Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 2


Both brother and sister come to collage
Swara: lado I am parking scooty you go and check notice board of our classes
Ragini:ok di
On the other side
Lucky: bhai you prak the the car I will go and see notice board for our classes
Sanskar: as you say
Both ragini and lucky headed towards their way and swara is praking the scooty suddenly a car hit his scooty and she fall down from car sanskar came out and see swara her half face is coverd with hair and she is about to stand her leg twist and she again about to fall but sanskar hold him and they share an eyelock(bg music mehrban hua rab ) and after some time they compose themselves
Swara: don’t you have eyes
Sanskar: hey sorry sweety
Swara: how dare you to call me sweety

Sanskar: hold his hand and tell by the way you look beautiful when you are angry
Swara: hey mister leave my hand
Sanskar: what you do if I don’t leave your hand
Swara: I will give you a tight slap
Sanskar: go a head at least I will get your touch
Swra jerks her hand say discusting and headed towards the her way to meet ragini and from behind see him going and simle and they headed towards lucky
On the other side ragini is trying hard to see notice board and suddenly her leg get twisted and she is about to fall but lucky is standing behind her and hold him and they share an eye lock(bg music aankhon me teri) after some time they compose themselves
Ragini: thnks

Lucky: its ok
They both fell something in their heart but ignore it and see notice board and then go to their siblings and they tell each other to meet in canten after all classes get over and headed towards their classes

Sanskar is about to enter in his class he see swara and simle while swara see him and fumes in anger and sanskar go and sit behind swra with his friend arjun and swara is sitting with radhika. Radika and arjun are in relation ship
Radika: see my boy is looking always handsom na

Swara: yeah
Suddenly sanskar start throwing paper ball on swara and swara get angry and and throw a book at him which hits his head
Sanskar: oouch whats your problem

Swara: my problem whats ypur problem why are you throwing paper balls on me
They both start get fighting arjun and radika interfere and arjun take sanskar and they sit on last bench and radika cool down swara and their professor came start the lecture
On the other side lucky goes to his class but class if full and their only one seat left which is with ragini and she is sitting with abhay and piya as abhay is common friend of lucky and ragini bcz ragini is frnd of piya and she know abhay abhay and piya are in realtion ship so they are busy in in romancing
Lucky : hi abhay

Abhay: hi sit here
Then ragini turn and see him
Ragini: oh so you are in this class what a surprise a d thnks again for saving me
Lucky sits and tell its ok
Ragini: my name is ragini and yours
Lucky doesnot give reply so then I call you lucky
Lucky: only my friend call me by this name ok and my name is laksh so call me only laksh ok
Ragini: cool laksh so cant we be friends
Lucky: today only we meet how to become friend no and star reading book
Ragini simle thinking such a handsom butlittle arrogant but its my type I will make him sweeter bcz he is only made for me

And then professor come and start lecture and after completion of classes princi come and tell them about the fresher party and same announcement in sawsank class also all student get excited and ragini with piya and lucky with abhi headed towards canteen on the other side sanskar and swara give angry look to each other and go to canteen sanskar with arjun and swara with radika

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Credit to: nisha

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