Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 15


Episode 14 Here this is the link of previous episode
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recap: sanlak come to swaragini house and sanlak drop swaragini to musical classes

todays episode start with swara and ragini coming from their classes
swara come to sanskar and tell him
swara: lets go sanskar
sanskar: ok
and they both sit on bike sanskar mood is little bit off when they are going swara see a icecream shop and shout
swara: sanskar stop
sanskar: what happen
swara: I want icecream and point towards shop
sanskar and sawra goes to icecream shop and take two icecream and start eating
while eating icecream swara making funny faces and by seeing him a smile come on sanskar face and swara see this and put her left ice cream on his face and she ran
sanskar: swara you and ran after her
sanskar cathes him and is about to put icecream on her face
swara: no sanskar
and hold his hand and they share an eyelock ans bg music gerua plays and after sometime they realize their position and compose themselves as sanskar is holding swara from his waist and they sit on bike and go home
on the other side raglak
ragini came to laksh and see him sitting in cantten and and near cantten a pani puri shop
ragini goes to laksh and insist him to come and have pani puri firstly lucky don’t agree but when she reqest he come with her
ragini: bhaiya one tikha
and ragini eat it and tell lucky to have
lucky: no
but ragini put pani puri in his mouth
lucky: water water and start couhing
ragini get worried and give him water and start rubbing his back and they both share an eye lock and bg music janam janam plays
and after some time they compose themselves and ragini said soory to lucky and they both go home
on the next day swaragini come in car with sid and lucky and sanskar see sid and get sad but sid drop swaragini to collage gate and goes by seeing this they both get happy
sanskar: why you don’t take sid inside he will meet us
swara: I tell him but he has some work so he goes
sanskar and lucky thanks god in heart and they all goes to class room and after their class get over there is an annoucment of an art and craft competiton and theme is love and all have to work in two groups swara and sanskar make group while lucky and ragini make a group and they decided to go swaragini house to complete their work
on the next day there is holiday in collage and sanskar and lucky come to swaragini house and they both knok the door and sumi open it and smile seeing them
sumi: come beta
sanskar: namesty aunty
lucky: aunty where is ragini and swara
sumi calls ragini and swara and they take sanlak to their room
swara: sanskar we will make the story on pot
sanskar: great idea
lucky: and ragini we will make story on cardboard with clay
ragini: awesome idea
and they start making their projet and suddenly ragini shout di
swara: what happen
ragini: we forget tomarrow is sid birthday
swara: and we had not planned anything
ragini: yeah di what we will do now
sanskar: if you don’t have any problem we will help you
swara: yeah sur why not
lucky: but not now first we complete the project and we will discuss it in collage ok
ragini: ok
and they start making their projet

ragini: see lucky I have made the girl
lucky see the girl and start lauhing and ragini become sad lucky see this
lucky: don’t be sad I will make you see
and lucky start making and ragini is seeing him
and on the other side sawsan make the story on pot
as they complete their work thn they both go to their home
on next morning swaragini house
everyone wish sid his birthday and gave him gift but swaragini not wished him and he is eagrly wating for swaragini wish him but get sad when swaragini came and do their breakfast and go to collage and sid become sad
when they reach collage they submitted their project and after sometime when all submitted project result aredeclared as raglak won 1 prize ans sawsan won 2 prize and they 4 get happy and after classes go to cantten and party
swara: so have you think something about surprise
lucky: yeah we have a plan
and twll the plan(which is muted)
ragini: not bad he become happy with this
swara: how he is sad when we not wish him
ragini: but he will get happy by our surprise
and ragini and swara tell them so lets start work and they all go

Credit to: nisha

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  1. Hey nisha this is the first time I m commenting on ur ff…..u r rly a gud wrtr jst keep it up….todys epi is awesome…wating fr the prt eagrly…

  2. Superbbb.. ur story is very nyc… continue writing…

  3. Superb yr

  4. Grt job nishu….plz wrt big n we wnt more swasan raglak scns…n ya updt soon…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Hey.. can someone please tell the name of the fan fiction in which Uttara, Adarsh and Pari stay in Switzerland?

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