Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 6

Thnks gyus for your appericiation om my ff and to silent readers thnks for readin my ff but please comment it will encouge me to write more
Recap: swaragini go to mall and lakash and ragini meeting and swara sanskar fight
They both brother and sister go to their respective home on their respective vechile
Sumi see swaragini on door
Sumi: so my dolls came
Ragini: ha ma

Sumi: show me what shopping you did and then see face of swara which is showing that she is angry
Sumi: swara what happened
Swara was about to say incident happen on mall but ragini interfere
Ragini: nothing ma she cant get a dress which she like for me bcz it is torn but you see what we have bring
Ragini start showing the dress and sumi appricate their choice
After that sumi tell them to go and freshup and she will make coffe for them and they go and after freshup they both came and take coffe and come to their room
Swara: why you stop me for telling incident to ma
Ragini: di ma will get upset na
Swara: ok but I will never forgive that kadus I like the dress very much and want to gift you
Ragini: let it be di the dress is not in my destiny so you cant it for me anyways everything is happen for god
Swara: when my lado become so much big talking like a profesnal
Ragini in thought some one made me like this
Swara shakes him and tell where you lost
Ragini: no where

And they started talking about their planning on fresher party on the other side
Maheshwari mansion:
Sanskar start goes to his room and behind lucky also come
Sanskar: I will not leave him
Lucky: cool bhai please lets forget it
Saskar: how dare she call me monkey
Uttra:is listenging this from outside
Uttra: monkey! who told you monkey
Lucky: she is bhai classmate and tell the whole incident
Then after both uttra and lucky start smiling at sanskar and sanskar see lucky smiling and get happy seening him smling after that incident

At evening
Gadodia niwas:
Swara and ragini come downstairs swara wearing a black gown on so much insisting on ragini as she cant say no to ragini and same type ragini is also wearing a gwon of light pink clour and swara left his hair open and ragini make some curls
Dadi ,sumi,shekar,dada stunned seeing ragini and swara
Dadi: my both princessare looking very gorgeus god take all bad eyes away from them
sumi: ha ma they are looking very beautiful
swaragini: thnks ma , dadi
ragini: ma we are goning
shekar : I will drop you
swara: no papa piya is coming and we go with him
dada: ok beta take care and enjay the party
piya come and they both go and all them towards collage
on the other side maheshwari mansion:
sanskar is wearing a white shirt with black blazer and lucky is wearing black shirt with brown blazer and they both come down

uttra: see my bhai are looking so handsom today any girl will flat on them right na papa
dp: yeah but I only flat on your mom
ap: get shy app bhi na
and all start lauching and they both go to collage and they both go to collage and join with abhay and arjun and aftersomtime they saw swaragini coming from the gate and memrised seeing them and both thought whats happing to them ragini also see lucky and thought that he is looking dam hansom I am falling for him more day by day and swara see sanskar angrly
piya and radika come to abhay and arjun and sanlak and swaragini introduce each other
sanskar: hey ragini you are looking gorgeus
ragini: thnks but you are to looking handsom yar
sanskar: oh thnks you are so cool I thought you were like your sister as dumb
ragini: oh please don’t tell anything about my sister understand
she is about to go but he hold his hand
sanskar: ok ok sorry I will never tell any thing about your sister ok lets be friends
ragini: ok friends and they shake hand and talking about their likes and dislikes
on the other side sawlak
swara: hi so you are the guy about my sister is telling
lucky shy and gives no response
swara: you are nice but not like your brother as kadus

lucky: sorry but my brother is not to much bad
and they started talking about their likes and dislikes and fells that they have almost same opinion on each topic
swara: so we have same thoughts so lets be friends
lucky: yeah
and both shake their hand on the other side ragsan also has same opinion on almost all topic

precap: a chit game and swara is shoched hearing something


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