Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 3


And they all go to canteen lucky,abhay,sanskar ,arjun sit on one table while swaragini,piya ,radika sit on another one swra know abhay as she is friend of piya both group starting chatting with each other
Sanskar: how long can you stikewith same girl cant you get bore
Abhay: once you fall in love then you know that spending time with her is most beautiful time of life
Lucky: I think love only make life hell nothing less than it
Arjun: no way lucky love is the most beautifull felling made by god when we with our love we fell so special and and wanted that the time which we spend with her could stop and the world look more beautifull and our heart want to lost in their eyes for forever and one thing love make life to live ( stare at radika and simle)
Abhay: yeah love…love is ssuch and amazing feeling,love is very adorable and our life is get completd and he satr at piya
Sanskar: I did not understand love philoshpy
Lucky: yeah love is not made for us

Abhay: when you fall in love for someone then I will question you both
Lucky and sanskar at same time: this will not happen
On the other side swaragini group
Ragini: you both stop staring your boyfriend
Piya and radika blushes
Swara: look blushing oohh
Ragini: by the are you coming for sopping tommarow with us as tommrow is fresher party na
Swra: yeah nice idea
Radika: but we want to go on date with my boyfriend
Piya: yeah
Swara: no problem we both do your shopping also
Ragini: you enjoy with your boyfrnd don’t known when I will get my prince charming( stare at lucky)
Piya: you will get him soon don’t woory
Ragini: just leave it I am so hungry lets order something
Swara: don’t woory I will go and bring food for all of us ok
On the other side
Lucky: I very hungry lets order something
Sanskar: I will go and bring food
Sanskar is going towards food counter and his eyes are on his phone while swara is coming with food and they both get strike and whole food split on sanskar clothes and swra is adout to fall but sanskar hold him but they not share an eye lock . students sitting in cantten start lauhing seeing sanskar state

Sanskar: what the hell what you did
Swara: its your mistake you are walking carelessly ok so don’t shout
Sanskar: so in these also my mistake
Swara: yeah
Sanskar: oh I know you did it genualy
Swara: why should I do it I have no time to waste on you ok
Both starded arguing then lucky and ragini interfere and take them lucky take sanskar to washroom
Sanskar: what she think of herself will not leave him
Lucky: ok cool bhai lets forgot it
Sanskar after wasing food stain they both go to their car
On the other side swaragini
Swara: what he think of herself he can do anything
Ragini: cool swara
Swara: you don’t know lado these type of boys and tell him the whole incident of moring and of classroom
Ragini: so he dared to flirt with my sister means he has guts
Swara: lado!

Ragini: ok ok lets forget about them and you just cool down and they go to their scooty and see lucky andsanskar standing near their car swara see sanskar angrly and sanskar also see swara angrly and ragini just simle seeing lucky but there see him emotionlessly and ragini think he is so arrogant but it not effect me I will make him fall for me defiantly and then both brothers and sister headed towards their home on their respective vechicle

Comment if like and want to give suggestion then give I am happy if if could imply them on my story if possible and thnks to all who comment on my ff

Credit to: nisha

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