to backoff but he realises he had walked more he also slips and was hanging like laksh
Sanskaar : are yr laksh mujhe plz bacha le
Laksh : abe tu yaha mujbe bachane hi aaya tha ya khud mere saath latakne aaya tha
Sanskaar : are yr laksh save me meri toh shaadi bhi nhi hui hai
Laksh : toh meri hui h kya
Ragini was damn tensed she goes down and informed some people to help them they help them and they were saved
Ragini : aap log thik toh hai na
Sanskaar : are nahi mam kuch thik nahi hua hai yeh jo hai na mera dost laksh woh aapki mohabbat mein pagal
Ragini was surprised laksh pushes sanakaar
Sanskaar : abe maine toh teri help kardiya
Laksh : bhai plz tu jaa yr

Sanskaar laughs and goes raglak were alone
Laksh : woh actually i will not say anything wrong but sanskaar has said everything correct i really have fallen for you
Ragini : but i am not that rich than you
Laksh : ragini i have loved you your purity your innocence i dont care if you are not rich bas say only that will you hold my hand forever
Ragini was teary eyes as nobody said these things to her she hugged him laksh was shocked but he too reciprocates ragini whispered
Ragini : yes i will be happy to become mrs. Laksh maheshwari
Laksh was beyond happy he releases the hug and kisses their forehead after that laksh told everything to sanskaar he was damn happy for them
Days passed like this but dp and shekhar were planning something else one day when laksh was sitting in his room dp comes and make him sign that papers him sign the papers which he made laksh signs it without seeing it dp gets happy he guves those papers to shekhar to have sign of swara too shekhar goes to swara where ragini was living they both spends most of the tine in her house
Ragini : are uncle you plz come inside
Shekhar : i havent came to come inside i wanted to talk to swara
Swara : dad this isnt the way to talk with ragini
Ragini : its ok swara
Shekhar : swara i just want you to make this paper sign these are some property papers
Swara : and why should i sign this
Shekhar : plz beta
Swara : ok but you also have to send this papers
Shekhar : what is this
Swara: this states that you are giving 5 crores to the poor ones
Shekhar : no i will not give any money to this poor no never
Swara : so what you think i will sign in your stupid papers no never
Shekhar : ok i will sign it
Shekhar signs it swara gets double happy she signs it without seeing it
Shekhar and dp gets double happy
Next day sanskaar was also there at laksh house dp was telling him to go to shimla and meet a girl
Laksh : dad mai nahi jaunga and its final
Sanskaar comes and punches laksh on cheeks
Sanskaar : how can you deny laksh itne ache papa ki baat you will go
Dp : thanks sanskaar
Sanskaar : uncle book two tickets
Dp : why
Sanskaar : i will also go and will see how he will not go
Dp : ok

Dp goes sanskaar turns and sees laksh was fuming in anger ???
Laksh too punches him and both falls
Sanskaar : are sun to
Laksh : kya suno teri tujhe pata hai i love ragini then too
Sanskaar : are baba i have seen that girl photo and she is non other than raginis friend aur woh dono aare hai shimla hame receive karne we will go aur tu ragini ke saath ishq ladana aur mai uss chipkali ki dum khichunga
Laksh : wow sanskaar kya news sunai hai
That day at raginis house
Swara : uncle i know you are raginis chacha and you are concerned but plz send her with me i will take care of her
Uncle : ok beta
Ragini : swara are you sure you will meet that guy
Swara : are dekh toh lene to do kaun swara se pitne aara hai
Next day swaragini were waiting on airport sanlak came and wayed them
Swara : ragini kya dad ne iss langoor ko bheja hai mere liye
Sanskaar comes to her
Sanskaar : are meri bulbul kaisi hai tu gale lag jaa soni
He huged her swara was double shocked
There raglak
Ragini : laksh whats going on
Laksh : ragini have no time will tell you later
Swara was so irritated with sanskaar she took a small knife and pinched at sanskaar bum he shouted and freed her ???
Swara : kya hua darling
Sanskaar : woh kuch nahi chalo
They walked till car and driver came
Swara : bahadur saab logo ko upar pohchado
Sanlak : upar ???
Swara : are mera matlab upar wale kamre me pohchana ok
They both sits and drives
Swara thinks : jaa beta yeh teri zindagi ka aakhri safar hai
Driver was driving the car when he realises that brake has failed
Driver : sab break fail hai
Sanlak : break fail hai (they realises what they said ) kya break fail hai ab kya karenge
Driver : relax saab i have idea he opens the door and falls from moving car
Driver : aap bhi aise khud jaayein saab
Sanskaar : laksh saamne se truck aari hai
Laksh jump to driver seat and holds stearing and they saw that soon a cliff is coming they were tensed and after sometime it is shown that car has fallen from the cliff
At late night bahadur comes to swara who was alone in her haweli
Bahadur : memsaab
Swara : kya hua bahadur kyu chillarhe ho
Bahadur : memsaab that saab log margaya
Swara : what
Bahadur : ha memsaab woh actually the car falled from cliff
Swara was shocked as she wanted them injured not death
Bahadur : memsaab aaj main yahi so jau woh na jo log mar jaate hai woh bhoot ban jate hai and i am scared of ghosts
Swara : acha thik hai waha sofe pe so jao
Swara goes to her room and curses herself and at the time gets scared she then drinks some water at that time lights goes off and she hears bahadur screams she opens the door and sees bahadur was stabbed and was dead she was all shocked she goes to her room and closes it tight but she gets current shock when she sees a man was sitting facing his back she goes to him and sees that man was having so many marks on his face
Sanskaar : pehchana i am sanskaar u have killed me now my ghost will kill you
Swara runs to door she finds that door has locked from outside she shouts sanskaar comes to her and takes his knife and stab her again she panics and closes her eyes swara opens her eyes she sees that playing knife sanskaar laughs loudly lights gets on ragini and laksh too comes laughing sanskaar removes his scratches as it was stickers
Bahadur also gets up
Swara : bahadur
Bahadur : sorry memsaab aapne mujhe brake fail karne ke 10000 diye aur yeh saab ne mujhe yeh sab natak karne ke liye 20000 diye
Sanskaar was laughing with raglak swara goes to him and slap him hard making everyone shock
Swara : kya smajhte kya ho tum kya bade maskare ho tum if next time you will mess with me remember this slap
Sanskaar was angry he goes out followed by laksh
Ragini : swara what was that
Swara : you didnt see it woh log ne kya mazak kita
Ragini : ha toh jo tumne kiya woh sahi tha unki gaadi ka brake fail kardiya tum jaanti ho woh mar bhi sakte the agar sanskaar aur laksh sahi waqt par gaadi se khudte na mai toh tumhe chillane aari thi magar sanskaar ne mana kiya tumhe kuch na bole aur humne sirf thoda sa mazak kiya u know what jab tum mazak seh nahi sakti mazak kiya bhi mat karo
Ragini left swara angrily swara realises what she have done she was guilty for hurting sanskaar
Next day sanskaar was leaving to bus stop
Laksh : are sanskaar wait na bhul jaa
Sanskaar : chod yr mai nhi rukhunga
Raglak were disappointed as sanskaar was leaving sanskaar was at bus stop when swara came in front of him
Swara : i am sorry
Sanskaar : get lost
Swara holds his bag
Sanskaar : chodo mera bag
Swara : nahi pehle maaf karo
Sanskaar : maine kaha chodo
He grabs it so tightly that handle of bag break
Sanskaar : youuu
He goes to her and kisses her swara was shocked he left her
Swara : youu
She runs to him and she too kisses him both were kissing eachother they were alone as they were behind a tree nobody can see them after sometime they realease the kiss
Swara runs shyly and sanskaar too runs behind her till they reach somewhere alone
Sanskaar : so sherni gir hi gayi hamare pyaar me
Swara was blushing
Sanskaar : swara see sorry for yesterday but you know i have been never been close to anyone or played prnks on girls you are the first and
Swara : and
Sanskaar : and
Swara : what and and say na you love me
Swara realise what she said sanskaar smiles
Sanskaar : i love you yes its true and i know you too love me my chipkali
Swara : yes i love you my bandar
Both hug eachother
Now both couple know about eachother and they decides to tell this to their parents they returned back to mumbai they told everything to their parents but shekhar and dp shouts at them and dont agreed with them
(actually forget to tell you that sanskaar works as mechanic to earn as he is middle class he is educated but cant job as he is poor so he works there )

Next day Dp and shekhar makes a visit on sanskaars company
Sanskaar : are uncle you both
Dp : shekhar see this is the man who claim to love your daughter see he is mechanic hamare yaha toh naukar bhi inse zyaada amir hai
Sansakar : come to the point what youll want
Shekhar : here it is 10 crore rupees document take this and get out of swaras life
Sanskaar smirks and take the documents and was about to tear it when ragini comes and stops
Ragini : what are you doing sanskaar why are you not taking this money we have loved their children for money only na accept it
Sanskaar was surprised ragini winks at him sanskaar understood
Sanskaar : ok ragini you are telling thats why i am accepting
Dp : waah aagaye na apni aukaat par chall ab tu bata what you will take to get out of lakshs life
Ragini : 1 cup chai
Dp : what
Ragini : haa aplog dono ko 1 cup chai peeni hogi hamare haath ki
Shekhar : are we dont drink water of poor so tea is very far
Sanskaar : excuse me shekhar uncle we have taken this document means we are also millionare so you have to drink tea of us
Dp : ok we will drink
Sanskaar : chalo ragini chai banate hai
They goes nearby and burns the flame and puts the documents on fire which makes shekhar and dp shocked and they make tea on that flame
Sanskaar : here you go uncle tea of 10 crore ek minute ragini let me taste this kya maza hai iss 10 crore ki chai mein
He sips the tea
Sanskaar : are yeh tob bilkul aam chai jaisi hai
Ragini : lo jab paise chai nhi badal paaye toh hum pyaar karne waalo ka kya badlegi
Sanaakar : leave it ragini they will not understand because jo baap apne bacho ke pyaar ka sauda karne aagaye woh log pyaar ko kya samjhenge
Dp : u talk so nicely now my men will show you some fights
He called some goons to beat sanskaar but at that time laksh makes a entry and ragini gets happy both sanskaar and laksh beats them badly
And after that laksh goes to dp
Dp : waah beta very good but i will not let you marry to this cheap girl because let me tell you something
Shekhar : i and your dad made an agreement in which it is stated that if swara and you sign on this then you both have to get marry anyhow and see you both have signed it without even reading it and now you both have to marry eachother
Laksh : dad you can stoop so low
At that time swara comes from behind and snatches the paper from shekhar and throws it on fire and it gets burns
Swara : now say dad no one can stop me from getting me married to sanskaar
Laksh : we will be one anyhow
All four were at onee side shekhar and dp leaves angrily and they went to a big goon of thatt area and give the photo of sanskaar and ragini to kill them anyhow
Laksh and sanskaar gets to know about this they all were in mall when the goon sees them sanskaar sees this and informs laksh laksh runs taking swara and sanskaar runs taking ragini and goons were chasing them while running raginis leg gets stuck into a hole sanskaar goes to her help but it was stuck badly the goon head sees this and was running towards ragini to stab her sanakaar was protecting her as a sheild but laksh comes in between and knife got stabbed to laksh sanskaar got furious he beated him till he died all took laksh to hospital ragini was crying and was worried for him swara consoles her sansakaar was just seeing them as he was too tensed suddenly doctor came
Doctor : he is now out of danger you can meet him
All trio goes to him
Ragini hugged him

Ragini : idiot you are my everything my life what would have happened to you i would have been died
Laksh : sshh i am fine ok when you are with me how can anything happens to me
Sanskaar was standing behind
Laksh : sanky u will not talk to me
Sanskaar : dont you dare ok kya zarurat thi hero banne ki agar tujhe kuch hojata toh
Laksh : and what would have happened to how can i let my bro suffer
Sanskaar hugged him
Sanakaar : you idiot never ever do this stunts
Sanskaar ragini and laksh hugged
Swara : everyone have forgettened me
She pouts sanskaar opens his arms and swara comes to him all four hugged
At that time dp came
Laksh : sanskaar inse kehde yaha se chale jaye inhone mujhe bahot taklif di hai
Dp : sahi kaha beta i have did wrong and i would get a punishment saying this he started beating his head on wall laksh and sanskaar came to him
Sanskaar : uncle what r u doing
Dp : i am sorry beta but i will make ragini and laksh marry and you annd swara marry i was wrong plz forgive me
Laksh and sanskaar hugged dp
Next day laksh got discharged and were on dp house all were sitting when shekhar came to him
Shekhar : dp what have you done i will not agree with this marraige never
Dp : we also dont need your approval swara is like my daughter and i will make swara marry to sanskaar now get lost
Shekhar goes angrily swara was sad sanskaar consoles her
Days passed it was their engagement day ragini and sanskaar were coming with raginis uncle and at that time at hall swara was waiting for shekhar and she gets happy to see him
Swara : dad
Shekhar : i am sorry beta but now i am also with you and sanskaar will keep you good waise kaha hai sanskaar
Swara : he is on the toad he is coming
there sanskaar and ragini were stuck as tire got punchure suddenly some goons came and took ragini with them sanskaar was opposing but they beat sanskaar too seeing all this raginis uncle ran from there and the goons took ragini to nearby hut and tore her clothes from arms she was crying to leave her they were about to kiss her when sanskaar comes with a rod and beats them badly after that he goes to ragini who was crying badly he goes to her and wrapped his blazer around her and consoled her ragini hugged him cried but they were unaware that somebody was clicking their photos
Sanakaar : its ok ragini nothing happened now we have to go also na
Ragini : but laksh
Sanskaar : after engagement we will tell them ok now come
They again goes to home ragini changed clothes and both headed to mansion
Laksh : kaha reh gaye the sanskaar chalo aur ragini tumhare uncle kab se aagye hai
At that time dp makes aan announcement
Dp : ladies and gentlemen attention plz i am so happy today my son and his friend sanakar are getting engaged so here are some of their some pics of their friendship
Some pics was seeing on projector of sanskaar and laksh their childhood pics their masti pics sanskaar and laksh smiled but suddenly sanskaar and ragini pics were showing in which sanskaar hugged ragini which made raglak swasan shocked it was showing and showing and atlast lights goes on
Laksh : kya hai yeh sab
Dp : haqeeqat beta behind your back see what your ragini is doing
Ragini : uncle
Shekhar : hum log ne tumhe apna maana aur tum log itna gir gaye chii
Swara was just standing numb
Sanskaar : laksh tujhe toh yaqeen hai na ki yeh sab jhut hai
Laksh didnt reply
Sanskaar : laksh tu bhi inki baato par yaqeen karra hai
Laksh : mujhe saboot de sanskaar ki yeh sab jhut hai i also cant believe this but what my eyes are seeing i cant deny it
Sanskaar : what are you saying ok then ragini where is your uncle tell him to come
Raginis uncle came
Shekhar : bol kya hai sacchai bata kya hua tha
Uncle : beta i will say truth i dont know anything seriously
Ragini comes to him
Ragini : uncle plz say truth you were der na with us plz its for my life plz
The tears on her eyes was completely visible
Uncle : laksb beta this ragini is total fraud girl and you know she is having affair with sanskaar
The cloud burst on swara and laksh sanskaar angrily goes to her uncle and beats him but laksh comes and stops
Sanskaar : laksh you are believing him
Laksh : plz sanskaar just go away i dont want to see your face plz
Sanskaar : swara see nobody is trusting me you trust me na i am swearing on you that this all are fake plz trust your sanskaar
Swara jerks him
Swara : dont touch me sanskaar laksh just tell him to get out
Saying this swara went cryingly laksh goes to sanskaar
Laaksh : bas sansakar enough now just get lost
Sanskaar : laksh listen to me
Laksh punches him ragini comes to stop him he too pushes her dp and shekhar were happy seeing this as this was their plan and it worked
Laksh was beating sanskaar when laksh mama came in between
Rp : laksh yeh kya karra hai tu apni bachpan ki dosti apne yaar par haath utha raha hai
Laksh : dosti maine nhi isne todi hai mama bhai jaisa chaha and he stabbed at my back plz mama tell him to leave
Sanakaar looks at laksh and went from there ragini too followed him both were walking on road
Ragini then move a little ahead of sanskaar
Sanakaar : ragini kaha jaa rhi ho
Ragini : pata nahi ab toh mera iss dunia mein koi nhi raha
Sanskaar : come you will stay with me
Ragini : nahi sanskaar i dont want to become a burden on you
Sanskaar : kya behen ek bhai ke liye boj hoti hai
Ragini turns and hugged him cryingly sanskaar consoles her

Scene chages
Bg music plays
Jab neend na aaye
Swara who was lying on bed holding sanakaars pic and was crying
Jab yaad sataye
Laksh was seen in his room drinking and tears were flowing from his eyes
Jab dil ghabraye
Ragini was sitting and reminding of lakshs words
Jab gham tadpaye
Sanskaar was walking on road remembering everything
Isse kya kahiye mere rab tu bata ishq hai ishq hai haa yahi ishq hai ishq haar bhi hai ishq jeet bhi hai dil ka dushman bhi hai dil ka meet bhi hai ishq hai ishq hai ha yahi ishq hai
The screen shifts to ragini sitting on floor and suddenly sees laksh coming she then touches him it was her hallucination
Kabhi ishq dil me khushi leke aaye
Laksh is sitting in his room in all dark remembering ragini
kabhi ishq gham ka andhera yeh chaye
Kabhi ishq dil me khushi leke aaye kabhi ishq gham ka andhera yeh chaye
Ishq hai geet bhi ishq hai raag bhi
Dil jala de magar ishq woh aag bhi
Aag lagaye ishq ishq
Hosh udaye ishq ishq
Dil ko dhukaye ishq ishq ishq
Jaan gawaye ishq ishq
Ek deevaangi hai isse kya kahu ishq hai ishq hai haa yahi ishq hai
Sanskaar is shown sitting in garden alone reminding how he use to tease swara and smiles tearfully
Kabhi ishq dil me khushi leke aaye
Swara is remembers how sanskaar use to put orange peel on her eyes and she cries
Kabhi ishq aasu in aakhon me laaye
Kabhi ishq dil me khushi leke aaye kabhi ishq aasu in aakhon me laaye
Ishq me hai khushi ishq mein dard bhi ishq aisa rup hai ishq hai zindagi
Khwaab dikhaye ishq ishq
Fir chokaye ishq ishq
Dil ko sataye ishq ishq
Chain churaye ishq ishq
Ishq aakhir hai kya mai bhi hairan hu
Ishq ishq hai haa yahi ishq hai
Jab neend na aaye
Jab yaad sataye
Jab dil ghabraye
Jab gham tadpaye
Ishq hai ishq haa yahi ishq hai
Ragini stands up but due to much stress she falls down sanakaar comes at that time and tries to wake her up but she doesnt wake up he lifts her and took her to nearby municipalty hospital
There swara comes to laksh room
Swara : laksh u der
Laksh : ha swara come
Swara : laksh whatever happened yesterday i dont know what to say i just dont think this all things right
Laksh : swara but that photos
Swara : we should atleast talk with them plz for me take me to them plz
Laksh : ok come
There in hospital doctor checks her
Doctor : sanskaar she have taken very much stress thats why she is weak give her these medicines and take care of her you can take her at home
Sanakaar : thanks doctor
Sanskar then goes to ragini and takes her to home with support at that time laksh and swara was driving they sees them getting out hospital laksh gets worries they were about to approach them but they have left so laksh asks ward boy
Laksh : are bhai woh log yaha kyu aaye the
Ward boy : are saab yape log jabhi aate hai jab unki patni maa banne wali rhti hai
Laksh and swara misunderstand this swara and laksh drives back to mansion
Swara cries dp and shekhar gets happy
Dp : beta ab yeh to hona hi tha
Laksh : uss kaminey ko toh zara sa lihaz bhi nhi raha
Shekhar : beta if you both agree why are you wasting your life you both should get marry
Dp : we cant see like this beta plz
Laksh : no dad dont plead we never listen you but today i will not neglet you day after tomorrow keep the marraige i also wanna show them we can stay happy without them if they can stay happy
Swara : i also have no objection what sanskaar have done is totally unforgettable and i will show him that i can also be happy
There rp was listening this with teary eyes as he know sanskaar cant do this so he goes from there and try to collect proofs for sanskaars innocence
Next day sanskaar was giving medicine to ragini at that time laksh and swara came
Ragini was happy that laksh came
Laksh : dont be happy ragini we have not came here to enjoy your happiness
Swara : dekho toh sahi laksh inhe kitni khushi aakhir yeh ragini maa jo banne wali hai
Sanskaar goes to her
Sanskaar : what the hell swara what are you trying to say
Swara : so listen mr. Sanskaar you are happy na so we have also decided something
Laksh : mai aur swara shaadi karre hai
Ragini and sanskaar were shocked
Laksh : bas farak sirf itna rahega ki hamare samband rumhare jaise najayez nahi rahenge
Swara : yeh lo shaadi ka card kal hamari shaadi hai aur tum mere kuch nhi ho smjhe sanskaar aur mai yeh bhi bhul jaungi ki maine kabhi pyaar bhi kari thi aur meri koi dost bhi thi chalo laksh
Laksh and swara goes sanakaar catches his forehaed and ragini then goes to kitchen and lockes the door
Sanskaar thinks to talk to her but he sees the door locked he tells her to open but she doesnt listen he goes to window and was shocked that ragini was pouring petrol on her sanskaar shouts but she still doesnt listen he goes and breaks the door and slaps ragini
Sanskaar : hosh mein aao ragini kya karri ho isse hamare pe lagaye gaye ilzaam mit jayenge nahi aisa nahi hai
Ragini : toh aur kya karu jisse maine itna pyaar kiya wahi mujhe badnaam karra hai mai jina nahi chati sanskaar nahi
She cries hugging him

Sanakaar : nahi ragini woh log ko mai chain se jeene nahi dunga
At late night swara and laksh were coming from somewhere when sanakaar comes in front of the car laksh stops it suddenly and then sanakaar goes and beats lakah till he faints and he drag swara swara was shouting for help but he was not listening sanakaar then then took her to some bushes area and tore her clothes from arms swara was shocked and was protesting at that time laksh comes and saves her and beats sanakaar police comes and took sanskaar with him
Swara was crying when laksh comes
Swara : dekho na laksh usne kya kardiya kaise mera sanskaar aisa hogaya
Laksh then puts his blazer on swara nd hugs her to console her at that time someone clicks their photos too
Next day it was their wedding ragini get to know about sanskaar and she rushes to police station where they were beating sanskaar she was crying and was shouting not to beat him she thinks of something and run directly to dps house where marraige was going on she reached at main gate where dp and shekhar were standing
Shekhar : aee where are you going
Ragini : uncle plz spare sanskaar they are beating him very badly plz he will die
Dp and shekhar smirks
Dp : are what happened to you now that day you were relling na money cant buy love so what happened to your love
Ragini : uncle plz save him i will do whatever you will tell
Shekhar : so go on your knees and tell love is nothing infront of money
Ragini sits on her knees
Ragini : money is everything love is nothing in front of it love lost infront of money
Shekhar smirks and do the call to police station
Shekhar : listen officer woh sanskaar ko chod do aur uss sanakaar aur uski premika ko yaha se dur leke jao aur agar kabhi woh yaha dikh gaye toh uss sanakaar ko goli mardena
And he cuts the call
Dp : listen never mess with us and never show your face neither sanskaar will be dead go jow
Ragini goes from there to police station and tell sanakaar that they have to leave from here
Sanskaar : nahi ragini i will not go i have to prove ourself innocence and for that sake if i be killed i will happily die
Ragini : agar marna hi tha toh uss din mujhe kyu roka mar jaane diya hota apne daaman par lage ilzaam toh maine bardaasht karliye magar apne bhai ki maut nahi dekh paungi plz sanskaar chalo yaha se
Sanskaar : ok ragini we will go
At that time police comes
Police : ae chalo take your bags we have to reach airport in 2 hours
Screen shifts to dp house where marraige was going on laksh was sitting on mandap when swara came wearing veil both sits both were sad as they never thought of this but suddenly lights goes off all gets surprised when suddenly projector gets start
And it shows sanskaar hugging ragini and next pic it is shown laksh hugging swara at same position same to same pics were showing which qere shocking to swara and laksh and lights goes off dp sees that rp was playing it he goes to him
Dp : rp what the hell what you want to prove
Rp : mai yeh saabit karna chata hu ki tu kitna gira hua insaan hai sun laksh that day what has happened your ragini and sanskaar were coming when goons attacked them and were forcing ragini at that time your brother sanskaar came to her rescue he saved her dignity and when that girl was scared he consoled her but it was sown her in other manner
Laksh and swara was double shocked
Rp : they were about to tell youll but those pics have shown here and youll misunderstood them sanskaar was shouting to listen him but you and swara have clised your ears and at that time sanskaar took ragini with her and kept her as a sister and you know because of you her health was down so sanskaar took her to hospital abd you misunderstood that too shame on you laksh thats the reason sanskaar forced swara so that you save her and when you were consoling swara i clicked this photos to make you understand whats the difference and you know who dis this this dp and shekhar to make you both marry
Laksh and swara were feeling as someone have stabbed the knife on them laksh goes to him
Laksh : kya bigada tha maine aapka mere bhai ne meri ragini jo aapne aisa kiye unke saath sanskaar to aapko apne baap jaisa maanta tha na aur aapne hamari saalo ki dosti ek jhatke me khatam kardi aur agar aaj mama yeh photos dikhate nahi to mujhe farak bhi nahi samjhta sach aur jhut mai i am ashamed to call you dad
He started to hit walls so badly that his hands were bleeding swara goes to him
Swara : laksh plz sambhalo khud ko mujhe bhi dhoka mila hai magar yeh waqt yaha par chillane ka nahi balki unse maafi mangane ka hai i want to go to sanskaar
Rp : haa beta plz go they are going to leave this city in 1 hour
Laksh runs with swara and they drove to airport there ragini and sanskaar reached there laksh was driving so fastly that the car got hit to a tree and laksh was injured on head swara injured her hand but then too he drive
There police leaves them
Police : ab yeh plane pakadna aur iss shehar me dobara nahi dikhayi dena
Sanskaar : chalo ragini
They goes to security
Laksh and swara reaches airport and were entering but security stops them
Laksh : plz i have to go plz sir its for my life plz i am begging you sor plz
The policeman allows them to go
Sanskaar and ragini were on 1 floor and swara and laksh were on ground floor laksh and swara sees them but laksh fumbles with a man and falls as he was injured swara shouts his name ragini and sanskaar hears it and looks down and they too saw them laksh sees them and join his hands ragini was teary eyes both sanskaar and ragini goes down ragini runs to laksh laksh too was running towards ragini atlast both hugs eachother laksh was hugging her so tightly and after that he releases the hug and goes to sanskaar
Laksh : sanskaar mai toh maafi ke layak bhi nahi hu magar fir bhi
He touches his feet sanakaar on the spot hugs him
Sanskaar : laksh kya karra hai bas kar
Laksh : i am sorry mujhe maaf karde bhai
Sanskaar : sshh its ok
Swara then goes to ragini and joined hands ragini hugged her and sanskaar goes to ragini
Sanskaar : laksh le meri behen kabse tera intezaar karri thi yeh le iska haath aur kabhi mat chodna
He goves raginis hand to laksh hands
Laksh then goes to sanskaar and takes his hand and gives to swara
Laksh : le teri swara ja leja isse
Swara was crying seeing him sanskaar then points his finger on her neck she looks down to see it as she looks down sanskaar pinches her nose swara mouths get o sanskaar hugged her swara too hugged him tightly
Swara : i am sorry sanskaar i didnt trusted you i am sorry plz forgive me plz forgive your swara
Sanskaar : sshh its ok now you are with me i dont want anything else ok now keep quite
Laksh hugged ragini
Both couples were happy after that they were living happily shekhar and dp realises their mistake and asked for forgiveness all forgived them and all lived happily

Misundertanding can seperate people for some time but they are together atlast love wins after all

The end

So guyz atlast i finished this it was my last recreation and next os will be on raglak i will upload it on saturday or sunday do gove love to this os and next os love youll and be lated eid mubarak bye see youll soon

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