Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 4


Gadodia mansion:
Dadi see sumi walking there and their woridly
Dadi: what happen sumi
Sumi: ma swara and ragini not come yet
Dadi: what they not come yet call on their mobile
Sumi: I called but they are not picing the call don’t know why. they always inform me if they are getting late
Dadi: then call shekar
Sumi is about to call shekar a voice came this is of swaragini
Swaragini at same time: we came ma
Dadi: why you are so late we are worried for you
Sumi: ha beta
Ragini: nothing ma our scooty tyre get puncher so that’s why we are lat
Sumi: then why are not picinkg the phone
Swara: ma my phone battery is dead
Sumi: and ragini you
Ragini suddenly bring phone from her bang and see 20 missed call of sumi
Ragini: oh no ma my phone was on silent
Dadi(angrly): so why wegiven you to make silent you know how much we worried for you
Ragini: sory dadi it will not happen again
Dadi: its ok
Ragini: now simle (tell like a child)
Dadi see his childish behaviuor and simle
Ragini: that’s my rocstar dadi
Sumi: in all these I forget to ask how was the first day your collage
Swara: awesome ma

Sumi tell them to go and freshup I will give you coofe in your room and both go to their room and after some time sumi give them coffe and they shut their room door
Ragini: why don’t you tell about that boy to ma and dadi
Swara: its nothing impotant you tell me I see you are simling loking at that kadus sanskar bahi
Ragini: he is my classmate
Swara: if he same like his brother
Ragini: he is sincere and only book lover like you my sweet di (but don’t woory I will make him perfect ) said in a slow voice
Swara: ok lets lave that brothers topic
Then they started talking about all other things happen collage and after 5 hours sumi is outside their surprised thougt that their doll are studing till now
Sumi: enter the room and see them reading
Sumi: I cant belive my ragini is studing from last five hours how this miracle happen

Ragini: (naughlty) when I not study then you tell to study when I am studing you are tauting me
Swara: yes ma this miracle happens sometime only
Ragini: di you also
Sumi stop this and down for dinner . swaragini at same time tell ok ma and when sumi goes they simle
Mischievously seeing each other as what they are doing and goes down they both along with dadi sit on dining table and then after shekar and dada came and sit
Shekar: how are my princess
Dada: how was the first day of coolage of my dolls
Ragini: ma tell them we are not talking to them
Swara: and tell them that we are angry on them
Shekar: why my princess are angry on them
Dada: yeah tell me the reason
Sumi: you both go to work without meeting them in morning that is the rason
Shekar: then papa we bought gift for them what we will do of them
Dada: yeah shekar as they are angry on us so they will not take the gift
After hearing about the gift swaragini get happy and say gift where it is
Dada: but you angry on us na
Shekar: and you both are not talking to us
ragini: but not now please tell me where is th gift
swara: yeah papa
shekar and dada give veena to swara and guitar to ragini they both get happy and hug them and ragini says dadi and ma you can also join us they share a group hug and swaragini music plays in bacground

Jeevan yeh suro se sajati
Rishtey yeh suro se banati
Bajti hai to pyar ki dhun
Ek dhup[ chanchal hai
Ek chandani
Phir bhi hai ek duje ke liye bani
Dilo mein hai pyar bhara
Suro se saji hai swara
Rago se rachi hai ragini
Swaragini swaragini

after sometime they break hug and ragini tell I am so hungry If I will not eat I will die they all laugh and go for dinner and after dinner swara take permission for freaher pary
Maheswari mansion
Ap: uttra go and tell your brothes to come and have dinner
Uttra : ok ma
Uttra goes to sanlak room
Uttra: bhai mom is calling you for dinner
Lucky: ok uttra coming
And they both go to dining table and join their family
Dp: so boys hows your first day of your coolge
Sanakar: awesome bade papa
Ap: at dinner time stop talking take dinner and after that talk ok
Dp: ok as you say apka hukum sarkoh par
Ap get shy and all other laugh after dinner all go to their room and sanskar goes to lucky room

Thnks all for comments and liking my ff

Credit to: nisha

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