Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 8


Sorry guys for the late update as I am suffering from fever from last two three days hope you guy understand and thanks to all readers and silent readers for reading my story as I think I am not a good writer but you appreciated me so thanks again
Recap: fresher party,swasan and raglak dance and wining made for each other trophy
They take trophy and goes to their friend and all others come and wish them and after that rohit came so after that so a singing game what you guys say all say at same tine yes
Rohit tell to them so lets start the game so who will come first
Piya: swaragini you go
Radika: yeah please
Swaragini: ok

And they headed towards stage and rohit welcome them and tell so swara and ragini best of luck and go from stage swaragini started song jot u mers hamedard ha all memerised listening their voice and sanlak are lost in swaragini and smiling they completed their song but sanlak are lost in swaragini eyeing them suddenly come in world by hearing clapping sound after that those who want to sing they sing and after that many games played and after that dinner and after taking dinner all students headed towards their home
In swargini car all girls are thinking about fresher party and their dance suddenly piya stops the car
Swara: what happen piya you stop the car
Piya: I think there is problem in car wait I will chek it
All girls came out of car and it was a sunshan area piya check the car but ragini see 5 drunked man coming towards them
Ragini: di see their and hide behind swara
All girls get afraid and drunked man come and see the girls one of them go to piya and start teasing her and another goes to ragini which is hiding behind swara and is about to touch him
Swara gave him tight slap and tell don’t you dare to touch my sister
Man: how dare you slapped me now I will show you and hold swara hand and start harsing her
And other mans hold piya,radika and ragini and girls started shouting for help
Them is about to tear swara gown a hand stops him and it was sanskar and covers him with his coat and lucky goes and free girls swara goes to ragini and hug him and sankar and lucky start fighting with them suddenly a man take out knife and hit on hand of lucky and after sometime sanskar and lucky overpower them and they all run away they headed towards girls and see them fearing tell everything is ok now please relax swara hug sanskar tightly and ragini hug lucky tightly and both sanlak cosole them and suddenly ragini break her hug and see lucky injury and tied hanky on it and sansaw also break their hug

Sanskar: relax girls
Lucky: you all come we will drop you
They all go and sanlak drop swaragini to their house and after getting out of car both sister tell thanks to both brothers and they headed towards their home and they both brothers go to drop piya and radika

In swaragini house sumi and dadi are watining for them and then both the girls come and sumi and dadi shocked to see swara in this state
Dadi: what happned to my princesses
Swargini remain silent
Sumi: please tell us what happened your silence is killing us
Ragini tell the whole incident and they both sister started crying dadi and sumi get shocked and make swargini sit and sumi goes and bring water for them
Dadi: no no my dolls don’t cry take this water
And swargini start drinking water
Sumi:thank god and god bless that boys who save my dolls
And they hug swaragini and then sumi take them to their room
Both swargini come in their room and sumi also goes then they both hug each other
Ragini: di I so lucky that I have a sister like you really
Swara: lado I love you so much more then myself
Ragini: me too but di today both boys save us
Swara: yeah lado
Ragini: and di you they both are such a nice guy
Swara: yeah lado and I am felling that I should say soory to sanskar
Ragini: yead di he is such a nice guy
And they both go to sleep and on the other side sanlak after dropping piya and radika goes home
Both go to sanskar room and sanskar take out the medicine kit and start dressing lucky wound
Saskar: she is just like a angel na lucky
Lucky: who bhai
Sanskar: swara I have see him close today she is like an angel
Lucky: yeah bhai she is cute
Sanskar: I should tell him soory for my bheaviour
Lucky: yeah bhai
Lucky goes to his room And they both started thinking lucky about his dance with ragini and her careness and suddenly he jerks why I am thinking about her I don’t want this trap again and falls asleep and sanskar is also thinking about his dance with swara and their hug and smile and fall asleep

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Credit to: nisha

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  9. Yeah vashnavi swara is traditinal but i have not told that she is weak as i write in inteo she love her sister very much and she wear morden dress bcz of her sister as i have told in earlier chapter

  10. Get well soon dear and your really write so well. Don’t discourage yourself like that. Infact I am really expecting good episodes from you. Love your fiction and you..

  11. Vinay Karthik

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