Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 5


Thnks all the guys who are commenting on my ff and also slient readers
Gadodia mansion:
Dadi: sumi go see if both my dolls awake or not
Sumi: ji ma
Sumi is about to go to their room but stuuned seening ragini she ia wearing a white top with black jeans and swara is wearing a simple with black mixture suit
Dadi: what happen sumi why are you standing like a statue
Sumi: gives no reply so dadi go and see and stueend seeing ragini
Ragini:ma,dadi what happen why are you seeing me like this
Sumi: beta are you ok na and check her forehead
Dadi: from where today sun arise my lado has awake so early
Ragini: (angrly) dadi
All start lauhing
Swara: dadi bcz we are going to shopping na
Dadi: oh that’s the reason
sumi:ok but take nasta and then go ok
both sister take nasta and go to mall on their scooty
on the other side maheswari manson:
sanskar wake up early and goes to lucky room and see lucky reading a book
lucky:bhai what a surprise you wake up so early
sanska: ok ok but you today is our holiday and ou are reading book not fair
lucky: you know na bhai when I was alone I start thinking about her so I start reding book to foget about her and the pain she has given me and tear rool down from his eyes
sankar:( givehim ahug) it was your past forget her if you think about her it will only give you pain
lucky: I know bhai but what should I do of this dil he only remind me of her and started crying
there is a bit silence btw them
sanskar suddenly changes topic

sanskar: so you come na with me I have go to go to mall with my girlfriend
lucky: (sadly) no bahi I have no mood to outside
sanskar: please lucky I had promise my girl friend to ake him mall and you the only one to take permission from ma
lucky: ok bhai
uttra who is standing outside the door liseting to their gat teary eyed
uttra: god please send some one so that my bhai will get out of this pain
and then rubes his eyes( so that no one can understand that she is crying) and lauhing come in room
uttra: I have heard all your talk and I will tell to ma
sanskar: what uttra please my little sister don’t do this with your bhai you are my baby doll na please
uttra: (laugh on his talk) ok but you will give a gift to me ok
sanskar: done
lucky goes and take permission and go to mall it is the same mall where swaragini is arrived
lucky: so where is your girlfriend bhai
sanskar: she will not come yet I call her
her name is nupur and she is the daughter of a big bussieness man dayal khana
sanskar call er
sanskar: hey baby where are you I am wating you in mall please come fast
dayal: so you the boyfriend of my daughter
sanskar: oh shit uncle you where is nupur
dayal: you don’t you dare take my daughter name from your mouth its better you stay away from him and don’t try to call him again
and start scolding him and sanskar put his phone away from ears and lucky ank what happen bhai
sanskar: so hear it how he is appericiating me
lucky hear it
dayal: if you come near my daughter if will be bad for you
and he cut the call after that lucky laugh haertly on seeing sanskar face and sanskar see him happy after 2 years
sanskar: stop laughing lucky
lucky: ok bhai and hardly control his laugther and tell what we will do know
sanskar: we have come in a mall so we do shhoping
lucky ok bhai

sankar: I am going upstairs ok
thay both split on the other side swraginienter the mall
swara: lado I go upstairs ok
and they also both split
ragini is in ashop and lucky see him from back side and she left but lucky see thet she left her purse so called him
lucky: excuse me miss you forget your purse
ragini turn arund and see him
ragini: you hear so you are following me (teasingly)
lucky: (hesitantly) no way and here is your purse
ragini: oh thnks again and shall we friends even destiny want to become friend so we meet here as you don’t know I am coming hare and I don’t know you coming hear
lucky: soory but I don’t belive in destiny
ragini: I will wait for yur answer yes or no for our friendship
and ragini is about go turn but his leg get twisted and she is about to fall but lucky hold him they share an eye lock( bg music tere naina tere naina song play) on the other side swara and sanskar see a dress
swara thought of giving this to ragini and sanskar thought of giving it to uttra and oth at the same time take the dress
swara: you! I haven taken this dress first so leave it
sanskar: no way you leave it ok
they started pulling dress towards each other in this the dress got torn and other dress fall on them so they missed their balnce andswra fell top on sanskar and share eye lock(bg music dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana song plays) after sometime they cmpose themselves and swara see the dress get torn
swara( angrly): what the hell you have torn his dress
sanskar : oh miss I have not done this you have done this
swara: you have done this so aceept your mistake
sanakar: you stop your chi chi like a chuyia ok
swara: you call me chuyia how dare you
sanskar: chuyia ko chyia nahi to aur kya bulage
swara: then you are a monkey
sanskar: just stop it

swara: I will show what a chuyia can do
and they start fighting and from that noise lucky and ragini compose themselves and see upstairs and tell at same time they started again and goes to them ragini take swara from their and after swara and ragini gone the manager of mall came and ask them to deposite money of dress lucky depiste the money and both go to their home in car while swaragini on scooty
soory gyus if its get long and if you get bore if you like it please comment

Credit to: nisha

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