Swaragini (opposite attracts) …Intro


Hey guys I am writing my first fan fiction hope you enjoy it and my ff basis on how swaragini life changes with time

Gadodia niwas:
Swara: simple , cute,obideant,and love his little sister ragini very much and found of classical music

Ragini: hot, morden,naughty but love his sister very much and fond of western music
Shekar: papa of swara and ragini and love his daughter very much
Sumi: wife of shekar and little bit stict
Dadi: little bit arrogant but love swaragini very much
Dada: cool and encourage swaragini in every work
Maheswari niwas:
Sanskar: cool; naughty,and flirty type, fun loving guy but love his little bro lucky very much and fond of western music
Lucky: simple,obideant ,and love books and love his brother very much and fond of classical music
Dp: cool and fun loving and enjoy every moment with family
Ap: wife of dp and strict and maintain diciplain in house
Adarsh: elder bro of lucky and sanskar and busseness minded
Pari: wife of adarsh and strong bonding with his bro like sanskar and lucky
Uttra: sis of lucky,adarsh,sanskar, very naughty and funny

If you like my ff then please guys comment so that I can write more

Credit to: nisha

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  1. Is it swalak ff ? If no then plz make it swalak …..

  2. swasan and raglak… nice… intro is good.. to get feedback update the first part soon… so that we can say…

  3. Can u plz make it swalak plz

  4. its good continue

  5. u hav made al the charactrs opp..plz make it same as in real

  6. nice start

  7. Its very good nisha but classical doesn’t suit on swalak especially laksh. And please don’t make it swasan because there are lot of swasan ff so its my request to make it swalak. And it will really look very funny seeing a flirt guy lucky playing classical music with sitar or veena otherwise intro is just superb. I would love Sanskar and Ragini modern.

  8. Good start u did there characters visewarsa cool yar new story

  9. Thats so nice

  10. Plz make it raglak

  11. Mk it swasan n raglak plz…

  12. its cool bt i think classic dont suits lalsh

  13. Nice dear all r opp…intresting….nd don’t change ur story..good start

  14. It’s swasan write
    And nice start

  15. if it is opposite attract then u make a ragsan and swalak . and plz continue …nice intro

  16. As it is opposite attract I think it will be swasan nd raglak and if its swasan then it will be best I m a big swasan fan

  17. make it RagSan FF plzzzzzzz

  18. Plzzzz make it swalak coz they look superb together….no one can match them
    n it’s really interesting that lucky fond of classical music 😉 … plz continue

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