Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 9


Thnks all the guys for liking my fan fiction
Recap: fresherparty over,sanlak save swaragini,piya,radika from goons
The next day in gadodia mansion
Sumi: my both dolls please come and take breakfast it is ready
Swaragini: yes mom coming
And they come as swara is wearing a light pink suit while ragini is wearing white top with blue jeans and they both sit to do break fast
Ragini: so di you have to say soory to sanky don’t forget
Swara: ok sanky nice ne lado
Ragini: yeah he is my friend na
And they both done their breakfast and waves bye to dadi and sumi and go to collage on their scooty
on the other side maheswari mansion
lucky and sanskar get ready and came for breakfast that time ap see wound in lucky hand
ap: (thought about past )lucky from where you get hurt please tell me fast
lucky: ok mom and tell the whole incident
ap have a sign of relif after knowing the reason
dp: I am proud on you my sons

sanlak: thnks papa
and they both take breakfast and go to collage in their car on the way of their car sanskar stopd the car and go to a shop and buy something and then come
lucky: what you have brought
sanskar: soory card for swara
lucky: oh that’s great
and both brothers and sisters come to collage they all meet on the door of the class of lucky and ragini as swara came to company ragini to her class ans sanskar company lucky
ragini: hi sanky and lucky
sankar: hi sweety not bad sanky
swara: hi lucky and sanskar
lucky: hi swara
and ragini and lakash headed towards their class and sankar and swara headed towards their class but there is complete silnce btw them they both are thinking to say soory and reach their class as they both enter arjun and radika shocked to see them together and they came and sit with each other then professor come and start the lecture they both thought to tell soory and both at the same time say
sanskar: swara
swara: sanskar
for some time silence again at same time
swara: I want to tell you something
sanskar : I want to tell you something
they started lauhing on their act

sanskar: yeah swara tell what you want to say
swara: no you tell first
sanskar: ladies first so you tell first
swara: no you tell first ok
sanskar: please swara you tell first
swara stand up
swara: sanskar I tell you na you tell me first what you want to say
sanskar also stand up
sankar: no you tell first
suddenly a voice came
professor: don’t tell any thing you both just leave the class
from that voice they see whole class is watching them
swara: soory sir
professor: you both are going or I will go from class
they both go from the class and stand outside and after sometime started lauhing
on the other side raglak class
today abhay and piya not come so lak and rag sit with each other
ragini: thnks laksh for tommarow
lucky: its ok ragini
ragini: how is your hand now its paining a lot na
lucky: notat all I am alright
ragini: ok then you have think yes or no
lucky: for what
ragini: for our friendaship
lucky thinks sometime sand say yes
ragini gets happy and tell can I call you lucky as now we are friends na
lucky laughs and says ok and ragini see him lauhing
on the other side sawsan class
sanskar: shall we go to canteen
swara: ok lets go
they both headed towards canteen
sanskar: swara you tell first what you want to say
swara: ok I want to tell you soory sanskar for being so rude towards you
sanskar: I also want to say soory to you and give him soory card
swara take it
sanskar: lets begin a new start lets be friends
and extended his hand my name is sanskar maheswari will you be my friend
swara(laugh): sahke hand and tell why not

and they started talking and after sometime when raglak class get over they go to canteen and see swara sanskar their
lucky: so bhai you tell him soory or not
ragini: and you
swara: yeah and we are friends now
ragini so from now we are frnds forever and extended her hand then sanskar put his hand after that lucky and then after swara
sanskar: where is arjun and radika lucky
lucky: they have gone for some work
lucky: bhai I am going to library will you accompany me
sanskar: library no way lucky
swara: ok lucky I am also goning towards library I will come with you
and they both go towards library and ragini sits with sanskar

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Credit to: nisha

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