Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 18


Episode 17
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Todays episode start with lucky and sanky go home and there is prepration in going in their house they both go to sanky room
Lucky: bahi what you think they will come or not
Sanky: my heart is saying they will come
Lucky: yeah bahi
Sanky: so lets get ready we have to see best
And lucky go to his room
On the other side swaragini goes in house and hug sumi
Ragini: ma today is party at lucky and sanskar house so we go
Swara: yeah ma please
Sumi: ok but don’t be late
Swargini hug sumi and tell thnks ma you are best ma
And they go to their room to get ready

In the maheswari mansion
In sanky room sanky take out 4 dresses and wear it and see in mirror but doesnot like it anyone finally he wear a dress blue shirt with grey blazer on it with black jeans and put gel in his hairs and see in mirror and smile now I am ready and same situation in lucky room after 2 years lucky is getting ready like this and he wear a white shirt with black blazer with blue jeans
They both come out of the room and go downstairs and all see them all family member get happy seeing lucky somebit change behavior
Uttra: today all girls get flat on my bahi
Sanky: we know that uttra
And all laugh and lucky also laugh all family member see lucky lauging and get happy but lucky remember something and get silent
After some time party get started guest are coming to their home but sanky and lucky are eagrly wating for some one and keep looking at door uttra comes to them
Uttra: so some one special is coming
Lucky: no
Uttra: then why ar you both looking at door
Sanky: no we are not looking you go to your frnds uttra
Uttra: ok you wait I don’t disturb you
Lucky: I think they will not come
Sanky: I also think so
And they are about to turn they see two angel like girl come on door
Sanky see swara she is wearing a blue suit and left her hair open and done a light makeup and wearing a small neck piece sanky completely lost in her while lucky see ragini she is wearing white dress with her hair left open and done a light make up and she is wearing a small neckpiece lucky is also lost in her after sometime they get in senses andsee that they both are searching them they both go to them
Lucky: we think that you wont come
Ragini: you have called then I not come
Lucky surprised and ragini relaise what she said
Ragini: you are our best frnd and you both call us then why we not come
Sanky: come lets go inside
Lucky: we will introduce to our family

They both come with them and sanky introduce swara and ragini to family
Sanky:these is my ma point towards ap and he is my father point towards dp and she is my little sister uttra ans then introduce adarsh and then pari
Ap: who are they sanskar
Sanskar: they are our best frnd ma we are in same collage she is swara point towards swara
Lucky: and ma she is ragini she is in my classs
Swaragini say namestey to all
Ap: god bless you bets you both are looking so beautifull
Uttra: so my both brothers are waiting for you both
Swaragini see them and they see here and their
Sanky: there is nothing like that
Swara: its ok
And they started talking with each other swara to sanskar and ragini to lucky
Ap see raglak
Ap: after 2 years I have see my lucky talking to someone happily
Pari: yeah ma
Uttra: I think ma this girl will bring our lucky back
Pari: yeah they are such a sweet girl
Ap: I hope so
Ragini is talking with lucky and she is having a coldrink in her had but suddenly she get dis balanced a little bit coldrink put on her dress
Ragini: oh shit
Lucky: don’t worry come I will take you to wash room
Lucky take her to his room and ragini go inside and wah the stain and come out and see the room
Ragini: this is room or library this much books
Lucky: this is my room
Ragini: oh god you read this books don’t you get mad
Lucky: no ragini when I fell alone I read books they are by best frbds no complain no demads
Ragini see pain in his eyes
Ragini: so I am also your frnd no complain no demands
And laugh and seeing her laughing lucky also laugh
Suddenly ragini see watches
Ragini: so you a another collection rather than books watches intresting
Lucky: yeah I love watches
Ragini: but I have never see you wearing watches
Lucky doesnot want to give answer so he change the topic
Lucky: you are looking beautifull today
Ragini: so flirting with me
Lucky hesitantly: no I don’t mean that
Ragini see his face and smiles : its ok I am joking but anyways you are also looking handsom today
Ragini: and one more thing if you don’t mind you should wear watch it looks good in your hand
Lucky see her and a sound echoed in mind of a girl you should wear watch lucky
Ragini see him lost and waves hand in front of his face then he come in senses
Ragini: come lets go
Ragini is about to go but her leg strike to table she is about to fall lucky holds her and bg music dherre dhere se meri zindagi me aana plays and both lost in each other
On the other side swasan talking to each other
Suddenly swara see two photos
Swara: who are they sanskar
Sanskar see the photos and get sad
Sanskar: they are my mom dad
Swara: then uncle unnty
Sanskar: they are bade papa and badi ma lucky is their child me and uttra are their brother children when I am of 5 yrs they left us but mom dad never fell us their absence and by saying this a small tear come from his eyes
Swara become sad seeing him sad
Swara: I am soory sanskar
Sanky: its ok
And he see swara sad
Sanky: by the way someone is looking hot today
Swara smiles: sanskar you
Sanky: I am complimenting you but you are scolding me that’s not right
Swara: ok baba thnks for compliment
And sanskar look at swara
Swara: what
Sanky: how mean swara
Swara understand what he want to say
Swara: ok ok someone is looking handsom today
Sanky: ok ok thnks I know that
Swara smiles
Swara: ok lets go to raglak
Swara was about to go but her she get slip she is about to fall sanky hold her and they share a intese eye lock and bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiya plays
Screen splits in two pats raglak is saring eyelock on the other side sawsan is sharing eyelock
Love is bloosming btw then but they are anaware of this


Credit to: nisha

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