Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 16



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Soory guys for late update I have to do my project hope you guys understand and thnks for commenting on my ff and today I want want to ask a question that what thing you like in my ff
Todays episode start with sanlak and swaragini decided to surprise sid on his birthday and meet at 5:00 pm and then they go home sanlak in car and swaragini on scooty
Swaragini comes home and see sid and then go to room and get freshnup and then come and sit beside sid and see sid mood off
Ragini: what happen to my besti
Swara: yeah why his mood is off
Sid: nothing
Sid is watinig for swaragini to wish him but when he see swaragini is not wishing him and talking to dadi and sumi he gets angry but control his anger
Sid: swaragini don’t you forget that today is something
Swara: what

Sid: like someones birthday and all
Swara and ragini smile without seeing sid and ragini gesture swara to take fun of sid
Swara: uuhh no I don’t think so
Sid get sad hearing this answer from swara suddenly ragini shout
Ragini: oh shit di we forget today is our frnd birthday
Swara: whose
Sid is happy that ragini remember his birthday and gets happy
Ragini: you forget today is radika birthday
Sid scocked: radikas

Swara: yeah lado I also forget about it
Sid get sad by this and tell anyone else birthday which you forget
Swara remember sometime and say no
Ragini: so lets go di we have to take girt for her
And swaragini goes out of house and smiles thinking sid reaction and goes
Sid: look sumi anuty they didn’t remember that today is my birthday I will not talk to them and make angry face
Dadi: yeah sid I am with you I will also no talk to them
Sumi smiles seeing this
On the other side sanlak and swaragini done the preprations for sid surprise and go home at 7:00 pm and goes to their room and see sid sleeping and goes to him and wake up him
Sid: what now
Ragini: sid come with us

Swara: yeah get up
Sid: I don’t want to come you go
Swara: sid please come na
Sid: no means no

Ragini: you have swear of our frndship
Swara: if you think us as frnd then come
Sid : ok and goes to get ready and then they go a restaurent
Sid: why there is no light here
No response
Sid: where are you swragini
And sid start searching them and suddenly a flashlight come to him and then another flashlight on swaragini who has mike in their hands
Swara: sid you are childwood best frnd so we swaragini want to share something to you
Ragini: yeah sid you always care for us
Swara: you has always protect us from all problems
Ragini: and you has always proctect us from the scolding from our ma baba when we do any mistake
Swara: sid you have protect us brother and show the best example of frndship
Ragini: and you knoe sid we are lucky to have you as our best frnd
Swara: then how can you think that we forget such a special day

Ragini: how we forget that today god gives as a special gift as friend t us
Swaragini unison says: happy birthday to our wordls bestii frnd sid
And they tell this and hug sid and say frnds forever and there is showering of flowers on them
And lights swith on and sid see sanlak and sanlak come and hug him and wish him
Sid: so this was your 2 planning
Swara: not our 2 but these two also help us
Sid: but why don’t you wish me earlier

Ragini: then how can we see such a happiness on your face
They all start talking and suddenly sid phone rings and he goes to atten and all 4 thinks whose phone is ??


Credit to: nisha

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