Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 17


Episode 16

Thnks guys for comments but I am thinking that you are not taking intrest in my ff If you tell I stop it

Todays episode start with sid come and join all 4 of them after talking and all look at questionly and sid see this
Sid: ok ok there is a surprise for you from my side
Ragini: what
Swara: yeah tell us fast
Sid: no you have to wait for it
After some time their a girl come (you can think her murnal thakur)and goes and hug sid
Sid: so this is my surprise my girl frnd pooja
Ragini: so finally you have found our babhi
Pooja: if I don’t wrong you is swara and you ragini right
Ragini: yah ofcoures
Swara: but how do you know us
Pooja: sid talk about so much
And swara and ragini hug pooja and take her with them
Ragini: tell us babhi your love story
Pooja: don’t call babhi call me pooja
Swara: ok pooja tell me your love story
And they started talking and here sanlak after hearing that sid has a girlfrnd they get a relif but don’t show it
Sid takes them with him and they sit on chairs
Sid: so now you both are happy
Sanskar: happy for what
Sid: you know what I am talking
Lucky: no
Sid: don’t think I am a fool its better understand I early other wise any other will come and you felt helpless
They both understand this but showing that they cant understand what he is saying
Lucky: but we cant understand what are you saying
Sid: ok but you realize it and best you luck
Then the 3 girls come their
Ragini: I don’t think that my bestii is so romatic
Swara: wow sid its impressive how you propose pooja awesome
Ragini: don’t know when I get such a loving boyfrnd
Sid: don’t woory you will defiantly get better than me
And see towards sanlak and and sanlak see here and their
Swara: ok now lets cut the cake
they go and sid cut the cake and feed each other after so much fun they come home and sanlak go to their home
sansakar and lucky go to their roo and start thinking
sanskar think I dont know I am bit confused weather I love her or not and put his head under pillow and on the other side lucky is standing in balcony and think about sid words but suddenly his mind jerked him that don’t fall in love again it makes life hell and lucky said no ragini is only my frnd nothing else and sleep
in badi all wating of swaragini and sid to come home
they come home and surprised to see a girl with them sid understand the situation
sid: dadi she is pooja my going to be wife
pooja goes and take blessing of all elders
dadi: how sweet and sanskari girl she is
shekar: yes ma such a nice girl god bless you beta
sumi: yeah a perfect match for sid
and they all talk to pooja and after some time sid goes to his room and swaragini take pooja to their room and talk late night and then sleep

next morning sid is packing his bag and swaragini come ready to collage
sumi: beta please stat 4 to 5 days more we properly not meet pooja and you are going
swara: yeah ma we are telling this him only
ragini: and ma we planned to roam with pooja whole Kolkata but see he is going and taking her also
swara: we don’t talk to her
sid: please try to understand I have some work I will come defiantly next time and stay long
ragini: no you are lying you will not come
pooja come to them and give them chocolate
pooja: pooja I promise my sisters I will take him ok
swara: paka promise
pooja: yeah
and swaragini: hug pooja
ragini: but do you know we like chocolates
pooja: again your frnd tell me
sid: so all love is for pooja nothing for your bestii
swaragini goes and hug sid and say we miss you
sid: I will miss you too
and they all go to station after som time sanlak also come their and hug sid
sid: I hope you will think on my words and best of luck
and sid hug all of them and their train arrived abd they go waving bye to all of them and when they are going out of station
ragini: ma we are going with sanlak to collage
swara: yeah ma
sumi: ok beta go
and they go collage with sanlak and after classes they go to cantten
sanskar: today is party in our houe
lucky: so you both are invited
swara: why party
sanskar: my papa has got a contract so for thanking all the employs
swara: impressive
sanskar: so you are coming
ragini: yeah
and sanlak drop swaragini to their house and are happy to know that swaragini are coming to house and goes their home

Credit to: nisha

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  2. Superb plzz continue ur story

  3. It’s very gud yr plz continue but plz bring some twist nd emotional scenes

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  5. Superb episode

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