Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 19


Really soory guys for late updates as I am having a small incident so I didn’t write my ff hope u all understand
Episode start with raglak compose themselves
Ragini: come lets go
Lucky: ok
And they go down and see sawsan like this and smile ragini thinks I think thay both like each other should I talk to swara not now I will talk at home and lucky also thinks the same sawsan anawre of this lost in each other they come in senses by ragini voice
Ragini: uuhhh

They compose themselves and see ragini and lucky and then saw each other there is awakerdly silence btw them ragini understand this and to lighten mood
Ragini: so boys give me one answer who is looking better me or di
They are about to say something ragini intrupts
Ragini: wait if you tell I am looking better than di then you have to see di anger and if you tell di is looking best then you have to see my anger
Ragini gesture swara

Swara: yeah she is write and you cant tell that we both are looking awesome as you have only two option me or ragini choice is yours
Both sister smiles and sanlak get tensed as if they tell one is looking beautiful then other will get angry
After some time an idea strike in sanskar mind and he share with lucky and they gets happy
Swaragini see them confusedand they turn towards them smiling
Sanskar: you know swara when I see I thought I am seeing ragini
Lucky: and ragini when I see you I thought I am seeing swara
Sanskar: you know you both are mirror image and soul mate
Lucky: you both are shadow of each other you know
Sanskar: as if one of them look beautifull then automatically second will also look beautiful na
Lucky: bcz you are not not two you both are one and soul mate
Swaragini get impessed by their answer
Ragini: not bad you both easily came out of this situation
Swara: impressive boys
And lucky and sanskar taps their shoulder and they laugh and they enjoy the party and after that swaragini go to their home with sanlak in car
They reach badi and bit bye to each other and sanlak goes towards their house
At night in swaragini room
Ragini: di I want to ask u something
Swara: ragini when are you taking permission for asking me anything

Ragini: di what u think about sanskar
A smile come on swara face hearing sanskar name
Swara: sanskar yeah he is a nice guy caring protective and a perfect man
Ragini: so di you like means did u love him
Swara shocked by her question in heart she is happy but don’t show it
Swara: what are you telling ragini he is my frnd only and u know na I don’t belive in these love and all
Ragini: so why u smile hearing his name
Swara : its alredy late tomarrow we have to go collage lets sleep
And sleep on bed and put blanket over her mouth and thinks really did u love him but a voice intrupts no swara he is only your frnd and swara closes eyes here ragini thinks di I know u are lying I will make you confess be ready I have proud on your choice
Here in sanskar room lucky comes
Sanky: lucky anything important
Lucky: not bahi but I want to ask you something
Sanky: yeah ask
Lucky: bahi did u like swara I mean did u love her
Sanky thinks about swara listening this and a smile come on his face

Lucky: tell na bahi
Sanky: I don’t know lucky but when she is with me I thought I am the luckiest person of the world her cute smile her innocent face all attracted me when I am with her my heart beat get faster don’t know what happens to me
Lucky smiles: bahi this is love you love swara
Sanky smiles : really
Lucky: yes bahi I proud on your choice
Sanky: but what if she doesn’t fell the same which I fell for her then
Lucky: don’t worry bahi I am here na
And both hug each other
Next morning they both get ready and do breakfast and headed towards collage here swaragini also get ready and do break fast and goes to collage
Sanlak reach collage and sit in canteen and wait for swaragini
Lucky: bahi today u propose swara
Sanky: today only
Lucky: yeah bahi

Sanky: but how can I
Lucky: you are my daring bahi you can do this I have full belif on u ok
Then they see swaragini are coming sanky lost in seeing swara and swaragini are coming towards them
Lucky: all the best bahi and smiles


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